360Radar: Enormoss Brings Home The “Foreplay”

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The Black Label artiste known as Enormoss came to national attention early 2010 with his sure-fire Lagos anthem “Viva Las Gidi“, featuring his label mate Oyinkansola.

He had to go off music for a bit to round up his finals at the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. Now back, reloaded and with lots to prove, he has a new track called “Foreplay” which is definitely for the ladies.

I foresee this track making it onto a lot of peoples top 10 bedroom music charts. Wot u’all thinking?

Yup!! Get Familiar!

Enormoss – Foreplay


  Enormoss-Foreplay (3.5 MiB, 671 hits)



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  1. Honestly i wasn’t so sure that this chap wasn’t a one track wonder after it took so long to get another track off him after he dropped viva las gidi. but this track proves me wrong…i definately will be playing this tonite.

  2. Enormoss is definately Enormous, nice track, i particularly like the Drake effect. Looks like the boy can sing as well as rap. love it, love it, love it.


  3. “This right here is the foreplay”, this bros dey feel like lover boy o!! no wahala though the song is really on point, i guess Enormoss is modelling himself on Drake abi? I had not heard the Viva las gidi song before either? was it even promoted? nice song very lagos action. keep it up

  4. for a rapper he sure can hold a note. nice clean production and the flow and delivery is definately better than the viva las gidi track. sounds like he is really improving. i like the track, different from the usual naija rap

  5. This is a very nice song, coming 4rm a chick who’s not a raphead u jst gotta believe that. Downloaded the song via the link posted on twitter and av been so addicted. @enormoss thumbs up

  6. This is so way outta here… Lyk what he did wif d song, the strength of the rap pulled thru the full length of the song. He’s def the ladies man.

  7. Hmn…remindz me of δ first day i played ‘viva las gidi’ on RockcityFM,twuz such a banger,bur dis-foreplay? Shows a whole lot of maturity.slammed it on Rhythm,jos and J-town sure b filin it! Wit δ drakish swag,melodious delivery,relaxed voice control to suit δ lyrics,easy-to-learn chorus and def production? Disis sure gon’ b a BANGER.bigups,E! Holla@BLACKLEBEL,thumbs up,deb!letz make dis money.aha!

  8. This is the real deal. The dude has got attitude, style, flow and lyrical ddexterity. he is definately the bomb.

    Your head dey there

  9. Not bad at all. The rap is clear and seats well on the beat, while not an M.I. definately shoulders above a lot of pretenders out there. Would rate him about Naeto C level. Good one . Keep it up

  10. I like the way the boy rode the beat. You know my pet peeve with Nigerian rappers is the fact that their rapping is usually not in tune with the beat. But this guy killed it. I love the fact that he is not afraid to sing (and he can actually sing) and the lyrics are not bad. Son…you are definately on a real tip

  11. Dope track I have known enormoss since sec skol and he has greatly improved ever since! Great track here viva las gidi was just the intro!!

  12. This is d foreplay… more than a folktale…aint no time to delay…i’ll put dis on replay

    Thats my dawgg… He’s Enormoss, He’s Big.
    Da’WhiZz says so

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