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Friday, December 3rd 2010

Dear Diary,

I got downstairs and there were already loads of people waiting for the cars that would convey us to Play, Calabar. I saw LYB looking smashing and all that. I wasn’t sure of what to do considering the fact that we somehow became “just friends” but then isn’t Calabar supposed to be like Las Vegas? Maybe not structure wise but I strongly believe that “Whatever happens in Calabar, stays in Calabar”.

I was still trying to decide on what to do with LYB when another sharp number walked into the lobby.  She was not just sharp her nipples were also sharp.  I couldn’t concentrate any longer so I pulled out my camera to capture the nipples moment. I got a couple of shots for personal bathroom private use.

I was still trying to decide on whom to focus on throughout the night, I noticed that everybody knew one another and in the game I had planned, that would spoil loads of things. We got to the club and I had to take pictures thereby loosing any opportunity to actually focus on anybody particular.

I was drinking and taking camera shots when she walked in with two of her friends. I was already buzzing but I could tell she was something to look at.  I rushed over to take their pictures and when I was done, I pulled out my new line…

Nobs: Hey

Babe: Hey

Nobs: My name is Chibuzor

Babe: Joy

Nobs: I was wondering if you’ll like to leave your number and email address so I’ll let you know when the pictures are ready.

Joy: Oh sho. It’s 080********.  Are you a photographer ?

Nobs: Yes

Joy: But you are not based here

Nobs: How did you know?

Joy: I saw you in the hotel restaurant when you came to ask for Coca Cola

Nobs: Oh, you all are staying in the hotel?

Joy: Yes, but I’m there with my boyfriend who is staying in a different room. We’re  from Port Harcourt for the opening of Mayfair club.

Nobs: Oh seen, but what are you doing here then?

Joy: We heard about it and so we decided to stop by for a while.

Nobs: Oh okay. He didn’t come with you guys?

Joy: Who?

Nobs: Your boyfriend

Joy: No, he had to go to Abuja today because something came up.

Nobs: He’s taking a huge risk?

Joy: How?

Nobs: By leaving you alone?

Joy: I’m not alone, I’m with my girls.

Nobs: Until some gets you drunk and moves you to his room

Joy: You are just a naughty man.

Nobs: Forget the beard.  I’m still very young and strong.

Joy: Ina anu Igbo?

Nobs: Ofuma

Joy: Imebi si go

Nobs: Give me a min, I would be back.

I didn’t have anywhere to go but I was just following the “ MAN CHASE RULES NO 22. “Show interest and disappear if she ‘s showing interest to reappear again.” That way, it would seem like you are not totally interested in her.

I pretended to be talking pictures and later moved to where Maddy and LYB were chilling to chill a bit with them thereby showing her (Joy) that I’ve got options beside her.  I moved back to her seat and then she went…

Joy: How long have you been taking pictures?

Nobs: Few months now.

Joy: You must really be good for them to call you to come and cover this event.

Nobs: God is good.


Joy: Can I see my pictures

Nobs: I’ll bring it to your room

Joy: You’ve not said what you want.

Nobs: I know what I want but you can’t give me what I want.

Joy: I can give you a hot slap but your beard is too cute for a slap.

Nobs: Thank you for the kind words

We spoke about different things and I kept her supply of cocktail steady. I noticed she was getting a lil high when she asked me to dance with her and within minutes she was grinding her ass on my crotch without honour.  I did not complain,  in actual fact, I allowed myself get hard so that she could feel what she would gain by just taking me to her hotel room.

We moved to a dark place close to the toilet door and that was when I decided to gauge my chances of going back to the hotel with her by grabbing her ass. I grabbed it and she didn’t stop me. I turned her to face the wall while grinding her from behind  and that was when she mentioned

Joy: Chibuzor, why are you doing this?

Nobs: Doing what?

Joy: Trying to turn me on

Nobs: I’m not, we are just dancing

Joy: I don’t know what was in that drink but I’m mad horny

Nobs: It was probably Vodka

Joy: Who are you staying with?

Nobs: I’m alone

Joy: My friends are watching us and if we leave together, they may snitch on me so I won’t take that risk.

Nobs: So, what do you suggest?

Joy: I’ll stay 10 minutes more and then leave with them. Text me your room number and call me when you are in your room. I’m taking a risk and I’m so scared.

Nobs: If you don’t discuss it with anybody, no one will know.

Joy: Pray I don’t change my mind cos this is silly.

