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Love, they say makes the world go round, but what happens when things go sour, and move from loving and cozy to fetish and dangerous? We tread on a thin border as we examine the intricate relationship between the roses of love and the thorns of obsession.

Chief Olufisayo (Traditionalist) discusses MAGUN with Mo

Mo discusses obsessions in love relationships and reveals an African ‘voodoo’ phenomenon called “MAGUN” and explores it as a myth or reality. As part of this episode, she follows the story of a lady who claims she is a victim of Magun.

Mo discusses Magun with a guest

Have you ever been in love, obsessed, or your probably don’t know the difference? This is one episode you can’t afford to miss. So tune into MNET today at 9.30pm, as well as Wednesday at 2pm and Saturday on 2.30pm.



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