BeazyMusicMondays: Beazy – Who Dat (Freestyle)

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Mondays are the most Beazy days of the week. What better way to take the stress off than to kick back and listen 2 Beazy Music Mondays. We are in Week 13 and the songs just keep getting hotter and hotter.

Today’s free #BeazyMusicMonday track is a freestyle over Joe Cole‘s massive HipHop joint “Who Dat” and Beazy delivers his bars  flawlessly over the beats. Hot joint right here!

39 more Beazy tracks coming soon to a Monday Near U.  See u all soon!

Yup! Get familiar!

Beazy – Who Dat(Freestyle)

  Beazy - Who Dat(Freestyle) (3.3 MiB, 1,350 hits)

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First Verse
Who dat, who dat?/  Yo it’s Beazy for sheezy/ U already know what my steez be/ So listen up my neezy/ Catch me on ur TV/ Kill em wit effizy/ It’s easy/ Believe me/ I go hard, so hard, yeah d season’s in/ I make it hot for em/ No seasoning/ I be lyk ceasars dem/ Came, saw and conquered/ I got these rappers shook so they hit floor and hunkered/ Yeh I know the flow is bonkers/ I spit it so you feel it lyk u aint done in yonkers/ Now I got em jumpin ‘pon dis/ Yeh I’m on my don ish/ Cuz I don been thru many bars lyk a convict/ Let’s be honest/ No one racks it up like me/ Yeh we all talk d talk, but no one backs it up like me/ That’s y I’m hacking up d beat like/ Every damned week/ U aint man enough to beef mate/ U’re too damned weak/ I’m too damned sweet/ So she wanna lick d rapper/ Fresh to my sneaks/ So I’m steady looking dapper/ I always bring d heat/ F**k no body makes it hotter/ When they asking “who is he?”/ Just free d matter/

Second Verse
So u myt find me,  I’m grindin/ The corner where the best at/ U see me on em roads and u myt not wanna test that/ Cuz I drop the best track/ Weak MC’s best scat/ I call em ashley cole rappers/ They get left back/ They get laughed at/ But we aint smiling tho/ I crush u and ur fake rhymes/ Yeah, ur smiley flow/ And u’ll proly go, Beazy, he’s the nicest/ I got em all nodding/ Nah, no 9ce shit/ M.I.A Vice shit/ The kid be goin in/ I lock it down, abj, gidi to benin/ I kill it so my friend/ U see me in a benz in ur ends or on a track?/ Godamnit it’s the end/ Cuz me I no send/ Make competition scatter/ Been kicking it since way back like Bata/ No body makes it hotter/ Lyrical top shotta/ So when they asking “who is he?”/ Just free d matter/



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  1. Yo it’s Beazy!!
    Consistently churning out quality tracks every week is a pretty BIG DEAL! Thumbs up for this, keep ’em coming.

    My best line:
    “I call ’em Ashley Cole rappers, they get left back”

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