Behind The Scenes: MI’s MI2 Album Launch Rehearsals

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MI is one of the most gifted musical talents Nigeria has ever produced …if his BET nomination and other Awards won didn’t prove it @ least yesterday did …”MI2” was reported in Alaba to have moved over 300,000 copies in 1day, NotJustOK reported their sales figures as staggering (I’m pretty sure the other websites would have similar figures) and #MI2 was also trended worldwide on Twitter.

Watch the crew (MI, Waje, Bez & Praise) have fun while practising for MI‘s “MI2″ Album Launch holding @ Silverbird, today – 25/11/2010. MI was wonderful enough to allow us record the rehearsals for the Album Launch.

Apologies on the poor visibility but like most super heroes, Mr Incredible prefers to work in the dark in his lovely studio.

He also shares his views & his friends’ experiences on the Jos crisis

…May God please give the affected families the strength to carry on and overcome.

I would also like to share 3 articles with u on MI – 1st up is Oye AKD’s album review on “Talk About It” (click to read) where his album got 8.5 and was rated as a CLASSIC …hmm we dey wait the review on “MI2”

The 2nd is Noble Igwe‘s December 12, 2008 article “WHY SHOULD I RESPECT THAT RAPPER CALLED M.I?”. Please find below.

He moved to Lagos (at least that’s what his address at palm groove indicates)
Then he told us about his album and in our minds we thought he was going to do something different with his music. Is he not just one of the usual naija rappers?
We weren’t sure if he will even sell a CD in Lagos but we were sure he would sell in Taraba State…okay maybe Jos and Abuja.
People said he can rap…yes and so what?
They also said he can flow…what has that got to do with the prize of Chicken this Christmas?….absolutely nothing!
Mana asi n’ahia oma n’ere onwe ya…..The time it will take you to decode my Igbo was what it took him to sell 30 thousand copies of his album.
M.I is the rap messiah like he said. He sold 30 thousand copies in less than 30 minutes today at Alaba.
He surprised us, he did it and if there’s ever gonna be another album this HOT, it must be done by another M.I
Now tell me, why should I respect him less?

The last article is Hexy Dre‘s “LET’S TALK ABOUT ILLEGAL MUSIC” (click to read)



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  1. I use candle dey look video for 360nobs #joooh!
    on the real though, Waje’s voice is superb MI needs to sign her on as 1st chocolate lady
    but homegwal easy on the carbs u don dey add weight for belle

  2. Mi…..yhur d man….luv yhu loads…ehen!I hrd yhur goin out wit waje!?plssssss tel mi its a joke,if nt…..sm1’s gonna yhu plenty…….cutechat ayuba…dts mi on facebk

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