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Love Pendant

I lay there in purple skinnies and my V-neck tee with a blue cardigan staring at my Pokit man bag when all of a sudden my thoughts were interrupted,

Have you been in love before? She asked me

I searched my fragile heart, answer her jor I thought to myself…Have I?

She left but with no answer, ’cause all I did was lay there speechless…

SHE is my girlfriend, had been for a few weeks but I never anticipated this question,

It was difficult, I wasn’t used to it…


I thought it made you selfless, ’twas something that made you inconvenience yourself for the loved stupidly,

It encouraged illogical actions and emotionally driven thoughts.

YES, I thought to myself…I have been in LOVE, i propped myself up.

So, I found my BB frantically and I called her,

Hey, I’ve been in love…

‘Are you serious? But do you know the time’, She said

Well, I had to tell you, I have and I want to show you who she is…. meet me on Oxford street in the morning

I tried to snooze but to no avail, the excitement came over me, i’d figured it all out, worked it all out!!

Morning finally came, I took a cup of coffee had a shower and ran I wouldn’t miss the train…

Finally, I was on Oxford street and soon came my girlfriend,

I grabbed her hand and dragged her through the crowd, she squealed but it came out with laughter ‘cos she didn’t understand the gravity of my excitement..

I stopped and she stopped…

So, whats next? She asked

We are here I said,


She looked confused…

Let’s go in, and so we enter and at the reception is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen and its obvious my girlfriend notices.

‘Cause she spills out; I understand why you were in love with her…

I laugh as we approach her, my girlfriend is mumbling not loud enough for my comprehension,

We were now face to face with the beautiful receptionist,

Hey, the receptionist said as she brings out a pair of blue skinnies, my girlfriend is transfixed

HERE IT IS, I said,

My girlfriend is so mad,

You brought me all the way here to show me THIS, you’re not well how can you be in love with a pair of..

Aarrggh, she screams as she tries to storm off,

Baby I said, she turns back and I’m on my knees with my  hands in the pocket of the skinnies, I draw out a ring…

Will you marry me?

‘Cause you’re the one I LOVE…

I thought you were gay!! The receptionist blurted..

‘No’, my girlfriend replied in the midst of her tears of joy (I hoped), his just orange, his my orange man.

The OrangeNerd

The OrangeNerd

I'm just a boy with a colourful disposition about life in its entirety, i'm an absolute fashion heretic and so i am involved in the works of industry, from design to styling to writing, as long as it involves fashion i have or might still be meddling in it.


  1. They might say I’ve come again, but it’s constructive criticism so here goes…When I saw wrong spellings like “his just orange, his my orange man”, I was shocked to see it on this site, but I read the bio and it says orangenerd’s a fashion “heretic”.
    A heretic’s a dissenter…it means you’re opposed to either fashion in general or the accepted fashion norms…if that’s the case, “and so i am involved in the works of industry, from design to styling to writing” doesn’t make sense.
    Just saying.

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