New Heat: Styl Plus ft Jesse Jagz – On The Dancefloor

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Guess Who’s Back? (Nah! Not Rakim with not anuver Clark Kent banger). It’s Styl Plus with some fresh heat for 2011. Since their smash hit “Olufunmi“, the team hasn’t been able to score as big.

This time they team up with Choc boiz’ Jesse We fly so high, we are only seen by God” Jagz for their new Up-tempo  joint “On The Dance Floor”

I think this joint will win a few fans back.

Yup! Get familiar!

Styl Plus ft Jesse Jagz – On The Dance Floor



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  1. You like a lot??? Wtf is this??? They sound the same… You can’t be making the same damn music almost 4 years later. Its an evolution out there

  2. @cramp papa, I admit this tune dint do nothing for mi…but trust mi makin a come bak to d present day naija music scene is a nitemare, esp 4 a like stylplus. I love the Jj idea- that was fresh, but stylplus really av 2 work on their delivery.
    I suggest they not try to produce music like the average nigerian “I want ma musik to rock the club” artist…their old sound was unique and fresh…maybe a lil sumtin added 2 the old sound would do the trick.
    Am no connoisseur, just ma 2cents!

  3. This is the ish! The beat and the blend of the voices is off the hook! These guys are not rappers but great singers. I’d have preferred if the rap wasn’t there.

  4. Wow, this is a lovely piece. I love the lyrics most especially cos it makes so much sense. Who says styl plus hasn’t been able to score as big since olufunmi? What about Runaway, Call my name, Imagine that, Carry go (four years), stay alive, iya basira and that lovely song they did with Cobahms which I can’t remember the title @ the moment..they don’t need no Choc rappers to confirm their R&B

    1. He didn’t say they didn’t have any hits…he said they haven’t scored as big since Olufunmi. That song was huge and it made them household names; I personally loved Mase better but it wasn’t as huge as Olufunmi and I predict this won’t be either.

  5. Can anybody say fail, this is the most improperly named or conceptualized track i’ve ever heard. A track named dancefloor that would never make it to a dj playlist in any event, club, wedding or otherwise.

  6. I don’t wanna be “Miss No me gusta” but where is the bass? I say this as a person who loved Styl-Plus and is crushing on Jesse Jagz…he for no rap on the beat, the beat ain’t even bumping. This is a no for me…lemme go and replay Omawumi and Naeto’s songs. Now, those? Those are songs worth listening to.

  7. Ok, if they haven’t scored that big since their first hit, tell me any choc city boiz song that has scored half as big as ‘olufunmi’.. Or tell me that Tuface song that has made as much impact as ‘African Queen’. This is a good song period! disgusts me when I see celebrity buffs who don’t know a thing about anything ,run down a particular song because of lack of knowledge..These boyz have done a really neat collabo worth listening to..there’s no place ur gonna play this song and someone is gonna say ‘please stop it! Its rubbish’ mark my words ‘no place! @ready, I guess ur speaking ur mind but I can assure u there’s no place ur gonna say any prediction and anybody’ll take u serious.. Be careful lest God judges u by fire very quickly. By the way @poster, this isn’t an up tempo song..its mid tempo! As for me, this is a good song. Probably not a lead promo song but its a nice one.. I like it

    1. My other reply was written before this one (na insomnia cause the overposting). Anyhoo, “before God judges you by fire very quickly”? On top wetin, because I made a prediction that this song won’t be as big a hit as Olufunmi? Shio, take that proselytizing somewhere else jare, this ain’t church.
      People sef, una too dey disrespect God. Why would he stop tending to the daily affairs of the world because li’l ole’ me said something about people who’re asking us to get on the dancefloor instead of church. Go away jo.

  8. @ ready ,U say jesse shouldn’t have rapped on the beat that it aint bumping..Jesse jagz produced the beat for ur information and that’s by the way!

    1. Lol…I didn’t know that…thanks for telling me. Well maybe that’s why he felt the need to rap on it…to assuage his guilty conscience. Whichever way, the song’s still not hot, Jesse has his hits and misses, and I’m just a consumer making my voice heard via I really hope Styl-plus creates the magic song soon…I’ll still be rooting for them.

  9. WHy do people try 2 read negatively btw d lines of other people posts and comments …i feel all the feedback on d song are personal and postive

    @knmi no need 4 defence
    oyeakd never said that they didnt have other hits
    and the bpm by the way is above 100 …which qualifies for up-tempo

  10. This is a monster beat… Don’t be surprise many other artists will jump on it just like “Oleku”.. Jesse killed it I really don’t know about Style plus on this one… I think MI would have killed this more..

    1. LMAO! Dude…or whoever you are using my name; either you’re a prankster or just a jobless person…I’m not bipolar and I don’t follow trends. Still stand by my earlier comments.

  11. As for me there is no wack song,it depends the kind of song u pay attension on.some are RNB freaks,some are HIP HOP lovers.etc.while some related to song when its already a no bad song my brothers.

  12. I totally agree with u Slez..this is a great song by the way.. Styl-plus delivery was A OK and so was my brother’s.. Just to let y’all know that this isn’t the final mix of the song..this is a leak!

  13. Haba! What’s going on here? Both the ready and the real ready must be can u say something, change mouth then come back to torture us with another variant of the name..pls pls, don’t spoil the credibility of this blog. I sense dual personality the way, this song is good song and a breathe of fresh air.. Who is this jonathan goodluck by the way? It just can’t be

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