New Heat: 9ice ft P Square – All The Way

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Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the main event of the night, a special 2 on 1 Handicapped Match (where r my peeps who watch WWE) on, presiding this match will be me.

Now in the red corner weighing in an estimated 71kg, with 3 albums under his belt,  from Ogbomoso in Oyo State but living in Lagos, please welcome Bashorun Gaa

His opponents in the blue corner weighing an estimated 160kg, with 4 albums under their belt, from Ifite Dunu, Anambra State but living in Lagos, please welcome P Square

Brand new joint off the “Versus” titled “All The Way”. Song is guaranteed to grow on u with each listen. Some of the lines are recycled though, wots up with dat?

Really looking forward to the “Versus” album cos I can’t wait to hear all the collaborations on it.

There’s also a bonus smooth cut “Re-elect BRF“; guess we already know who 9ice will be voting for …lol. But on a serious note people, ur vote counts, go out there and choose the right candidate for u & the people of Nigeria.

Yup! Get familiar!

9ice ft P Square – All The Way



9ice – Re-Elect(Eko Oni Baje)




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  1. its like love/hate with 9ice and 360nobs
    P Square repeated lyrics from their songs ..9ice verse is average …will give it a few more spins and see if it grows on me

  2. Dis is a fucking wack site..9ice got fucking 3 albums and not 2..

    And no recycled lyrics, they jst mentioned song they have done before..could dat be a crime? When sites like notjust wey beta pass una commend his effort, u lot here tink u can yarn nonsense abi? FOOLs

    1. U r d bigger fool …must u go around abusing peole …na 4 where u see 2 albums …they sent u 2 school, u still dont know how to read …taking panadol for 9ice who has too much money isnt the solution. Class captain ,u wan suck 9ice prik abi?
      if d site is wack me i like am cos they gimme exclusives
      go open site wether people go come

    2. @ AJONRIN,
      Oya,name his albums?
      You don’t even know anything about music or 9ice and you are here because someone happened to hand you down a blackberry with side track ball.

    3. Dear Ajonrin, thanks 4 stopping by & leaving feedback. I do know dat the writer has all 9ice’s albums – Certificate(2006), Gongo Aso (2008) & Tradition (2009).

      God bless u and ur hustle.

  3. notjustok are only good for tagging their songs …will they evr think about being creative dat they would relate versus to a boxing introduction
    9ice should stop smoking kpoli abeg. he don lose hin voice finish

  4. Nice has lost his spice. never bin a fan of d dude bt he stirred up a little stop wit d gongo aso album bt now he’s bak to wailing on a beat tht sounds like somtn frm his last track (notn new). Y’all shudnt av called it new heat cos it aint even warm. its as cold as d ice in his name. B4 I start getn mindless disses its important to note tht dis is just my opinion. I just wanna hear beautifuk music!!!

  5. Its funny how people that post comments on blog sites take things so seriously. For me music is very personal and and we all don’t have to like the same songs or artists, no need to fight over each other’s opinion.

    Regarding 360’s love/hate relationship with 9ice. Different bloggers on the same site don’t have to feel the same way about an artist and there is nothing wrong if a particular blogger likes a particular song by an artist, but doesn’t like another song by the same artist.

    Regarding 9ice, Gonso Aso album was a classic by any standards, Tradition got better with each listen and the videos have helped it, but i am not impressed with any of the songs i have heard off the Verus album so far. I think 9ice is a great talent, where he seems to be getting it wrong is in the production. There must be issues between him and ID Cabasa. He did 90% of Gonga Aso, all the best songs on Tradition and so far i haven’t heard his name on any of the songs off Versus. Sorry but i am not impressed at all with the production of Cheapo (however you spell his name).

  6. all things been equal i think 9ice is a story teller that has a theme, a gud story line and good delivery but for the fact that he loses some of his closest pals that helps with advice to some personal issues doesn’t mean we should hate him let’s all help our brother to give us value for our money….i love Nigerian music sooooooo much

  7. Wen people grow and reach their peak, they condone complacency and thus, the law of “diminishing marginal returns” sets it. The result is always that they will be counting on their past glory, achievements and accolades. Sincerely speaking, if your yesterday’s quality is better than today’s…hmnnn there is a serious problem.
    I wish our artistes FORWARD EVER…sms

  8. i’ve never been a fan of 9ice, his songs just catch on after i hear them like 10 times. i’m not big on either of the ones that are in this post…i don’t expect anything great from a person who shouts “BASTARD” on a diss track like a motor-park tout.

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