BIZNESS B4 PLEASURE: In A Relationship Vs Its Complicated

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Humble Disclaimer: Pardon me if i’m yarning dust again….manage my bollocks abeg! Kisses and Hugz.

First of all, I want to give a VERY VERY BIG shoutout to all my Young Nigerian Men both in Las-Gidi and beyond who are in Meaningful Relationships. Una dey try dieeee ..chei!! How can you stay Faithful (…not in all cases) to one particular babe over a long period of time? No be small tin…

At the recent Soundcity Awards 2010, I was presented with the bestest (I #Gbagauned on purpose here o!) and sexiest of Nigerian Ladies in all shapes and sizes, with skintones ranging from Cadbury Eclairs Brown to Pap/Custard Yellow, Tall and Short, Endowed and Model-ish, Possessors of Man “chester” Uniteds and Proud Supporters of Arse-Nal, Lace wigs and Natural hair, High Heels and Flat soles, Louboutins and Gladiator sandals, Rihannas, Beyonces and Alicia Keys etc. The GboGbo Gbigz gals were also in the building, brandishing all sorts of phones from 3310s to BB Torchs.

This is where…I asked myself? If you have one of those galfriends or wives that doesn’t like you looking at other women, you would have collected enough SLAPS before the nite was over, just for gazing at all the Eye-Candy on display…haba! Naija babes its not fair o, have mercy on us guys biko.

All you Nigerian Ladies look stunning and flawlessly magnificent on a daily basis. Always well dressed and decked in jewellery, while the average Nigerian bloke is only obliged to wear  Polos, Jeans and shoes and he is considered good to go.  Let’s look at a couple scenarios that might throw more light on what i’m talking about.

1st Case scenario

Supposing you are a Guy that has a thing for tall, dark skinned gals, that are more of Arse-Nal fans than Man “Chester” united supporters (by now if your not retarded you should know i’m talking about T*its and A*s also known as Boobs and Booty). If you attended the SMVA’s, weddings, concerts  and all other events where Naija babes come to show off – you might be presented with the SHOCKER of your life. You might be accosted by a short (small in stature), light skinned goddess, that is more ManChester than Arsenal, thereby presenting you with a serious moral dilemma. Just when you thought that you had figured out your spec in babes that another babe from an entirely opposite female physical stature can just come and “Dabaru” (Naija slang for Spoil/Scatter/Destroy) everything. Naija babes are soo on-point that they will be seen rocking the new Hermes Bag to Marquee just to do early evening drinks a.k.a. Una no dey carry last.

2nd case scenario

You might be the proud boyfriend to a babe that is all Gizmo’d Up (the type to carry an I-Pad to Swe bar…Nobs, LWKM) complete with Peruvian Weave, Gucci, Chanel, Louis, Prada. Primary school in London, High School in Switzerland, University in The States, Masters Degree from planet Mars…She goes for Summer in the Hamptons and  Back rubs in Ibiza lol, Daddy’s Little Gal, Owns her own Business (or inherited one from Dad, doesn’t matter)>>>>>>then on a random nite in the town, you meet a gorgeous simple damsel, who doesn’t have a Blackberry pin, did Primary till University in Government schools in Nigeria sorta like Noble’s future wife (shhh! he just doesn’t know it yet)…..Ada. She is well versed in everything current, carries on a conversation easily and not just talks about London, Paris, Milan and Tokyo, complete with an  incredible smile, fantastic body and wears her own hair (probably cos she cant afford the Brazilian yet, but who cares?). Wahala don start automatically for you because you are immediately drawn/attracted to this lady who is the exact opposite of your current galfriend.

What do you do?

It’s a dog-eat-dog world I know, but you ladies wonder why Nigerian men are so confused and indecisive? You babes are not helping.  Sometimes I thank God that Dr Rey and the good cosmetic surgeons of Dr 90210 have not opened a branch in this country because by the time the Man-Chester United babes can get Butt Lifts and Join the Arse-Nal team and vice versa…then will we be in REAL trouble.

I had a friend that had to do a mini MBGN competition to select which of his numerous girlfriends to take down the aisle. Looking back at it; i don’t really pity the fella but I don’t blame him either #justsaying.

While we must admit that physical looks are not everything but you have got to accept that first impressions really do matter, and that the  natural hunters instinct in a man will force him to go for the shiny metal before he realizes that “All that Glitters is not Gold.”

Please, ladies don’t forget to work on your character with the same amount of attention you spend on yourself at the Spa.  I must also add that you can spend the money for your next elephant sized Handbag on some cooking/Culinary classes. These things also add value to a woman believe it or not, forget about breaking your nails man cannot live by fast food alone.

Last Advice to My fiercely Beautiful Nigerian babes.

Constantly, strive to better yourself and improve your overall package; and even though the last Nigerian census tipped the ratio of men to women at 7 : 1 you will find husband to marry or at least have a steady lover in your bed..whichever scenario tickles your fancy.

With these few points of mine, I hope i’ve managed to further confuse you and not convince you that Naija babes Tooooh Badddddt!

Thenk you

Exits stage from the right…

#Gbagaun join the madness.





  1. Well y’all niggas gats to deal wit it man.
    N I really don’t no y some pple must always see d fault in pple’s articles n all. Write urs for a start, n u’ll no it’s not easy to write articles…

  2. my guy, I thought there were more females than males in Naija, please clarify the 7:1 ratio thing.

    And as for peruvian weaves- lol. We babes have tried, from Asian hair to Indian to Brazillian to Peruvian- I wonder wats next?

  3. @Chichi…
    @Wildchild…i went on Leave for 2weeks,switchd off d BB n went Hermit,I apologise for d time lapse..d bollocks resumes..#HappyNow?
    @Estee..wetin man go do nauu, pls disregard,critics only help yu get beta!
    @The Bola….sory bout d typo there huni,ma badd! thr are actually mor females dan males! fanx! kisses!
    Lastly,..and very soon,d world wil buy Fulani Hair..#SayAmen!

  4. Nobs take my advice sack dis dude, the guy is sick, lmao taking an I-pad to swe bar, nobs’s future unknown wife ‘ada’ this guy just made my xmas

  5. I’m jus readn thru ur articles bro nd I wil say U̶̲̥̅̊ r really doin well. Keep it up nd U̶̲̥̅̊ wil kip goin higher. N6bitch is muiltitalented, tak it or leave it!!!!

  6. I’m jus readn thru ur articles bro nd I wil say U̶̲̥̅̊ r really doin well. Keep it up nd U̶̲̥̅̊ wil kip goin higher. N6bitch is muiltitalented, tak it or leave it!!!! @Moyo…U̶̲̥̅̊ ve nt seen anytin yet, if U̶̲̥̅̊ really wnt 2 LaffUrArseOff U̶̲̥̅̊ beta tune in to coolfm 96.9. From mon-Fri, 4pm-9pm nd listen 2 N6bitch & Freeze on δ Road show.

  7. it doesnt mata which corpse wore it last, as long as it human hair, naija gurlz go rock am…….and yea dem go soon wear Fulani hair..gbagaun!
    N6…kip ’em coming dude

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