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Hey y’all, my sister wrote this, and I just had to let you lot read it… Don’t try to decipher it all

Like silver and scarlet, and diamonds and gold;
An honest true friend is so hard to find;
And unlike the silhouette stories of old;
True love without strings is hard to come by.

The things that I feared the most,
Came into being;
The ones that I loved the most,
Turned back to sting.
My mind wouldn’t fathom;
My heart wouldn’t heal;
My conscience wouldn’t pardon;
My hatred was real.

Once bitten twice shy,
I can testify;
When I close my eyes,
And look back in time;
At times I was hurt;
By wolves in disguise;
That didn’t know the worth;
Of love they despised.

Yet however still, be it as it may;
Not every item in the trash can is dirt;
But how will I dare to try once again?
Its like falling twice into the same net.

Trapped inside my hurt, my fear and my shame;
Bound by my emotion’s unforgiving oath;
With my life to lose, and nothing to gain;
I’ll try once again, I’ll try once again.

So I’m letting go, go, go;
I’m setting me free, Free, FREE;
I’m ready to live, give, grow;
I’m ready to Love, Love You, Love Me.

Written By: Princess Onkar



My name is Danyel Onkar but pronounce that as FHANTHOM… I welcome you to my little corner as I make sure essence meets presence. I’m here every Friday so feel free to drop in… The doors will be open. Just incase you have made the cyber upgrade from facebook to twitter: Follow moi @fhanthom…. Shikena


  1. …The ones that I loved the most turned back to sting…..not every item in the trash can is dirt…..I love these lines,its like dey were meant for ♏ε̲̣̣̣̥…

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