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Like its predecessor (Igbo 101“), “Igbo 102” is a digital compilation of music from Contemporary Igbo artistes, mixed by Chicago’s own DJ Fineboy repping the Hottest coalition of Nigerian DJs.


Igbo 102 Tracklisting

You can also download “Igbo 101” from HERE.



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  1. Dika Flavor guru na egwu ahu, “Ewgu ndi’a bu egwu eji enwe anwuri, egwu ndi’a bu egwu eji ata ife…”

    Onye wetere udiri Oji a biara (in the form of) egwu ndi’a, wetara ndu..

    Daalu so, unu emela. 🙂

  2. Yeah DJ Fineboy, what Smiley Zee said.
    P.S. Who chose your name? It fits 😀

    A Yoruba girl who only understands 5 words & 2 phrases in Igbo and so cannot truly appreciate this list.

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