Behind The Scenes: D’Banj ft Snoop Dogg – Endowed(remix)

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Bow Wow Wow! Yippy Yo! Yippy Yay! The Dogg Father’s in da house with Mr Endowed.

It’s been one of the most talked about collaborations ever since Don Jazzy put up the “Mr Endowed(remix)” album art on twitter in October, 2o1o. It showed D’Banj alongside  Snoop Dogg; and in minutes, Nigerians understood what was meant by A Picture Paints a 1,000 Words – the news spread like wildfire with so many peeps hitting the search engines and to search in vain for this golden track (I included, won’t lie …Nobs sorry for the mid-night emails 😀)

Luckily for me, I was one of the lucky few to hear it first in December 2010’s Koko Concert. Through the loud speakers, Snoop’s bars could surely be heard over the premièred remix. I was impressed. Though not the 1st Nigerian act to work with an International Hip-Hop icon, Pulse did wit Busta Rhymes (and yes, peeps! Busta Rhymes is a Hip-Hop icon in my books) on “Sote(remix)“, this collaboration for me spelt a huge growth in opportunities for Nigeria Music to be part of a wider internationally accepted audience.

After watching D’Banj at the SMVA 2010 turn the whole crowd gaga and make ’em rush out to the front of the stage to record him on cameras and phones (btw no other act that night made that happen), I knew that D’Banj had become Naija’s own MJ …sincerely loved by all.

I also believe that if D’Banj merely coughed on a Don Jazzy beat and released it, it would still sell; He is TRULY ENDOWED.

Back to the reason, you are here – on January 12, 2011, the Mo-Hits Crew hit Los Angeles, California to shoot the official video for the remix along with Snoop Dogg.

Directed by Sesan and produced by BAFTA nominee – Film producer Luti Fagbenle (worked with Flo Rida, Akon & Pitbull), these are behind the scenes  pictures which come courtesy of the Mo Hits website.

And since the song didn’t drop in 2010, I’m pretty sure it will remain 2011’s most anticipated joint until it does.


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  1. Wyclef is also a relatively big international artist and he had worked with several Nigerian artists before the Pulse/Busta Rhymes collaboration, a video was even shot for the Sound Sultan/Wyclef ‘King of My Country (Remix)’ collaboration. The Nigerian Music industry is definitely moving in the right direction. However, while working with international artists is nice it shouldn’t be used as a yard stick for measuring how successful our artists are. We can be doing big things on our own and be proud of it.

  2. Not a Dbanj fan and really cant be bothered who he collaborates with but cant ignore the Snoop dog partnership….ok even though am blowing myself with one hand my thumb is up on the other hand.

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