Be Stylish Without A Fuss!!

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It is ideal to live a stress free life, and also a life without pain and health issues.  So also is it highly ideal to live a stylish and fashionable life without stress and fuss.  In other to achieve this, here are some guidelines to ensure you do not make common fashion mistakes. These guidelines will help you look your best and give the best first impression.

1. Buy clothes that fit- this is a number one most important rule to follow. Many women that lack confidence buy oversize clothing thinking it will hide their imperfections. Unfortunately, the resulting effect is sloppiness and lack of femininity.

2. Cover up those twins– Ladies please I beg you, do not show everything to every one. Trust me it’s nobody’s business, so please don’t make it their’s na. Haba!!It’s ok to show a little cleavage but please do not over do it by showing off too much so that your twins don’t pop out.  It’s also kool to rock them short skirts but please make sure when it’s time to bend over( not what you are thinking,nutty u!!) We don’t have all the” GOODS” being exposed to the world oh. Please save our bride price!!

Different Bra types: There is a bra for every type of outfit, choose one.

3.  Choose correct undergarment- it is so important to wear the right underwear. One of the worst but most common mistakes women make is showing panty lines when wearing fitted pants or skirts. This can be avoided by wearing a thong or full like spandex pants or by choosing clothing that are a lot less tight. The same applies to bras. Choose bras that fit properly so that your bra lines are not visible or your breasts bulging underneath your clothing. And when it comes to wearing dem low-rise denims, please make sure your pants aren’t on show we are tired of seeing the strings on show oh!!!! This has become a famous sight but trust me it’s a fashion no no and it has become “BORING”.  Do find an underwear that can stay hidden during all movements and even when you bend over.  A general rule for undergarments is that it should not be seen while wearing any clothing except you are wearing swimwear of course. So let’s keep it that way, kapish?!!


4. Match your shoes style with outfit- A general rule is that your shoes should match your outfit or at least blend with the whole style you are going for. Please do not wear a nice  dress and then pair them up with casual flip flops. That is what I call “Going Funny”!! Please do not even attempt it!

5. Accessorize to compliment-Accessories are the tools to a perfect finish. It’s like the cherry on the pie, the life of the party. Accessories are what brings life to your clothing. They stand on their own not clashing and fighting for attention with you clothing. They should compliment your outfit and glam it all up.

Bold or Simple make them work with your outfit.

6. Investing in a really great handbag is never a mistake as it always elevates your outfit.

A Selection of Classic Bag shapes

7. Avoid getting stuck in a fashion rut. Try new stores, go for exhibitions, and try to stay in touch with latest trends, this way you are sure not to have a boring wardrobe.

And lastly….. Your ultimate goal is to appear polished and tasteful, but still look like you are having fun. So, rock your style with loads of confidence and that will surely get you going.

………Mayreejay has spoken!!!



Maryanne Alabi, popularly known as Mayreejay is a wardrobe consultant, CEO of her self named company "Maryanne Alabi". Deputy editor for Bloke mag, contributing Fashion editor for Y!Mag. Fierce lover of and everything Glamorous!! Follow me on twitter @mayreejay for fab fashion updates.


  1. Mayreejay, you are an authority and you know what you are saying.

    Everybody should pay attention. Nice one!!

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