In the Spirit of Thanksgiving…

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In the spirit of  thanksgiving, I would like to apologise for my inconsistent writing, I’d try to be more prolific. Promise. Knowing that you have forgiven me, I would go on to do my own set of thanksgiving but I’d like to give a lot of reasons why we all should be able to rejoice.

We are in the 11th month of the year, and no matter how bad the year has been for you, the fact that you are reading this, is a lot for you to thank God for. I wouldn’t say I’ve had the best of years but I haven’t had the worst of years either; we have had earthquakes and floods in a lot of countries, we have seen miners trapped underground and we might have lost loved ones but in all things we give thanks. It hasn’t been all doom and gloom, just the other day some people saw a whale at the beach.. lol (sorry I had to laugh at that) but still, that in itself is worth thanking God for.

I’m not sure if they do thanksgiving in Nigeria but I think that the rate at which we hustle, we should have a day for thanksgiving because if you think about it, we are all action heroes especially if you live in the city. Do you remember when you barely made it out of the okada’s way (you don’t remember?)…

Well, truth be told is, as I write this, my brain is bringing up so many reasons why I should not do a thanks giving. Me being smarter than that I know that I have been blessed with more than I know.

I’m in university today but a couple of years ago, I wasn’t!

I write for 360nobs but a few months ago, I didn’t!

I manage a band now, and I didn’t ask for the Job!

But i’m not only thankful for what I’ve done or what I do.

I’m also thankful for everyone I’ve met in the last year and those that have been in my life long enough and have still remained relevant: I’m thanking God for my parents especially my mum (she seems to believe in me more than me. I love her to the bone);

My siblings, Jimi Aiyeola, Deji Adeoba, Nnenna Ene, Amaka Ibe, Yeside Odukoya, Kwabena Opoku, Laetitia Ifonge, Ruth Michael, Jonathan Omedi & all my close friends….

I’m also thankful for my twitter people @portablechic @flykidcremy @femcee_cyclone @4Laa @TimelessBaby @TiwaSavage @May7ven @iMavrikFilms @DjObiAjEnt @XO_Senavoe @JaZzofficial @Tosyn @YayaFinesse @yellowsassydiva @aystunna @pink_velvet @miss_funmi @olawunmie  @falzthebahdguy @abokithebahdguy @FrancyFiorelli

Also my Sked Entertainment family, and everybody that has interacted with me in any way….

I’d also Like to thank M.I for that album, #NoHype but that album is as creative as creative can be (okay maybe i’m gassing).

But i’m thankful for everyone that has read/reads my articles, God bless you… i’m sure you all have at least something to be thankful for.

If you have something that you think someone else would want, then you have enough to be thankful for….




My name is Danyel Onkar but pronounce that as FHANTHOM… I welcome you to my little corner as I make sure essence meets presence. I’m here every Friday so feel free to drop in… The doors will be open. Just incase you have made the cyber upgrade from facebook to twitter: Follow moi @fhanthom…. Shikena


  1. Nice write up, am thankful 4 my family, the wonderful people av met, my newest job as a presenter and most importantly am thankful 4 the gift of life!

  2. Oh my… I’m thankful for having a friend like u too…ur whale line brought a smile to my face just when I was reaching anger’s peak. God bless u too darling! I am thankful for everything…cos even the bible says in all, give thanks.

  3. oh yeah…lots to be thankful for. i started d yr with a lot of needs and wants..infact, i even cried on my birthday (feb) buh ryt now, im all smiles…. i av more dan i asked for. frnds, family, good job, anoda interview 2moro(i can combine 2jobs) thriving bizness….cant mention all buh im soooo grateful to God…Thnak u Lord

  4. Am xtremely thankful for my family inspite of the ups and down we have stayed. The fact that I av friends that understand I am thankful and to Danyel my broda, I want to specially thank God on ur behalf.

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