BeazyMusicMondays: Beazy ft Eva and Kel – What’s Your Name(remix)

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Mondays are the most Beazy days of the week. We continue our 4BMMs tribute . This is Week 11.

Today’s free #BeazyMusicMonday track is a blazing joint called “What’s Your Name(remix)” and features 2 fantastic female MCees, Kel & Eva and it continues the tribute to the late Osaze “Sazzy” Omonbude who produced the track.

The original song “What’s Your Name” was also on Beazy‘s “Get Money Stay Fly” mixtape and received a lot of airplay on radio stations in Lagos and Abuja over the last year and a half.

Eva & Kel go in real hard, loving their bars so much …Freddy Krugar ain’t got nothing on them! and oh yeah! Beazy sings on this one.

41 more Beazy tracks coming soon to a Monday Near U.  See u all soon!

Yup! Get familiar!

Beazy ft Eva & Kel – Whats Your Name(remix)

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Eva’s Verse
See I really really think u a real badt guy
U sittn over there with the big fat guy
U been looking looking at me the whole damn time
Just stop with the long tin come hi
Hi hnnmm, I’m Eva
I know u’re thinking in ur head yeah- She hot
U aint got no clue how u gat me
going yaba yaba to left -Retard
Boy u so damn fine
And I sure wanna spend some time long time
Now u here and u wanna come form bad
Say u better not make me change my mind
I’m gonna let u have just -One turn
u better come get it baby -jump on
See I love what I’m feeling what we gat on
and am’a let it flow let it flow no Tampon
So u just wanna know my name my name
But its even much more now the things I say
I wanna be with u All Night all Day
And we gon get it on like play like play
Like play like play
I aint been the same since u came my way
U got me all gone with things U say
U already know mine now boy what’s ur name

Kel’s Verse
Hey baby how u doin’ what u drinkin’ boy u fine
Am just sayin’ u got me thinkin that I want u to be mine
Am not 1 to play around
I like u I wana get down
What u feelin’ is it appealin’
Me and u now how does that sound
Am not ur typical everyday rapper
I like my men lookin’ clean and dapper
And if it’s ur thing, we have a lil fling
But don’t blame me for what happens after
U will fall deep into my spell
Know my name and scream it well
Over n over u’re gona yell
Don’t stop what ure doin’ to me Kel
Hey babe I don’t need to know ur name
We don’t need no words to play my game
And 1ce u get into it u will never be the same
But just for d helluvit whats ur name

Let’s get it shawty/ you know how we do/ BeMe in tha building yeah that’s my crew/ let’s get it shawty/ you know how we do/ BeMe in tha building yeah that’s my crew/ let’s get it shawty, let’s get it shawty, let’s get it shawty (Rpt)



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  1. What’s with this “Yup! Get familiar!” thing. I mean the first time it sounds okay, the next time it’s acceptable but when it’s attached to every single write-up it makes the writer appear to have some mild form of turrets syndrome.

      1. & besides it’s Tourette syndrome not wot u called it …dumb ass …making fun of a syndrome isn’t quite pleasant …it’s probably cos u dont know anyone who has it

        oyeAKD carry go with getting us familiar with new songs & ignore dis dumb ass

        1. I don’t remember directing my comment at you misse, and I don’t understand the lazy name calling. I understand that it’s supposed to be a signature, I just found it annoying period.

          And besides I thought making fun of “slow” people isn’t “quite pleasant” according to you. Then why do you think it’s okay to make fun of dumb asses?

          P.S: Maybe because you’re one?

  2. BTW, what’s with this Eva’s annoying Nicki Minaj/ Jamo rapping accent? Her flows are good but she would do well do drop the affectation.

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