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Anyone that knows me well is aware of my slight or some may say not so slight distaste for the people in fashion, its funny considering i might fall under the category but well…

There’s nothing else I can say, but for some reason this guy is a breath of fresh air, interviewing him made me forget I was talking to someone from the industry, maybe because that is not the only thing he does, he is easy going, absolutely polite and dead funny. ”The Renaissance Man” Bobo Omotayo, his Friday track article has been a hit since i started reading it on BellaNaija, his write ups are totally funny but very much in depth, a combination that’s usually so hard to pull off. So here’s Bobo on life, career and well his STYLE.

The OrangeNerd(TON): Everyone has a perception of who this Renaissance Man should be but I think the question to ask isn’t just who the Renaissance Man is but rather who is BOBO?

The Renaissance Man Bobo Omotayo (TRMBO): It’s funny ’cause I’m in PR but its the hardest thing for me to do, sell myself that is, but in a nutshell my name is Bobo Omotayo, real name Adeoye, I am an eager relatively young man from Ijebu Ode, last born in my family, a PR practitioner as earlier stated (8 years in PR so far), its how i live, breathe and move.

P.S: Bobo is the Director of R&B Public Relations Limited

TON: PR, thats amazing, so where did writing originate from?

TRMBO: Writing was something I kinda stomped upon, it was never planned it was something I dreamt about but never actually planned to do.  I studied economics but never used it as I wanted something that balanced creativity, professionalism and a tinge of journalism thus why i deviated and went into PR and as i do now, and ”write” as well.

TON: Great! So what made you start the very much desired read, ”The Renaissance Man-Friday Night Track” On BellaNaija?

TRMBO: I still don’t know, but the concept of friday track started when i was in London. I’m a big music snob, really love and enjoy music (my recent love  – Kanye’s album :-)) and because of how much I love music, I like to share it as well, so every Friday I would find a song and share it with a certain group of people, the very first email involved only about 22 people and soon enough the database started building up. A phase soon came about though that added a little something to it; I went through a phase of self pity, so as I would send a song out every Friday, i would attach some note about my sad experiences (laughing ”like how a bus driver spat and i thought he was spitting at me cause I was black or something funny like that”), instead of my friends to insult me and tell me it was total B.S, they indulged me by responding and soon enough the database increased to about 250 people, that led to me starting a blog and the alter ego was THE RENAISSANCE MAN.

The name the Renaissance man , which my friend labelled me, was induced by the many personality types I have.
People started loving the blog, and soon enough the Guardian approached me to start something for them relating to my blog, but i decided to do something enitrely different a sort of what’s in and what’s not thermometer,  and that was how Uche of BellaNaija found me. So, I decided to do the Friday Track instead of the same thermometer and that’s how my BellaNaija column began, it’s been amazing so far, great feedback, very vocal readers which i love and appreciate, as they would tell me if and when i’m talking B.S, which I love ’cause it helps me grow as a writer, plus Uche is great, i’m glad to be a part of the greatness that she’s enacted.

TON: Everyone knows Mr Omotayo has a distinct sense of style thus one of the reasons we had to feature you, describe your style in a few words…

TRMBO: Presentation is everything to me, I think people should always look good, I like classic styles, men to dress appropriately, the same way I like women to dress appropriately. I’m not the adventurous type with fashion, I like to look sharp.  Fit is very important to me – very tailored suits are de-rigueur for me.

Bobo’s classic style from his glasses to his shoes

TON: What are your wardrobe staples?

TRMBO: Shoes – I could look scruffy from head to ankles but my shoes must always be on point, I’m big on tassles, Loafers, Brogues, Windtips, Paul Smith shoes, John Lobe, Churches.

Pretty Socks: I feel socks are a reflection of a person’s true fashion character. For example, on Wall Street, I love to see men in well tailored business suits and when seated the socks just shock you, in pretty pinks and greens and polka dots and all, good stuff.

White shirts.

Well fitted trousers – the ones that sit right on top of your shoes.

I love my natives, one of a kind and I swear by Mr Oluwole, in Balogun Market 🙂

I generally like to buy things of good quality, so, might spend alot knowing it will last but don’t get me wrong I’m no shopaholic or spendaholic.

I wish we had more time but well just like every busy man, Bobo had things to do, but he was gracious enough to give us a sneak peak into the life of a stylish PR practitioner, blogger and well, GREAT man, thanks so much Bobo, guess we all now know why he is called the Renaissance man (The Renaissance Man is defined as a person with many talents or interests in the dictionary).

Check him out on BellaNaija and his column in the Guardian Newspaper to enjoy more of Bobo’s world.

All pictures taken by The Artist Photography- Akin Osinbanjo

The OrangeNerd

The OrangeNerd

I'm just a boy with a colourful disposition about life in its entirety, i'm an absolute fashion heretic and so i am involved in the works of industry, from design to styling to writing, as long as it involves fashion i have or might still be meddling in it.


  1. Bobo’s friday track was one of the best sections in a blog I discovered in 2010…I hope it gets more intrestin in 2011

  2. I love Bobo T….I pretty much harass him when articles aren’t up on Fridays–not that he takes my complaints to heart–hopefully they’re more frequent in 2011.
    P.S. I no wan criticize unnecessarily but Orange Nerd, the article could be better written and organized.

  3. Finally a face to the name.

    I so heart this dude’s wit, writing, and taste in music. Very refreshing.

    Looking forward to reading many more friday tracks on BN.

    Digging his sense of style too. More power to Bobo Omo-T.

  4. Yea, a face to the name.
    I’m definitely a huge fan.

    Wish i could read The Guardian column as well.

    Keep it coming.

  5. Oh You are so right about the socks….when ever i am under pressure to deliver at a deadline, i wear odd socks i favour 1 red i yellow or same style strips in two different colours and it seems to help calm my non comformist nature.
    lol…..once the other team members see that, they know to get all straight and proper…..We are meeting up no excuse.
    Its nice to be the

  6. I love Bobo as well..his column on BN is always fresh. I have also been on a MBDTF binge as well, excellent album!

    Orange Nerd, please do check your spelling. For example it is “tassel loafers” not “tassles, loafers”; “wingtips” not “windtips”, Church’s not… you get the drift! Take care

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