New Heat: WizKid – Don’t Dull

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E M Eazy, it’s ur boi Wizzy!

Following the madt success of his 1st single “Holla @ Your Boy“, Wizkid drops some more heat off his forthcoming début album set to drop in 2011.

The joint is called “Don’t Dull” and was produced by Samklef.

Post will be updated with the untagged version pretty soon…

Yup! Get familiar!

[audio:|titles=Wizkid – Dont Dull(tagged)]

  Wizkid - Dont Dull(tagged) (4.3 MiB, 12,695 hits)



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  1. Is this the so called nigerian justin bieber???have u guys forgoten dat he stole his first song from dat asian siner ‘seven’they thought we won’t find out but nothing is hidden under the sun,he had an interviews and he never told us dat he got inspiration from ‘seven’ but when we caught him,his management started saying that he tweeted about getting the inspiration from ‘seven ft lil kim’ why didn’t he say it in his interview on tv or newspapers…oloshi people… I wonder why 360 nobbs haven’t written about wizkid and the stolen song saga,selective journalism is what we call it…it is not impossible,u can never write negative about banky or any eme artists,mohits and choc fam cuz that’s ur key to this industry lol

    1. You are very right bro.They are bias people, u think Nigeria will be good with people like dis? and they will start complaining about our bad leaders when they are even a typical example of people that abuse their position!

      1. ur type is d worse though …always posting comments under aliases
        …too scared 2 comeout of d closet and have a voice like they do… u need to see some of the comments they leave up.

        I think everyone has a choice on who to like …choice i the key 2 living ..i like Arsenal and cant stand ManU or any other team and I’ll always support Arsenal …does that also make a bad candidate 4 leadership

        i’ve seen oyeakd take shots @ choc city on Jesse Jagz and even @ Dr Sid on his album reviews …hit the search button …if they r so tight with these labels y d constructive criticism

        kid is young and dis at best will be a filler track or him


    2. Come on,that se7en guy did not create the beat himself and wizkid did not copy him, he got an idea from the song.if he sang the song word for word then you can say he copied him and by the way it ain’t illegal. so you don’t need to hate on him because it ain’t gonna take you far, his there making his money and you here hating on him. Personally i like wizkid as an artist and i feel his gonna blow up very soon. his new song is a hit, whether you like it or not because at least 50% of nigerian youths like it,and that’s all it takes. his one of the hottest artists in nigeria, right now. he performs in almost every good show plus he has a nice voice. so lay off and get a life, don’t be bothered about another persons’ own when yours is far from perfect.

  2. Shut up,look at this Gay groupie,say ur mind and get off from mu d**k…imagine ohh,democracy,I don talk my own,make u talk ur own,funny people no even wan comment on this useless song,this dude wizkid told an artist on twitter dat his hating on him cuz he refused to do a collabo wit him,go and thank banky for bringing out ur gay ass if not u for end up as follow follow wey u be before…u mess wit the wrong people!!

  3. I think wiz be spending so much time with the same producers,hit Ikon,Sarz or sosick up for some new heat,we all know u got talent,but this here aint good enuf.

  4. Stupid site like dis wnt criticize dumb songs like dis…STRAIGHT UP SHIT.NO LYRICS CAN’T STRING TWO GOOD LINES TOGETHEr.

    1. erm …i think they usually leave it to us to judge …scanned thru his post and didnt find any praise for the song

      not feeling the song

  5. Do everyone a favour and “forget” to post the untagged version. WTF!

    I think Nigerian artistes should invest in good songwriters. The lyrics are getting wackier and wackier these days. Sitting in my corner..wearing dolce and gabbana..really? When foreign artistes make prominent use of brand names in their music it’s because they’re getting paid to do it. Naija artistes just do it to mask a lack of creativity.

    I actually liked “holla @ ya boi” and still like wizkid, but he needs help with song writing.He needs lyrics that are relevant to a Naija teenager, rather than singing aimlessly about how tall his nonexistent money is.

    Besides if he intends to make a career out of designer name-dropping, he really shouldn’t be caught dead wearing fake Louis Vuitton ( as he was during the Ice Prince “Oleku” video shoot).

  6. Na wa oh..u guys ve finished d poOr boi…
    Oh well,let’s kip prayin for our music industry so dey can be better n we all can benefit from dem..

  7. so fucking wat??? he got d inspiration some one eh??? before nko??? does inspiration come form the sky??? you guyz shud jst shut the fuck up okay??? if its so easy as you assholes think go into the studio and do somefin better nd dnt come up in here 2 make worthless noise. afteraall when ti was released you douchbag loved it and went about town jumping and hailing the kid.

    1. Why can’t people state their opinions without attacking others eh? You could have made your point without abusive language. The only reason why I still come on 360nobs is because they, unlike BN for example, don’t censor comments. People like you are beginning to abuse that privilege though!

      P.S: This lazy “Naija” retort of “if you don’t like it, go and do/record/design/sing/make your own is just plain silly. It’s like saying that because I cannot create fashion, then I wouldn’t know what an ugly shirt looked like, or that because I have never served in government I cannot recognize that the fools in power are useless! Ah ah!

  8. Wizkid is an ok artiste. He may get better with time. However I agree with the comments of ‘Juice Juice’ on how our artistes brag about their non-existent money. Many of them are not as rich as they make the public believe with the sleek videos and all that.

  9. Now d ish is dis. One fin dat needs to b cleared is dat everyone has a right to there opinion cos its there’s. It shouldn’t not lead to insults.
    My personal opinion is dat wizkid is not good enuf yet but in tyme he could improve. Its just dat musik has gotten to a stage dat as long as u can dance to it everyones fine by it. Dats damn wrong. There’s nuffin unique bout him. Just d same fin ova and ova again. Waiting for his album release. Thatll be somfin I can really judge.

  10. LOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGGGGG HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSS. And I know that cap letter is rude in internet-speak.

    Oshisko song! Why is this referred to as a ‘hit’. How can this be a hit? Mscheww.

  11. Ah ah, una too harsh now! The beat is not bad to bop to at all. Yes the lyrics are rubbish and nonsensical, but still I really dont mind banging it to get ready for the club…Oya ask your mommy… 🙂

  12. the thing wit Nigerians is dat they dont want their fellows 2 progress. wats our problem in dis country. really it doesnt happen only wit artists but in oda professions. its bad and we nid 2 change. lets start now. one luv

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