Introducing The Afropolitan Designer; Eniola David

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ENIOLA DAVID is a womenswear line for any woman who is true to herself, confident, insanely stylish and ready to excel in all that she does. The brand lives by innovation, individuality and consequently, timelessness. It will always be a smart, conscious and creative label.

The present collection, Afropolitan, is a representative of what we see today amongst the African communities, and that is a new breed, of people who are fully acknowledging their heritage as more than just a background. It’s a shift towards appreciating it and letting it work positively for them regardless of where they are in the world, and this hybrid would be called an afropolitan. Hence the afropolitan is overcoming challenges, nullifying stereotypes and breaking boundaries. They are also setting progressive standards for how the world views an African. (I did not make up the word but I believe it’s a marriage of African and metropolis. I did however give my meaning to it.)

The style for ENIOLA DAVID is always making a statement, there’s always something to talk about, something to look out for. I sometimes explain the aesthetic as extremities within subtleties. I’m always evolving as an artist but I’m very inspired by architecture, art and human characters (either acquainted, real or fictional).

Overall I’d say the style of the label is unique, creative and sharp. My present collection is inspired by Afro Pop Art, Lagos city and Nigeria as a whole.

When people see my hairdo, my frames and my often risky choices, they say my personal style is quirky. I like to define my style as Neo-African (or afropolitan, lol). I  love the tribal-chic with a touch of glam every now and then. The most important thing to me is doing what I feel, that’s when I look my best.

For anyone who wants to start a fashion design career, the first and most important thing is be true to yourself. Involve yourself in fashion (either through academics, employment or volunteering), it helps to actually ‘know’ what you’re getting into.

Lastly, be patient. It’s so worth it to take what you love seriously and when you do, everyone will notice eventually.

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