Ikenna Bryan Okwara: More Than Just A Mr Nigeria

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You, are probably asking why in Gods name i took out time from my busy schedule to do an interview with Mr Nigeria of 2007 when another most currently crowned Mr Nigeria exists.  Well, its just the fact that its been 3 years since he became Mr Nigeria and the amazing leaps he has reached in the past few years are leaps people have dreamt about for 10 years, yes anyone can win a pageant but how many people can remain relevant  even after the contract ends? Here is Ikenna Bryan Okwara one of not only the best looking men I’ve ever met in my life but also a very well spoken and intelligent man, telling us about life with that huge stamp on his forehead called MR NIGERIA.

What inspired you entering in for the Mr Nigeria pageant??

He laughed as he replied, “my friends!  At first, the idea of being Mr Nigeria reiterated  the necessity for afrocentricity, an understanding of varying languages, and so forth, something my corn rows didn’t depict and so I didn’t want to initially but after the constant badgering to apply I decided one day if anyone asked me to contest I’d go and when I got home guess who asked??  MY DAD!!!  So, I applied crazily enough on the last day applications were being received.

So what was the best part of winning Mr Nigeria?

The  RECOGNITION and the chance to do ambassadorial work; being able to help not only the people I know and love, but also those far and wide.  I see  it as a privilege…privileged enough to make a difference.

The worst part about winning Mr Nigeria??

The travelling constraints, I don’t know how it works now but then I wasn’t allowed to travel overseas, I really didn’t understand it but that was the constraint.

So how did you feel when the contract ended??

Excited!! Cause offers had been coming in, the offer to model international for isis models in south africa was the most exciting and so immediately the contract ended I took that.

So how has the agency been?

It’s been amazing!! It’s been a blessing to my modelling career as its taken me amazing runways such as Washington, New york, Cape Town. I have travelled far and wide.  Being invited to Bahamas, Paris….

Some of his runway model looks

How has the Nigerian limelight treated you??

They’ve been good to me, most of the things they’ve said were true, and the rest well…

Bryan Okwara (Pic sourced from Linda Ikeji's blogspot)

Handling private life??

I tell them what they need to know

Bryan at a function with Munachi and Uti

What things are  you hoping to do with this “endownment” that the Mr Nigeria pageant offered you??

That’s why I’m in nigeria now, trying to mobilize the model scouts in Nigeria is one thing I’m doing. There are projects I can’t talk about but I promise you that when they happen you all will be dumbfounded :-).  One of the projects I’ve done though was Fashion TV world cup party in Nigeria which was a huge success.

What would you advice the guy currently standing as Mr Nigeria??

Learn a little more ’bout the past Mr Nigeria as Mr Nigeria is a title u cannot carry to perfection,  its a huge shoe to fit into and you constantly have to stand out.  It’s a huge transition, so its best to watch and learn from your predecessor.

Being one of the world’s sexiest men must attract a lot of female attention, how do you deal with this?

“Laughs” well with women they are very very hands on, they ask for signatures and things that I cannot afford them but I’ve learnt to handle them more professionally and not be too confrontational with them.

So what else do you plan to do asides modelling?

Definitely TV, and well like I said y’all should just watch out cause something special is coming your way 🙂

That’s Bryan Okwara more than just a pageant winner, his created a path for himself that cannot be forgotten, expect to see more from him.  I’m definitely excited, let’s hope our new Mr Nigeria can match up, he has huge shoes to fill.

The Beautiful Bryan as taken by the legendary Kelechi Amadi Obi
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