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It’s very refreshing to come across an accessories collection that is strictly vintage and retro, usually it’s a mix of vintage and modern or just a few bits and bobs of vintage inspired accessories. This line is original in every sense of the word with pearls designed from cuts of the 1920s, elegant compact mirrors of the 40s, thick gold necklaces of the grunge 80s and brooches and necklaces from inspired by the 50s housewife look.

Ejiro Amos Tafiri

The fashion scene has been long overdue for a line that does not just center on a particular sense of style and Ejiro Amos Tafiri is the answer to our prayers. Reference can be made to New York designer Marc Jacobs who designs dresses, pencil skirts and lace blouses for women who signify the epitome of a girlie girl. But in sharp contrast he also creates designs to satisfy the edgy customer with an attitude, reference can be made to his legendary chinos pants, military leather jackets et al. It would be an extremely far stretch putting Ejiro Amos Tafiri and Marc Jacobs in the same category, but between both is a strong similarity; they both aim to design for any kind of woman. Edgy, strong, tough or pretty and delicate, whatever your fashion preference there is an item from this collection from you.


Specially hand beaded from India with an assortment of beads carefully and precisely placed to create a beautiful piece of art, this line reminds me of fashion indulgence. It features unique designs and an excellent blend of colors on each kaftan only goes to show the amount of work put in to determine the mixture of textures and shades for each piece. These luxury kaftans can be teamed with full length tights and a turban which is one of the newest trends to hit the runway from Fashion Week.


This store should be labeled “The Party Girl’s One Stop”. Piles and piles of chandelier earrings, beautiful metallic clip on earrings, ruby brooches, pearls, cocktail rings, cocktail party dresses the list goes on. If I ever find myself in a wardrobe crisis for a big event I’d find myself at April by Kunbi


The 360 fashion department has seen a lot of vintage purses in our lifetime, vintage inspired purses made by the high street, vintage purses which are found in our grand mum’s closet (the real deal by the way) and the ones found in fabulous vintage stores. What however, is really rare are proper handmade vintage purses inspired from animal skin and mild floral designs. Purses like these emerged in the 60s and 70s era with the swinging pre-hippies and the hippies declaring flower power and the idolization of all things nature including animal prints. This line pays an O.D.E. to that era. The designs still need a bit more polishing up, but it most certainly isn’t a shabby way to kick off a handbag line.


A designer that just might be a little bit ahead of her time is Moofa. Reference can be made to the below photo of the mannequin in the denim/Ankara dress, a dress which according to her was made months and months before this inter-wined pattern hit the Burberry catwalk and was copied by hundreds of high street stores worldwide. Moofa’s specialty is custom made designs and she has an extensive list of celebrities as clients. We can’t wait to see her next collection and we hope she once again proves that she’s ahead of our time.


Key word- Practicality, there’s nothing more annoying than trying to take care of your heels or pumps without constantly dusting them and ruining your manicure in the process and you can say goodbye to keeping the shoe boxes you get from stores and then having you label them with a marker because you simply can’t tell which heel is in the box. Diamante shoe boxes takes care of all the hassle, the boxes come in various sizes so you can fit a pair of shoes and a your favorite clutch bag in there too.


Bracelets, rings, brooches, earrings and everything in between, this is a fashion addict’s haven. There’s an accessory for just about everyone, the classic minimalist, bohemian, grunge & edgy and girlie. This stall was an endless table of jewellery goodness shoppers were glued to this stall for hours on end and can you blame them? How can a girl decide on which one to take home at the end of the day.


Savvie accessories consists of a collection of clutch bags and cute hair bands to suit every occasion, weddings, garden parties, cocktail hour, a night out and lunch with the girls.

D n’ A

The ultimate girl’s store which serves as a fashion shrine to all things zebra print and pink, what better way to lure fashion and retail enthusiasts? D n’ A carters to customers who have a taste for luxury items; bedazzled key rings, fragrances, luscious scented candles and jewellery. If you were ever looking for a way to treat yourself after a long week, grab your wallet and head to D n’ A.


Kasher is the shoe store with a difference. Besides owning a selection of beautiful heels, the store is currently in the process of making shoes with the government for under privileged from primary schools around the country. This is indeed a store with a very big heart, thousands of children in Nigeria go to school without shoes everyday and it is heartwarming to see a store that is going to make a huge difference. For every pair of shoes you purchase from kasher, a number of school kids would be given shoes to wear to school.


The bling store is as self explanatory as it gets; studs, diamante, bejeweled accessories, crystals and stones a la’ home age payed to the accessories worn by the reality stars of Basket Ball Wives (yes reference had to be made to those ladies who over indulge in serious bling). But that aside, Bling is the place to get your bejeweled accessory fix.


OurS by Juliada is a very new organic skincare and hair care brand to hit the Nigerian market, the fact that it is organic and fresh sets this brand apart from other competitors. Organic products are void of harsh chemicals, alcohol content and preservatives which all play a major role in damaging skin and aging the skin quickly. What’s more fantastic about organic products is when stored in very cold temperature for example a fridge, they can last for up to two years and still remain in perfect condition. All products from the OurS by Juliada company are handmade and created to give you that special care your hair and skin requires.



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  1. Post more pics!! lol. You did well with the write-up along with the images. Good job! Also big ups on focusing on the products showcased instead of the attendees…although a few pictures of the attenders, preferably carrying at least 1 shopping bag, would make this whole page more interesting and interactive when we see familiar faces (which = more viewer comments for you!).

    But more pics please! I went to the show also, and some really fab stands are not featured on here…and some not so fabu stands are on here. just saying 😉

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