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After so much anticipation to know and see what went down at the ABE in Abuja, we give you the pictures for you to experience,lool, what you missed. At least,its close it.



Our team consists of a mix of the GOOD, the NAUGHTY and the most BEAUTIFUL people, just the way YOU want it served. We always have something to say whichever way you look at it. Appreciate us, Love us, Hate us (NOT) we are bound to crack you up whichever way.


  1. I see some people still don’t know the difference between black and other colours….ok let me help:

    Black is that colour that looks like charcoal. It also looks like the colour of the President’s vehicle. I hope this helps against next time:D

  2. nice, nice.Ya’ll don’t have to look like the same person dressed u up. Does everybody (lady) have tp be wearing a mini dress? What with not wearing you own hair. No more wigs please

  3. Damn why did i mis an eveny lyk dis. Da whole BLACK tin mk it sexy n kul. Hot chicks n da guys r uhlala wsh wz der wel am waitn 4 d nxt event.

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