BeazyMusicMondays: Beazy ft Teeto Ceemos & Terry Tha Rapman – Program Dem(remix)

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Mondays are the most Beazy days of the week. Beazy, Terry Tha Rapman & Teeto Ceemos all come thru to ensure Week 10 stays unforgettable as we continue our 4BMMs tribute to the late Sazzy. This is the 2nd one dedicated to his memory & these Boys Are definitely Not Smiling.

Today’s free #BeazyMusicMonday track is a hard hitting joint called “Program Dem(remix)“. It basically talks about those girls that can affectionately be described as “groupies”.

The original song was on Beazy’s “Get Money Stay Fly” mixtape that dropped in May ’09. It features Teeto Ceemos and Terry Tha Rapman and also a new verse from Beazy. The track was produced by the late Sazzy(RIP).

42 more Beazy tracks coming soon to a Monday Near U.  See u all soon!

Yup! Get familiar!

Beazy ft Teeto Ceemos & Terry Tha Rapman – Program Dem(remix)

  Beazy ft Teeto Ceemos & Terry Tha Rapman - Program Dem(remix).mp3 (6.2 MiB, 1,730 hits)

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Verse 1 (Teeto Ceemos):

Employee of the month from the I.T department/Dial my extension when the trouble-shooting starts/I’m Installing progams up in ur apartment/Ma flos retarded.. ur ol’ skool like a cartridge/programme them/ Ho’s know the anthem/ Mehn i’m done with them broads you can go bang them/ Onto d next, i leev em’ abandoned/ Whipping smting slick like pastor anselm/ Cruising on d prowl finna scoop up smting wild/ Freshboy looking segzy dashboard digital!/ Hop in the backseat lets physical/ Slaying em’ so many killz…o critical/ Me n menz here invading ur desktops/ Speedbump flo…. We make ur head bop/ Keep d music steady coming…lets spam dem/ Whatitlooklike I program dem

Verse 2 (Terry Tha Rapman):

Got dis girl named Bimbo,far from a bimbo/Aje buh,but she like 2 spit dat pidgin lingo/loves 2 go 2 parties,socialize n mingle/lives in VGC but got a dog named bingo?/Anyways,she likes 2 call me Chinko/says I look like Chingy n Pharrell but in btwn yo/i don’t know wat dat girl sees in me yo/ she just bought me some kicks tho/Like village farmers I got hoes/from black to white,mulattos I got those/be out in the morning before the cock crows/I’ve been this way since I was a snot nose/….Uh oh!/wife a groupie?so not Joe/i programme them like a robot yo/Santa Claus laugh: Hoe,Hoe,Hoe!

Verse 3 (Beazy):

Better hold on to ur baby mama/ Cuz dawg I’m in d club, call me Mr Programmer/ No too dey talk grammar/ Cuz me I don hammer/ I got more hoes than any ten… Wait!/ Terry said that already/ Mehn u know I kill it steady/ So I get more head than a celly/ Mo gbono feli feli/ So I’m often on ur telly/ Stay fly like a heli/ Pull more women than a deli/ I’m out for the ‘fetti/ On my mark, ready steady/ Flow fairly heavy/ So it’s topped very rarely/ Competition’s very jelly/ Soft and sweet/ Jedi jedi/ I’m such an animal/ Welcome to my serengeti/ I hope y’all niggas’ ready/ I’m taking all the girls/ Hot girls, halle berrys/ F*ck it, even ugly bettys/ We partying 2nite/ No strings, no spaghetti/ They call me number one/ Y’all niggas secondary/



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