Get Familiar: TraQstarr ft Lazeboi – Everywhere We Go

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It’s TraQstarr baby!!! We featured this young Mic Wrecka on 360Fresh in October 2010 & the kid seems to be on steroids, stepping his game up exponentially!!!

Peep his latest joint “Everywhere We Go” featuring Lazeboi. Been bumping the joint since …hook is kinda catchy!!! It was produced by D’accoustic Beatz

Pls get familiar!

Traqstarr ft Lazeboi – Everywhere We Go


  Traqstarr ft Lazeboi - Everywhere We Go (3.5 MiB, 608 hits)


Da-da-da-da-daccoustic productions

Everywhere we go, E-e-everywhere We go/
Everywhere we go, E-e-everywhere We go/
Gbogbo ibi ta ba lo, gbogbo ibi ta ba de/
Won mo-won mo boshenlo, won mo-won mo boshenlo/ X2

[Verse 1]

Green all day, but we don’t smile/
Yea, its Naija til the end of time/
Boy i’m everywhere you no even need find me/
So fly, got stars sittin beside me/
Imma-imma be in yo city/
Keepin it too real, baby i’m so Gidi/
I no dey stress am, see how i dey flow wit it/
Never need to test am, me i’m a pro wit it/
Ahhhh, omo naija mehn emi bad gan/
Mad gan, got street fighters, Capcom/
Cash tall, but we stack more, money factor/
Omo get lost, your money small, last born/
You can go blind by the things I see/
Leej Boyz mehn we dey vex, we no fit shine teeth/
But we dey cop anything, C.I.D./
Bonecrush, its not funny when we crack ribs/



[Verse 2]

Everywhere we go, they salute – Baba Twale/
I no dey form i speak my mother tongue – cos am proudly/
Nigerian, omo yoruba ni mi/
Gonna make it in our motherland, would be what i wanna be (be)/
They said I could not do it/
But I put my mind into it/
Yeah, aint nobody dullin me/
Imma shine so bright so you can see me/
They say mo good gan, but they exaggeratin/
Cos i know my own flaws, and i be the first to rate me/
Novel to this game of rap, no Mills & Boons/
But when i come through it’s a rap now/
For you and you friends, that ride til the end/
You can say what you want but Lazy no send you/
Imma write you off with no ink, imma pen you/
And imma limit you like my MTN bundle/
[Whatchu gon do]


[Verse 3]
[LazeBoi & TraQstarr]

Lazeboi: Eveywhere we go they say we fancy mehn/
TraQstarr: Everywhere you go we dey, MTN/
Lazeboi: Yo traQ,
TraQstarr: Wuddup laze?/
Lazeboi: We Number one,
TraQstarr: mondays/
TraQstarr: Spitting mad flows, omo we don chop craze/
Lazeboi: Or better yet, we Microphone Maniacs/
TraQstarr: You can say that again, look at all the slain tracks/
Lazeboi: They no fit try stop us, we on our train tracks/
Lazeboi: All we do is win,
TraQstarr: true, T-Pain that/
TraQstarr: Uhn, I do it for my town/
TraQstarr: Guy no dey form actor if you aint from around/
TraQstarr: My city so pretty, I just wanna love her down/
TraQstarr: I’m on a paperchase, cos paper run around/
Lazeboi: Lazeboi, forget the name, I go hard/
Lazeboi: TraQstarr got it locked, no guard/
TraQstarr: Lego, omo we, buildin the stacks up/
TraQstarr: I no be hunchback, but i move with my back up/

[Chorus] x2

Na everywhere you go dey dey, una be sky {long hiss}



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  1. Catchy hook… Mad beat… He’s givin’ us what we want… I gat ur back dude… TraQstarr is tha deal.. Lazeboi I see you… D’accoustic you try… Una Fly die!!!

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