BeazyMusicMondays: Beazy – Kush (Freestyle)

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Mondays are the most Beazy days of the week. What better way to take the stress off than to kick back and listen 2 Beazy Music Mondays. We are in Week 15 and with all the free music Beazy’s been giving out, you would think he’s Santa Claus! (hey, where’s Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer?)

Today’s free #BeazyMusicMonday track is a freestyle over Dr Dre‘s vintage HipHop joint “Kush” and as usual Beazy delivers his bars  flawlessly over the beat.

37 more Beazy tracks coming soon to a Monday Near U.  See u all soon!

Yup! Get familiar!

[audio:|titles=Beazy – Kush(Freestyle)]

  Beazy - Kush(Freestyle) (4.1 MiB, 1,522 hits)

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Verse 1
Cuz homie I’m the truth/ Really, I aint lying/ They tell me that i’m killing it/ And I aint even trying/ I aint even buying/ That bullsh*t out ur mouth/ Talking like I can’t do wrong/ Mehn shut ur mouth/ Cuz that’s d kind of talk that’d make a ni**a fall off/ Make me lose sight of this money I’m trying to haul off/ Yo it’s game time/ I’ve been waiting on this call up/ Now this dog’s off the chain and it’s too late to call off/ Too deep to stall up/ I only go harder/ Like endurance runs fam, I only go farther/ Word to my father/ I’m ‘o make these chumps holler/ Cuz this young’n took it from the bench to a starter/ Now they wanna barter/ Cuz they know that I show and I go at the flow like a Carter/ Turn a beat to a martyr/ So they feel it/ Death for a cause/ Damn… I kill it/ Man I’m such a villain/ Chilling lyk f**k ur feelings/ Limelight I’m stealing/ Cuz I’m fly… Touching ceilings/ Reaching for the sky/ Multiple zero dealings/ Chicks, chicks, chicks/ Listen dawg, I’m chilling/ Lord, I’m caking/ Bread, I’m baking/ And I want it all, so ur all, I’m taking/ Mehn, no shaking/ I don’t even check haters/ Blinded by dough/ Shoulda gone to specsavers/ For real/

Verse 2
Now 6 months ago, u’d probably never heard of Beazy/ Now u’ve got a playlist/ Just for Beazy/ Listen up my neezy/ I aint taking sh*t easy/ It’s go hard or go home/ Show heart or just bone/ … Cuz it’s real out here/ Them monsters u were scared of? They chill out here/ These fans and them critics watch your skills out here/ Destroying whole careers just for thrills out here/ So chill my dear/ U’re bout to learn what I 4got/ And u culd forgive my scowl cuz I’ve been through a lot/ I’ve been through the lot/ And come out unscathed/ That’s why I’ve got the stink, like I’ve come out unbathed/ So they come and rave/ I guess we on to a hit/ Trying to keep my head steady cuz I’m on in a bit/ So I don’t pay em no mind when they tell me I’m the sh*t/ But if u’re competiton, then I think it’s time that you quit/



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  1. the beat goes hard thanks to Dre but beazys voice and flows just makes it sound so much better..this dudes album is gonna be a classic

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