360Fresh: Nenaya Jazmine Makes musical and directorial debut in her new Cloud Nine (Official) music video

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Press Release:

Filipino born Nenaya Jazmine (Nnennaya Onyirimba) was ushered into this world by the divine grace of God. She certainly benefited from having a diplomat for a father and a stunning fashion forward business woman for a mother. Originally from Arochukwu, Abia state, Nigeria, Nenaya Jazmine had lived in and visited over 10 countries before her 16th birthday. She grew up in the Philippines, South Korea, Japan and Israel. Only having the opportunity to live in Nigeria for 3 years at a time in between postings. She is especially fond of the Japanese culture and confesses that this is where she developed her curiosity for the arts and creativity.

Her pursuit into music hasn’t been an easy journey and in fact Nenaya Jazmine hit a major road block when she lost her father in 2000. Flash-forward 10 years and the singer would stumble across a 57 second music video while doing a test shoot with her pal. This 57 second clip features one of Nenaya Jazmine’s unfinished and unnamed songs. She eventually titled the unfinished song as “Cloud Nine” and shared the video with friends online in August of 2010. Overwhelmed with the positive feedback of “Cloud Nine” Nenaya Jazmine was inspired to work on what would be her first official single which is ironically and was originally named “Cloud Nine”.

Now referred to as “Cloud Nine (Official)” , the track was initially written in 2008 and completed in September, 2010 and features a 4 minute music video. The video was shot in Worcester, Massachusetts and features fellow Nigerian Paul Ajuonuma who is the brother to the sensational and highly sought after disk jockey known as DJ Obi. The 57 second music video clip is now called “Cloud Nine (Interlude)”.

The track “Cloud Nine (Official)” is composed by Nenaya Jazmine and produced by Felix Afutu who hails from Ghana. Felix Afutu is an unknown yet emerging cinematographer who is well versed in beat making. This unprecedented combination makes for great visual effects that are very well coordinated with his music.

Nenaya Jazmine not only makes her musical debut but also makes her directorial debut in the music video to “Cloud Nine (Official)” and is working on her first musical album which will be entitled “The Reinvention of I”. Afutu Media in conjuction with Avant-Garde Entertainment will be presenting the album in the near future. Stay tuned.

Peep her video and listen/download her track and please give feedback.

Yup! Get familiar!

[audio:https://www.360nobs.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/Nenaya-Jazmine-Cloud-Nine.mp3|titles=Nenaya Jazmine – Cloud Nine]

  Nenaya Jazmine - Cloud Nine (3.3 MiB, 935 hits)




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  1. why all this hate people?….i see where she’s going wit it…you crabs need to fall back wit the negative shit…She gorgeous too…maybe that’s why you bitches are hating….

  2. Lighting, special effects, sequence, storyline, beats, lyrics, voice ( can’t hear her) are all wrong. I suspect she made the beats herself after her first time using Fruity Loops.

    @Jason I think I need to borrow your glasses to see where this is going. The only place I see it going is the scrapyard.


  3. @bz…its not only fruity loops its also wheatabix loops and cornflakes loops. lol. The song and the video is not perfect but its definetly not bad for a start! I see lots of star potential and room for growth! Fall back abeg!

  4. An obvious haterz in d mist. @ Bz, u forgot to hate on her hair, her clothes, d car,d intro,etc! D song is not bad at all as I said earlier and d video is awesome! Again 2 thumbs up Jasmine!! If u aint got haters it means u aint doing ya thing! Peace.

  5. U knw wat i think? I think a deep sitted obsessional hatred cannot even weigh her down, cos she’s got d talent. I mean she’s got d juice… Just ride on gurl !!

  6. so not liking something has turned into hating? how many of you here are going to buy her album if she releases one to be honest? anywayz i agree with ehi_remen tho she either steps up her game or step out shikena #thatisall

  7. Nice job Jaz! Don’t focus on the bad comments! The video was excellent, u have a great voice and I saw that liberia music tv has picked up ur video! I look forward to your next video.

  8. You are defintely going places Nenaya Jazmine! Please try not to focus on the bad comments. It is to be expected when something great is about to happen. Proud of you.

  9. What is up with all these foolish comments? Well it obvious and plain to see that people always try to destroy something/someone that has a lot of potential. The potential is there no doubt and kudos on the song and video. Not bad at all for a debut plus she directed the video and it was her first attempt? I guess people will always be haters no matter what. I can guarantee you that most if not all of the bad comments are from people who consider themselves to be losers. I mean are you serious with the Afro Candy statement? I got a good laugh out of that I mean common. Get the FUCK out of here please. People don’t mind the foolish comments from daft individuals abeg. I’m sure it was one person who was behind it. Do your thing NenJaz and NEVER give up b/coz you got something special and that is why you will always have haterz. I support you all the way and I’m proud of you.

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