Video Première: 9ice – Energy

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Bashorun Gaa’s got the ENERGY!

9ice drops the video to his massive joint “Energy”. The video was directed by Sesan.

9ice is looking so fresh, so clean with his corn-rolls along with some very pretty chicks in the video …Love the part when he’s on the drums singing in Igbo #classic. Pretty chilled out video. Nice!

Yup! Get familiar!




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  1. God!!!!so you people decided to post the video of the so called “mediocrity” The gentleman u just slaughtered yesterday???…..WTF?????????? I have been waiting for this…so u promote mediocrity?????

    ok in tupac’s voice…FUCK THE MONK, FUCK 360….I SPARE U MR OYEAKD….

    Keep the Good work on 9ice.You are doing well…

  2. Goshhhhh..I think 9ice is well underestimated…
    A little input of hausa, Ibo and yoruba,in just one song…on a nice and simple beat..A cool and relaxed song yet full of wonderful lyrics.

    If you understand yoruba, then u’ll appreciate the rhythms in this song..Keep doing what u do best and am sure haters will remain dumbfounded always

    haters- The more u hate, the better he becomes

    Just keep doing your thing

    Good to see improvement in your video.

  3. Well… if almighty 2FACE can be criticized … who is 9ice not to have his own critics ? The important thing is for him to take from his critics and learn more so he could become a better person… ADIGUN nothing do you… 360nobs … nice one from you guyz … We disagree to agree cos it make us work on improving ourselves … thats out it should be …

  4. One minute this man is another washed up artist the next he is a hit maker..all in the span of 35hrs o! na real wa! confused much?
    is either you promote an artist or demote him..what’s the pt of go back and forth..
    “Opinions” my ass..

  5. Why are you guys such hypocrites????????????? One minute, he’s a washed up artiste who can not sing and the next, you are promoting songs from the same album you dissed two days ago? WTF is wrong with you guys? You think you are such good brand managers, but what do you think you are doing to the so called ‘360nobs’ brand? Afterall, you are promoting ‘mediocrity’, abi? Make una comot for hia go siddon. Foolish people.

  6. Dis video lost me along the way. Good quality, yes, and i like d begining but i dont particularly like d part where he is at d drums, He looked so uncomfortable. I was going to mention d lack of “energy” in d video but den i remembered dat d song itself is easy going. Dat being said i think dis is one of HIS best videos so far.

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