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She could have sworn she noticed a car tailing her all the way home from the movie theatre but shrugged it off as her mind playing tricks on her senses; that’s what you get for watching a horror movie alone on a Friday night she muttered to herself as she pulled into the parking lot of the block of flats hosting her apartment.

She waited for a couple of minutes before stepping out of the car, wondering why her heart was pounding furiously against her rib cage. She felt she heard a squeak behind her but was too afraid to turn back, she quickened her steps and what was normally a three-minute walk to her apartment seemed like an eternal stroll at that moment. The final scene of the movie she just saw started playing in her head, she shivered uncontrollably.

She heard the squeaky sound again, and stopped in her tracks. Someone was definitely following her and it wasn’t in her mind. She turned slowly half expecting to be hit, shoved, stabbed or worse still shot but nothing happened.  There was no one behind her, she caught her breath and was about to make a sprint towards the building when she heard a voice.

‘Hello @cutebabe08’

Soft spoken cultured voice.

She tried to figure out how he managed to appear from nowhere, but what was more puzzling was the fact he knew her name.

‘Errrmmm.’ Her voice was shaky. ‘Do I know you?’

‘I’m not sure about that, but I’ve been following you for a while now and you’ve refused to follow me back. Why?’ He replied.

‘What tha….’ She started. ‘What are you talking about? How can I follow you if you are following me and I don’t even know you are, I don’t even know what I’m saying right now. What do you mean?’

‘It’s simple, you refused to follow back. I even waved @ you a couple of times but you ignored me. I’ve re-enacted countless steps of yours but you won’t even respond or reply, or at least say thank you. Why?’

Fear gripped her heart. She was alone in the car park with a psycho, she was sure no one would hear if she screams. Please Lord, I don’t want to die. Not now. She couldn’t run towards the apartment, the guy was standing in between her and the refuge of light. Running back onto the road didn’t seem like a good idea. She decided to reason, against reason.

‘Sir, I still don’t get you. I never knew you were following me or retracing my steps. I’m so sorry, what can I do?’

‘Oh, it’s simple – just follow back.’ She could hear the smile in his voice with those words.

She was momentarily stunned. This dude is crazier than she thought.

‘How?’ She found her voice.

‘Well, I thought since today is Follow Friday, you can follow back now and we can start famzing. Team Follow Back! YAY!!’


First of all, my apologies to readers who feel I just wasted some precious minutes of their valuable time. If you are not on twitter, you might not understand anything above and even if you are twitter the possibility of making any sense of the story is actually very slim. If the story made sense to you, then your 100% sanity is in doubt!

Okay so I just felt I should find an avenue to announce I’m partially back to writing and let readers following Bolade’s story know that I’ll be concluding it very soon, I love ending with ‘a bang’ and I don’t want to rush it. I’ll definitely find time to find the masterpiece ending I desire soon. Very soon.

I also would like to use this avenue to do a #FollowFriday shout out to some cool accounts people I’m following on twitter, so oblige me. No? Thanks, but I will go ahead anyway.

Follow: @360nobs, @Nobsdaslushhkid, @notjustok, @gidilounge, @GidiGuy, @oyeakd, @_bdon_, @kidkonnect, @Ebuka, @XO_Senavoe, @Zwagger, @itsphizzle, @temi2004, @funms, @gigachic, @Miss_Jayla, @aquamarine05, @MI_Abaga, @iceprincezamani, @cesc4official, @RicDiZzLe, @yilz, @akingbayo, @afrotunes, @yoitsbeazy, @lumidizzle, @iKEOrizu, @BreakingNews, @exschoolnerd, @mss_sASSy, @djfineboy, @olaDEL

*Phew!* That was actually harder than I thought it would be, 90% of this list is random, I just selected from tweets I’m seeing on my timeline at the moment. If you still need more cool tweeps to follow, you could check my account @HexyDre and follow my ‘following’; trust me, 80% of people I follow are awesome!

Thanks and cheers to my shameless #FollowFriday plug. Have a great weekend!!



If the devil wears prada, Adam and Eve wore nada, then I'm that GUY in between wearing the agbada! Welcome to 360nobs with Hexy.


  1. My sanity has never been in question…you already know my head is not correct. Truly some of the #ff me ppl are potential psychiatric care candidates but all follow ba?
    I guess I need to get my Twitter mojo back cos before now idve been top 10 on this your list 🙁

  2. I swear that story made sense to me! I even wanted u to continue! The follow back thn has become a big problem dear, and trust me, ds scenario wld start occuring for real!
    On another note, Good to av my Fab/Fav write back!
    Ya head dey dere”… Hehheehe

  3. Oh, one more thing, so you think you can just wake up one morning and start a blog and tantalize some of us with some hilarious posts, then suddenly go AWOL?
    No be so dem dey do am, oya hanlele get to playing ‘fireflies’ and writting.

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