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Everything in life is governed by a law, and the dynamics between men and women is no exception to the rule.

The laws of courtship are laid out, the lines have been drawn, and it’s a battle of the sexes, as Mo explores the different perspectives of men and women in the matter of relationships. From courtship rules, to the details of men and women want, to how relevant sex in a relationship, this episode is a mix of all sorts.


Mo & A Guest discuss courtship
Mo with a couple and Agatha Edo ( A Relationship Counsellor)

This is definitely a must-watch if you’re single, searching, or waiting to tie the knot!  This show would be airing on MNET Tuesday at 9.30pm, as well as Wednesday at 2pm and Saturday on 2.30pm.



Our team consists of a mix of the GOOD, the NAUGHTY and the most BEAUTIFUL people, just the way YOU want it served. We always have something to say whichever way you look at it. Appreciate us, Love us, Hate us (NOT) we are bound to crack you up whichever way.

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