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Hey U!!!

Yes, you with your head down,

Probably, today feels hopeless and gray

Forget the struggle, forget the pain,

Someday, you’d be smiling and you’d be okay,

‘Cause it always gets better

2011 , things would get better,

Although the world might throw you a bucket full of stones,

Build a house with the stones they’ve thrown,

And when you are surrounded by people who don’t let you express yourself

Step out of the crowd and do it on your own.

You might find difficulties on your way to self realisation

But as long as you are determined, it’d get better

Your life is yours to live

Don’t let anyone push you into a direction you don’t want to go

Cause in life people treat you according to what they see

And only a few people are ready to know about your short comings.

But regardless of the individuals that are ready to help you, or not.

You are the only one who knows you

And so you should be the boss of your life.

The words of  X.O

“Don’t let losers and doubters fool you into believing you are through, you’ve got the power too”

Change your mind set, and your life would get better.



My name is Danyel Onkar but pronounce that as FHANTHOM… I welcome you to my little corner as I make sure essence meets presence. I’m here every Friday so feel free to drop in… The doors will be open. Just incase you have made the cyber upgrade from facebook to twitter: Follow moi @fhanthom…. Shikena


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