NOLLYWOOD/MUSIC; Top Actors In The Music Industry

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Disclaimer: This post is the writer’s opinion if you feel in any way that its biased feel free to sue me or better still do me a favor and comment. Either ways you still get to read it.

Before you start thinking far, this article is dedicated to all the Nollywood actors and actresses that are veering into the music industry or that are considering going into the music industry. It is not for everyone. Lets start with this little research I did about music.

Definition of music according to the free meriam-webster  dictionary is the ‘science or art of ordering tones or sounds in succession in combination and in temporal relationships to produce a composition having unity and continuity’.

According to this definition, I do not think you are living up to the terms. This trend started with Segun Arinze in 1992,he released an album under Premier Music Record Label, funny enough it was a success, News is that he is done with the 2nd album which is yet to be released let’s wait and see how this will do.

Genevive Nnaji, funny enough, I like the track ‘no more’ and I sing to it shamelessly anywhere I am ,like I care, the video did well too, heehee, but Ill advice ‘Gene’ not to try it again, as i am sure some people didn’t even like the track, however, I hear she is also done with her 2nd album and is set to release but I beg u, please don’t ..thank you as you listen..Your  #1 fan.

(Let’s leave this space for Jim Iyke) no comment from the writer …

Nkem Owoh is one person that has been able to get the crowd especially people from the western parts of the country, I am caught however by the comical way he performs this songs and the lyrics. He has two albums out now. Nkem Owoh has a success story in the music industry I must say.


Noteworthy also is Patience ozokwo..well she also is singing too, mama gee herself, thank you.

Omotola Jalade Ekeinde is one person that doesn’t send the opinion of anybody so even if I say the songs are okay or if I say please make more albums she might not listen, omotola just released her 2nd album’ me,myself and eyes’,uhhmmm, So far, I’ve not bothered to listen to the 2nd album that’s because I listened to the 1st album and I kept skipping. I don’t think this would be different,no???

For Desmond Elliot, I must say first of all, ‘I cant’, oh God I don’t know where to start from, I get you are trying to praise and give thanks to God but please do it in your room, you don’t have to record it, or make videos to that effect, you are loosing fans dear, bad move sir.

Should we say nollywood is doing badly or what, why are this people trying to kill us with bad music, isn’t the movie industry doing very well..Sure u guys will say, well don’t the people abroad do it, yes they do but they pull it off better, and yes they also face criticisms like this..the only people who pulled it off; Will Smith, Mark Wahlberg, Jennifer Lopez, Jamie foxx to mention  a few..

Please oh,improve the soundtracks of the movies you feature in before jumping into the main music world. Before you crucify me, please return to the beginning of this post.



Happy Child here...As long as you can't see past my shades,my opinion is my opinion better still if you disagree drop a comment.


  1. Lol @ “I get you are trying to praise and give thanks to God but please do it in your room, you don’t have to record it, or make videos to that effect”.

    So harsh…


  2. Desmond elliot’s aint dat bad…I disagree wit u here…he aint losing fans! It’s only Ideal for “omosexy” to STFU! I can’t even sing to her “missing u” or “feel alright” ‘cos itz so “forge forge”…#okbye

  3. thunder fire all of dis actors especially desmond elliot. his own is a total disgrace to his generation and christianity. jim iyke is just trying to feel gangsta and Genevive i love u, pls dnt try it again. tnx

  4. I feel like u guys are all haters and yur judgement of these folks are so biased and dumb.
    I agree their albums are not what u would call classic, their songs are probably not that either. In fact their talent musically is not the best. BUT isn’t dat the case for the millions of so called naija artists releasing albums these days…
    I recently listened to Mo’ cheddah and Sauce Kids albums and I tell u that was a bloody waist of my time and money, how about u guys go tell them to never do an album again cos that was a disaster considering all the hype and time they put into it and all… I tell u I would rather listen to Genevieve and Omotola’s first albums over n over again before I ever listen to mo’cheddah and Sauce Kids talentless albums…

  5. Rotflmaao @ d Desmond elliot sect. I wz unfortunate enuf 2 watch d. Video 4 d 1st tym yestrday. Nd I nearly cried in embarrasment 4 Des. I love him buh d dude fell my hand abeg!
    @Omonaija, go nd siddon insyd pit toilet smewhr jo. Go bak up nd reread d beginnin ov d post.

  6. i honestly do not think omonaija has been unfortunate enough to watch that pile of horse crap dat desmond calls a video…pls watch then come back and apologise publicly for posting your own horse shit
    as for jim iyke…like the author i have no comment

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