360Leak: Muna – Killer Queen

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Killer Queen here! Killer Queen here! Former beauty Queen, Munachi Abii aka Muna drops a new single after her 1st (“I Feel Real (The David Guetta Mix)”).

Signed to The RMG Company, Muna is busy recording her yet untitled début album which is definitely dropping in 2011 and is going to be a mix of Hiphop, techno, dancehall and a fusion of other genres to create a sound unique to her that is universally acceptable.

With “Killer Queen“, Muna has definitely broken out of the ‘just a pretty face’ box that most former beauty queens are categorised in. According RMG’s Ayo ShonaiyaThis girl is properly insane when she’s in the vocal booth, and the plan is to make her a worldwide star”.

Been bumping this all day; s/o to my man with the bag of goodies… Tagless version drops pretty soon!

Yup! Get familiar!

Muna – Killer Queen


  Muna - Killer Queen (3.1 MiB, 1,559 hits)



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  1. Mr. AKD as you are aware, I have been in love with Ms. Abii since she appeared on a TV show around 2006/2007 and named A Tribe Called Quests ‘Sceanario’ as one of her top ten videos. Gotta love a beautiful lady that knows her hip hop. Anyway, I like most of the stuff I’ve heard her on, I especially like her verse on Jesse Jagz’s ‘Chocolate’ and this ain’t bad either. If she truly writes all her own material then she is highly talented and she posses all the necessary requirements to be very successful.

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