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Don’t you just love how 2 similar outfits  or even same outfits can be interpreted by different people – depending on who is wearing the outfit.  On a very sunny day, in a very serene environment in the heart of Victoria Island off Sinari Daranijo we decided to play off the GOOD GIRL and NOT SO GOOD GIRL persona.  Enjoy the pictures we have for you from the shoot.

Styling by BuBaAi; Make Up by BuBaAi

Clothing by ZEBRA LIVING; Bags by Zashadu

The OrangeNerd

The OrangeNerd

I'm just a boy with a colourful disposition about life in its entirety, i'm an absolute fashion heretic and so i am involved in the works of industry, from design to styling to writing, as long as it involves fashion i have or might still be meddling in it.


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