360Downloads: RedKad Reviving Hip Hop With A Mixtape

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Happy Last Day of the Year 360Nobians (yup, git familiar… you are now a citizen), and together with the end of the year we’ve got a mixtape for your ears exclusively.

The much anticipated mixtape of RedKad is here  (clapping and standing ovation thanks), and this is something you guys gotta get absolutely familiar with. Like seriously, how else do you wanna end the year anyways if not listening to a talented lyricist all the way?

Music is Life-Knowledge is King …and RedKad, ladies and gents… is a King in Life, with tracks like “Born Me For Lagos“,”My Life“, “Tribute To Elizabeth“, “Dreams“,” Recognise“, “How Far” …Oh Well, i could as well put up the whole tracklist but rest assured you are definately not gonna have a dull moment. A Combo of intelligent lyrics and superb beats, y’all should expect a bombshell from this artist when his album drops.

Ok don’t want all this to influence your judgement so you know wha you’ll do?…

…Hit Download-Press ►-Enjoy it and Share…a lot

Yours Truly is signing out…See Y’all Next Year.

With Love and Plenty Music Coming Your Way





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