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Dear Family,

I’m really sorry about not posting writing Memoirs of a SLU…shhkid last week. I really wanted to write but we changed our sever and for some reason I stayed up all night supporting the Team.  But seriously on the real tho, I’ll try to improve on keeping the Memoirs constant but believe whenever I fail to post, I feel sad.

Monday December 27, 2010
On getting Ada’s text two things came to my mind
1.    Maybe Iyke read Memoirs and is trying to set me up with Ada
2.    “ Buzor, I just read Memoirs of a SLU…shh
I was more sacred of the second thought because the aftermath may be difficult for me to settle in this lifetime.

What would I say? “It’s like a dairy where I write things about my life and it shouldn’t be taken so seriously (straight face)”.

Lawd help me, I would possibly be taken to the meeting of the elders and maybe my parents would be asked to stop attending the Anglican church. I thought about the sort of things that may happen if Ada gets to these Memoirs. Chei!!!!

I read the text once again and then I decided to sleep over it.

Now back to reality, Biola and I got upstairs and went straight to the bathroom.  I was supposed to be tired but the moment Biola took off her dress,  I was moved by the sight of her lacy bra, Jizoz!   I don’t know about you but you bras with lacy finishing can make an ordinary breast look like a pair belonging to Niki M.

I tried everything humanly possible to ignore her but the little one wouldn’t work with me.  She handed over the shower gel, sponge and asked me to scrub her back.  I don’t know if you’ve ever been involved in bathtub sex, if not, it starts with the back scrubbing and things.

So started with the back and moved my hands down towards her ass and gradually I moved my fingers in between her legs and it felt warm. I kept moving my fingers back and forth while watching her soapy body react to it

Biola: Nobssss

Nobs: Yes b

Biola: This is not the plan

Nobs: What’s the plan?

Biola: Have your bath and let’s go get some cookies from the kitchen.

We had our bath with little body contact even though I kept going for the boobs.  The warm bath gave me a little straight and I was also craving the cookies so I walked Biola to the kitchen with towels on our waist but instead of the cookies, Biola grabbed the honey jar from the refrigerator, sat on the kitchen slab and dropped some on her nipples. At first, I was confused and without thinking I went straight to lock the door.

Nobs: Bee, someone may come for water

Biola: Because you are still standing there talking

I walked over to the slab and licked off the honey starting from the boobs, down to her belly button and the gently pushed her legs apart with my head.

I was still in bed when someone touched me and on opening my eyes I saw Biola standing over me with a tray. I was surprised because the real Biola leaves early and it was just the “shags” for her but this one getting me food was totally different.

Biola: Good morning, baby. What’s the look?

Nobs: What look?

Biola: Like you are surprised

Nobs: Shouldn’t I be?

Biola: Why?

Nobs: Cos, this is a different you

Biola: I made you some kind of English breakfast

Nobs: Hmmmmm

Biola: Well, not completely. Just with the stuff I found in the fridge

Nobs: I love you for this

Biola: Nobs, I was thinking maybe we should really get serious

Nobs: Sorry??

Biola: Like just the two us without that slim thing and shirls and anything else

Nobs: Well, let’s think about it and be sure that it’s something we really want to get into.

Biola: Well,  just know that I love you.

Nobs: I love you too

*Please note that I would have loved to say a lot of things about Biola but she reads this and may not find it funny *

We went to see a movie and after the movie she went home. It was my best day ever with Biola and I don’t know what you think but maybe I should give her a chance.

I was in the living room watching Afimag with Cha when the call came in…

Nobs: Yo

Ada: Buzor, good evening

Nobs: Kedu?

Ada: Odinma, I sent you a text, why haven’t you added me?

Nobs: You didn’t send your pin

Ada: Sorry, I didn’t know it then

Nobs: How did your ‘party’ go?

Ada: Ogara ofuma

Nobs: Your husband nko

Ada: We just finished talking but I’m not really happy

Nobs: Why?

Ada: It’s you that I want. Is it late now?

I couldn’t say anything and was totally confused…..

As in…..??? (insert bbm smiley for very confused look)

Noble Igwe

Noble Igwe

Nobs is a SLU…shh trust fund kid who works just to exercise his body and mind. He’s “Unruly” but as calm as the “ABE” boys. Referred to as FYI (Fly, Young and Igbo) by his friends, Nobs says iT tHe wAy iT iS. Follow him on Twitter @nobsdaslushhkid Enough of the English language……..My name is Noble Igwe,go figure!


