New Heat: Cremy ft Kraft – Bobo Yi Ti Fine Ju

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Here’s some brand new heat from that Flykid Cremy for your iPODs, Phones & mp3 players.

Bobo Yi Ti Fine Ju” which in translation means ‘this boy is too fine‘ is a song of self appraisal produced by Kraft. It aims to persuade a girl into entering a relationship with a guy. The song also features Kraft on the third verse. Cremy went all out on this one with really good wordplay skills like ‘other chics are hating they’re like 9 times 2…‘ #figureitout.

He’s currently working on his mixtape and would be releasing his first single off it soon.

Lyrics after the tracks. Yup! Get familiar!

[audio:|titles=Cremy ft Kraft – Bobo Yi Ti Fine]

  Cremy ft Kraft - Bobo Yi Ti Fine (4.4 MiB, 839 hits)

Verse 1:
Twinkle Twinkle Little star don’t worry I will find you/
Looking for a superstar I’m standing right beside you/
All these wowo boys around they no fit understand you/
But girl you know I can ’cause Bobo yi ti fine ju/
Yes its true I’m a bad boy like biggie/
But then its also true I got more P than diddy/
I’ve got nothing to hide like a girl in a bikini/
Or a girl in micro mini, let me free you like houdini/
Girl you are alone let’s be two like Pac/
They’re old school like windows,I will be your mac/
You wanna Rob ‘n’ sin girl? I will be your jack/
U wanna be on fire girl? I’ll be your Iraq/
Do you know why I’m sick girl? Love is a disease/
Now let’s Fokasibe,I will be your Zeez/
And when u catch a cold girl I will be your sneeze/
So baby what do you say? (Get down on your knees) no!

Bobo yi ti fine ju (16x)

Verse 2:
Aint no joke girl bobo yi ti fine/
Gold silver diamond? I will make you Mine!/
You’re so too pretty like a star you do shine/
Shey na cheque or na sack? Tell me I will re-sign(resign)/
Wetin dey do you sef, you too dey fall my hand/
I’ve moved all the mountains and now Here I stand/
I want us to be tight girl, like a rubberband/
Forget the recession I’ll Supply your Demand/
Boo, I’ll do anything for you/
Emptied my Piggy bank now let’s-wine like flu/
Other chics are hating (18) they’re like nine times two)/
I’m loving you as long as the skyline’s blue/
Yes I’m a baller but this one no be play/
Omo I dey feel your swagger,No be kekere/
U don dey form for me no be now e don tey/
Bone these wowo boys girl, you sef you know say/


Verse 3 (Kraft):
Bobo yi ti fine ju that’s why I’m attracting them/
Bobo yi ti swag ju, ti e na ti poju/
Haters on the side hating ’cause won mo molenu/
My sine dey Glo like 0-8-0-7/
These shawties wanna enter, like a bus to heaven/
One chance, Long thing, they’re horny like the devil/
Bobo yi ti fine ju, need I still remind you?, these ladies all passing out when they see us come through/



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