30mins with Kemi Adetiba’s Ipad

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I woke up this day n did my routine morning stuff… err.. pray and get on my laptop hoping I saved last night’s work.  I didn’t! Thankfully the PC decided to give itself a brain and sleep… anyways that’s not why we are here!

Figured I’d get my hands on the much talked about iPad and get 1st hand impressions …/ah…  d battery just dropped to 99%/… yea as I was saying … there’s been so much noise made bout the iPad I just had to check it out myself! The closest I could get my hands on belongs to my lovely neighbor “Kemi Adetiba” … The BBM toasting begins! … she has a real personal connection to her ipad… in her words it’s her “bigger blackberry” so it really meant a lot when she said I could have it for 30 mins.

Ewo!… This thing is big o… well at least I’d enjoy watching movies on it… the ipad greets me with a password lock… reassuring me that personal media items are well protected [somebody sell Paris Hilton an Ipad… and show her how to lock it!] …/battery nw at 98%… and wow…  twitter notifications pop up once you’re mentioned! Cool.

Getting past the password lock, there’s the desktop that iPhone/iTouch users will be familiar with. It comes loaded with apps like Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Maps, Youtube, iPod and yaay – a game center… I hurriedly clicked that… disappointed to see that there’s no Street Fighter, Pro Evo Soccer or a mini God of War…

Hit up iPod and was quite pleased with the sound quality… ah! Time is going o… Just burnt 3 mins jamming sum Banky W!

Now checking out videos … I can officially say this is the strongest reason for me to get an ipad… the quality is badt! Watching Wiz Kid – Tease me… mad video!  Big ups super director Kemi! Hope someday i’d be able to toast her to do a Funbi video.

Yepa! 30mins up… ah! *nw rushing to check out the other features*…  Mail seems nice n organized… hooked up with my WiFi network easy.. thers also the option for a 3G sim…. Safari browser… nice… OMG! It can’t open flash based sites 🙁 … Tried opening peak talent show but the flash banner didn’t show … smh Stevie… goat u no chop, kpomo u no chop, fish u no chop, u say u want beef with ADOBE.

Oh well… gotta go! Would do a detailed review when I buy my own *sigh*

Shows over! … you can go now… no leaking of personal pics or videos… Aunty Kemi is HOT o  *runnin to hide* 😉

CONCLUSION: the iPad na jst over sized iPod touch jare!… great video/music experience, decent battery life. They should sha bring down the price or get swept away by the coming Blackberry Playbook.

Official feature list: http://www.apple.com/ipad/features/



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  1. Yeah definitely looking forward to the BB playbook.

    But apparently RIM is not “really” going to bring down the price of the playbook so yeah:(

    Oh well.

  2. an ipad doesnt have a 3D sim..dat is a BIG LIE!!! and blackberry playbook is already released go and get it and do anoda interview and lie again

  3. @EAZE: err 3D? who said anything about 3D?
    but yeah i own an iPad and its awesome…the screen is brilliant and i can spend hours on it…I had a go at the playbook and i like it but i still prefer the ipad…I think if apple had dedicated word processing apps on it then the iPad wuld b the utimate tablet device.

  4. my bad, not 3D, i quote “…thers also the option for a 3G sim” and about the word processing apps, what type of app do yhu mean cos i think there is…explain i can tell yhu where to get it

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