  1. It’s one life, man. Live it how you know best.

    BTW…I’ve been looking for the right place to air my grievances; that one weekend without this website was not fun. See me trying people’s laptops like a crazy woman wondering if my internet connection was punishing me for the unholy things I read/write here. Pls, let’s prevent this from happening again…biko.

  2. lol! chai! nawa o!…you really really need to think about this, if you get into this thing with Ada ehn… there is no going back.

  3. wat is doing Ada sef she shld make up her mind! ahn ahn! shaaa give biola a chance i know i dont like her but wateva sha!!!

  4. Nobs,hope Biola won’t kill you o!remember anytime love is brought into the equation relationships,no matter how simple, become complicated and complex.Love saps out the fun(in a way) cos she’ll bcome to serious wit u.
    The Ada ish is a serious matter,she’s confused and it’s better u don’t lead her on.

  5. Nobs I fink u shld jst settle for biola. Plus I personally do not fink u re hawt. Wt wiv all dis girls dt u re always doing one way or d oda. Plus I ve been there

  6. cant belive am readin dis in class but just couldnt wait.Mr man-whore,getting involved wit B would only spell doom for u.hehehe, Ada wants a piece of u.guess Iyke aint fun to be wit . . .

  7. Nobs, I think u shd settle fo Biola too. I doubt if uv been in a serious relationship in a while mayb u know hw to fuck a babe tho. Give it a try. Btw, I love d ” honey on Nipples” thingy. Just got me longing fo a good shag this morning in class. *wink*

  8. Love it! Biola is dangerous o, just careful… Ada should leave you jor. I think you would be very silly to do anything with her especially now she’s married. All that aside, this left me very horny ! *now on my way to class with wet knikers* *coversface* please don’t keep us waiting again.

  9. nob man nice writeup. Bt b careful! If u n ade cross d line it may lead 2 smthing else. Both families kn each other and hw wil it luk if dis gets out. I think its may jst go more than u two. Lik a double edge sword. @nkechi lets hook up and i promise 2 bee ur honey cone *wink*

  10. Nobs u really kept us waitin fr dis…anyways I fil u shld ignore Ada jor and get a life wiv one of ur devils.u knw dey say d devil u knw is berra dan a fresh angel.

  11. Week 34 n we just gat one day’s gist…..after waiting for this long?
    Nt like am tryna b a wetblanket o but I tink ur imagination has finally ran its course or perhaps am still mad at u for d long wait….either way, am not impressed.

  12. Bikonu wat is mkin u girls horny…Nigerian men u r slackin oh if upon the mention of sex these ones r wet…kai….or maybe nobs is jst tht great a writer….but hey Nobs u know u already like the freaky side of biola y nt try the wifey side

  13. I cannot find my wk33..where’d go!??-)*Please note that I would have loved to say a lot of things about Biola but she reads this and may not find it funny * Dude,I think u hv fallen for Biola.she’s my fav character sha.I like me some nasty gal.

  14. seriously?i could have had a better week than this if i was back at my base….just messing with you, but seriously, DO NOT GIVE ADA A FUCKING CHANCE, even if her toto get diamond for there no enter the mine….and u wanna consider Biola? Mehn, i dont think ure straight, you need some alumo bitters lol…just chill and try to clear ur head or better yet, you need an obudu weekend where you’d be phone-less abi? Noble, calm down jor, you’d be alright m8

  15. I think biola is trying to set u up, make u fall in love with her and then dump you (heart break). Ada is just someone that wants to explore, try showing her some tricks so she can practise with her new husband. What happened to shirls? I kinda liked her character.

  16. Noblechukwu, guy biko forget that wifing up Biola thing. You can’t wife that, what kind of sucker are you. No one wife’s their side piece, it is not done that way (Biola, no vex but na you put yourself for that position). Ladies, you can’t sleep your way into a man’s heart.
    After all this your waka about, you need to wife someone that is not as reckless. Let’s not get carried away by the women’s sexual revolution. Maybe I am being judgmental but I like women with self discipline and self respect. However, you really ain’t no saint so maybe she will work for you.

    Ada ma sef, make she put her head for one place. No one forced her to marry what’s his face. Leave her where she is before Iyke decides to make a spectacle out of you. You are a business man trying to build an empire, don’t bring such messiness into your life. Leave the married women alone…they are more trouble than Biola type keles.

    Just my 2 cents sha.

  17. Jeez am hooked, read d whole memoirs today (didn’t achieve much @ work 2days) & Mr Nobs u re really livin ur life…..ada wld ve been good 4 u just dat she’s taken & my honest advice don’t ever do a married woman (onye o bu na mekwa o buru ya *lo*) as 4 biola don’t want 2 b judgmental.

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