Bragging Rights Media presents the ‘EVERY STAR NEEDS A VIDEO’ Competition.

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BR Media is very proud to present the ’EVERY STAR NEEDS A VIDEO‘ Competition. Open to every unsigned artist in Nigeria, this competition aims to give one lucky artiste the opportunity to shoot a world class music video for no more than the cost of production. A team of writers, directors and PR professionals will work with the winning artiste  from preproduction planning to post-production and promotion of the video

With a focus on creative integrity, visual precision and dynamic storytelling, the goal of this competition is to showcase the vast talent contained in the Nigerian entertainment industry while giving the deserving ‘star-in-the-making’ a chance to introduce themselves to the world via an aesthetically appealing Music Video.

Go from Underground to 10/10, shikena!

*Rules and Regulations*

1. Eligibility: Open to unsigned Artistes in Nigeria. Age >15years old, all genre of music are welcome.

2. Join BR on FB search – Bragging Rights, to see the rules and regulations and follow us on twitter @BR_Media, to stay connected.

3. Submit complete track with brief artiste bio (including phone number and email) to BR

4. Artiste may be nominated by a third party but the nominated artiste  must be aware and willing to participate.

5. Submissions and Nominations open January 1st 2011.

6. Submissions and Nominations will close January 21st 2011.

7. Five short-listed artistes (from the available submissions) will be contacted via email and announced (on our FB page) on January 24th 2011.

8. Voting opens once announcement is made – The public will be free to vote for their favorite track to win the video

9.   Voting will continue for 2weeks.

10. Final decision = 50% Public votes + 50% BR Directors Vote

11. Winner will be announced February 7th 2011 (five days after voting closes)

12. Winner will be contacted via email.

13. Video must be shot in Lagos, Nigeria.

14. Winner will be charged only for cost of production (capped at N300, 000)

15. BR will make no claims or rights of ownership to the participants’ music, sales of CDs or profits from performances thereof.

16. BR (although under no contractual obligation) will promote the video to the extent determined by her management.

17. The Project is expected to be completed no later than 3months after a winner is announced.

Best of luck to the participating artistes!



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