Nobs: Don’t beat yourself. You’ve not done anything wrong.

Joy stayed a bit and then she left with her friends. I couldn’t concentrate much afterwards cos it was a lil punishment walking around with a James HARDly chase.

I got to the room and immediately I inserted the key, I called Joy to come over.
It took her less than 6 minutes to enter my room cos I left the door a lil open for her so that no one will see her knocking on my door.

Joy: Chibuzor, where’s your condom?

Nobs: Relax. Come here? Have you had your bath?

Joy: I did but it won’t solve anything.

Nobs: I’ve got something different that can resolve that

I switched off the light and then pulled her to the edge of the bed.  I placed her on the bed with her legs on the floor. While she was lying down, I went to the the fridge to get ice block.  I put a bit of the ice in my mouth and started licking her toes while using my hands to push up her clothes. I moved my tongue from the toes to under her feet and then up her thighs. I spent quite sometime on her thighs with the ice in my mouth giving her the cold-warm feeling. I licked from  inside her thighs up to her pubic region and that was when she started moaning.  I used my teeth to take off her panties and then I proceeded further with the tongue.

Joy was just shouting “Oh sheet” I pulled her up and made her sit on my mouth while placing her two hands on the wall for balance.  Within minutes her entire body shook  and ………………………..

I walked her to the door and said good night. I only wanted to give her a gift and not collect any.

Saturday, December 4 2010

Dear Diary,

I was still sleeping when the call woke me up…

Nobs: Hello Ada

Ada: Buzor, I just called to tell you that I am getting married soon.

Nobs: To WHO?

Memoirs will continue during the week. I’m sorry for the short accounts but if you’ve been following my recent activites, I’ve been very busy.

Noble Igwe

Noble Igwe

Nobs is a SLU…shh trust fund kid who works just to exercise his body and mind. He’s “Unruly” but as calm as the “ABE” boys. Referred to as FYI (Fly, Young and Igbo) by his friends, Nobs says iT tHe wAy iT iS. Follow him on Twitter @nobsdaslushhkid Enough of the English language……..My name is Noble Igwe,go figure!


  1. But Nobs,what’s with the licking of leggs na?
    And pls be happy for Ada oh! Cuz if she gets married to another person…
    You re actually the course.

  2. Wait! I just imagined something…what if there was pepper in those ice cubes and…never mind. I’m high. Nice read, as usual. U really should make em like before cos now the posts are like those yeye newspaper articles, they leave us in suspense, but not bad enuf to make us wanna buy the newspaper again. Still luv it!

  3. Abeg abeg abeg Ada shud carry ha winsh and go! Ah ahn everi time ur havin a good time and tryn to hav fun ,she just calls wif her usual threat! Chibuzor I’m gettin married! Ha ahn na wa o! Make she rest abeg! Tell ha to get married,SHIKENA! UR almost @ THE PEAK OF UR CAREER NW O!marriage ko igbankwu ni! Kmt oshikoshi.pls ur not redi!
    Ehe one more thing hope wen I bump into u smeday ull giv me a gift too!

    1. Lol…Sammy if you want more, go and do your own jo…you have the basic idea. Why live vicariously through another, even if the other is man-whore Nobs.
      Interesting read.

  4. Just started reading memoirs and was initially enjoying it but it Keeps getting shorter, less interesting, lingers on with characters I’m no longer interested in and what’s d word I’m look for? Yes FAKE. Pls go back to the original format cause we miss it.

  5. Well there’s no need for a long comment.I’m happy for Ada,thank God she didn’t realise the hard way…Nobs the man,keep doing ur things(Itz in you)…

  6. Most ladies would read this and long to have u. U killin’ em with the whole explanation of how you satisfied Joy.

  7. Ready, what I meant was that I want more of the serious bits. The sex parts are getting abit too vivid. Seems like all flash and no substance. Just my opinion

  8. Lol…Favorite line: “Forget the beard, I’m still very young and strong.” Had me laughing so hard the first three times I read it.
    P.S. Nobs, if you’re gonna finish with your 1000 smiles project, you need to move faster. It’s looking great though…just get more non-entertainment people.

  9. “I only wanted to give her ã gift and not collect any…” Ʊ must really thnk ur Gods gift 2 women! Smh. Ur jst ã randy goat! You no even sabi the babe frm anywhere, you go gv am head! Wonder what these cheap grls you use even look like! Hmm!

  10. Omg I love the fact that you’re the type of man that can give and not always worry about getting yours…VERY sexy

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