Nigeria takes another shot at the Guinness book of world records

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Nigeria would be taking another shot at a place in the Guinness Book of World Record by attempting to break the record for the most number of people brushing their teeth simultaneously in multiple locations.

The initiative, led by Dr Lawal Bakare Founder, HIET Solutions, a health promotions company driven by design thinking, in partnership with the Nigerian Dental Association, is not only aimed at bringing positive media attention to Nigeria but to encourage sustainable healthy moral health behaviour. “We want to draw attention to the need for hygienic oral behaviour. We are excited about the initiative and we are already getting support from government agencies and response from the private sector has been encouraging”.

The event billed to hold in Lagos at a yet to be specified date will involve over 300, 000 participants-mainly school children stationed in multiple locations across different areas of the state. Dr. Bakare said the choice of school children is strategic. ‘We are aware that kids are very impressionable and their excitement about an initiative like this is a fantastic resource. We want to give them the opportunity to write their name into the history books while learning good oral hygiene. Our volunteer scheme has been a huge success and we are still getting sign ups on a daily basis so we are very excitedconcluded Dr Bakare.

The present record involved 177,003 people, by India set in 2007



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  1. our politicians should endeavour to get their own record. Their record would read ” Largest number of persons collecting bribe simultaneously”

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