Happily Ever After

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I read somewhere that women these days are so educated it is hard for anything to surprise them – except a happy relationship. I thought it was brilliant, yet worrisome, as it opened my eyes to what awaited many a man dating a woman, or wishing to date, court and marry a woman in this time of ours. A hopeless situation.

That was until my cousin recently got married. I was there for the reason that I love weddings – the almost certainty of picking up or getting picked up. But more than that, I was there because she is my favourite female cousin on my father’s side (The Delectable M.E.).

I will not bore you with the story of how they met. Or how he courted her – long distance. I will try to not bore you at all. I will tell you her story as she told it to me. I will let her tell you her story:

“What do you feel like eating?” I asked plopping down beside him.

“I don’t know. Whatever is fine” he responded, giving me that disarming smile that always made my cheeks warm.

“Okay then, oh and by the way, pack your things, we are going to Las Vegas”.  After he got over the initial shock, he picked me up and showered me with kisses as he exclaimed “Really? I cannot believe it! You and your surprises!” I had a smug smile on my face. I am very big on surprises (so is my entire family actually), so I absolutely enjoyed watching him in his overjoyed state.

Why wouldn’t I? He was like a piece of me that had been missing for so long, and all I wanted to do was make him as happy as he made me, and a surprise trip to Vegas was the least I could do.

Moments later, he looked at me and said “I am going to surprise you too”. I scoffed. This man did not know who he was dealing with. ‘Surprise’ is my middle name. “I would like to see you try”. I responded with a smirk. I knew there was no way he could top my surprise, so I didn’t give it much thought.

Las Vegas proved to be as beautiful, fascinating, and as hot as we had expected. Suffice it to say we spent more time in the airconditioned hotel than outside – which wasn’t so bad since every hotel had a casino, as well as multiple sight-seeing attractions. However, a trip to Vegas would not be complete without walking the infamous Vegas Strip.

On the second day of our trip, we set out to brave the dry inferno that was Las Vegas. Just when things started to get interesting, he requested that we return to the hotel. I just about strangled him! We had hiked from one end of the strip in the blazing sun and I almost passed out in the process. We were finally in the middle, where all the good, picture-worthy attractions were, and he wanted to go back? To make matters worse, his excuse was that I had complained of discomfort from the heat and he felt that I should go back and rest.


He seemed anxious but I was too upset to find his behaviour suspicious.We got back to our hotel room and he walked in ahead of me and straight to his suitcase.

Still boiling with anger, I walked to the bed, tossed my camera bag on top of it, then turned to sit only to find my boyfriend on one knee with a box in his hand. I froze. Was I dreaming? Was this real? The only words that came out were “What are you doing?” as he held my hands with his free hand, and said in a slightly shaky voice . “I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you please be my wife?” At this point he had sunk to both knees, watching my every move with a hint of fear in his eyes. I stared in shock for a few seconds, and in a gesture that surprised him but that was indicative of how he made me feel, I got on my knees in front of him, tears stinging my eyes and said “YES!!!”. He heaved a sigh of relief as he slid the ring on my finger and kissed me. While in his embrace, I stared at my finger and really realized what had just happened.

Just as I looked up at him to say “did you just ask me to marry you?” I saw a tear roll down his cheek. “I’m sorry”, he said, embarrassed. I’m just…really happy. “You don’t need to apologize” I said, absolutely moved as I wiped his tears away.”

You do realize what you are getting yourself into, right?” I asked, feigning seriousness.  He looked at me, a hint of an arrogant smile on his face as he said “Bring it on! No shaking!”

I must have been bleeding from my eyes after reading her story – for those could not possibly be tears I felt sting my eyes; or teardrops blot my notepad when I blinked.

Sitting there among family she had brought together for her wedding, watching her dance up the aisle to the seats set up for her and her husband; their ‘chop knuckle’ and ‘spirit fingers’ moves; seeing the smile that was not plastered to her face, but originating from somewhere in the core of her being; the glow of her skin lit by a fire inside of her; the twinkle in her eyes each time he touched her, or she looked at him, I believed.  For my cousin is educated and extremely intelligent – heck, she is related to me – yet she found her happily ever after.

And I knew there was hope.

PS: I would wish u a happy married life, but I know u already have it. Just hurry up and make me an Uncle. Love u loads, miss u much…

Pls introduce her as the Delectable M.E.



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  1. Very touching………… but then again most engagement/wedding stories are touching. Even stories of the ones that end their marriages 6 months later.

  2. Lmao @ the second half of Jay’s comment. Too true…

    But really, this is beautiful. There is hope and i wish them a very happy blessed married life.

  3. Great story and can I just say I enjoy reading your pieces. This one shows a more sensitive side of you. You typically tell a full-bodied story and paint a vivid picture within a few paragraphs. “Inception” is one of my best. It should be a interesting if you and Bobo Omotayo (Kilon Sparkles) on BellaNaija work on something together

    1. Oh, I so concur with that! I LOVE Bobo T…hilarious dude. Write something with him, or be his friend and create a new blog…whichever way, it’ll be a great experience…well for me at least.
      But off my groupie love tip, this was a beautiful piece and it gives me hope too.

  4. lol at Jay…lets pray that theirs doesnt turn out like that. Umm Franque, im sure your cuz would be praying the same thing for u…:) Truly there is hope.

  5. I wouldn’t say I also had tears in my eyes but I can say that the smile on my face definitely wasn’t plastered. This actually gives me hope…

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