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Every now and then a tee shirt line comes along, anyone who knows me KNOWS i’m not a supporter of most tee shirt lines no matter how reputable the label is (cough D***a cough cough S****e).

BUT, when I see a tee shirt line, that doesn’t ony produce amazingly beautiful tshirts but exudes a huge amount of Sex appeal, Exclusivity and well, Class, why wouldn’t i write bout it.

“L I T E R A T I”

The question is are Are You Literati??

Literati is an elite group of people wth a status acquired not by riches or material possesions, but rather a wealth of knowledge combined with a curiousity to attain, understand and appreciate all things inspired by words (as described by Head designer Patrick Rhodes-Vivour and his design partner).

Literati draws inspiration from interestingly diverse forms of pop culture; from Music to Politics. There is a huge Literati following on the Naija music scene with artistes such as MI, NNEKA, BEZ, BANKY W, NAETO C, WIZKID and SHOW EM CAMP who rock Literati on a daily.

I absolutely luv  and appreciate the Literati line of tees and im sure u would too just check out some of their amazingly edgy tees 🙂 below.

Now after the viewing of these beautifully designed Tees, DO YOU THINK YOU CAN BE A LITERATI? If your answer is a Yes, then you deserve to check out more details on and before you go on talking ’bout the Naira release, these amazing Tees only cost between N2,500-N6,000.

Great thing though is that there is an Appreciation party coming up (1st Fan Appreciation Party) in Lagos at REEDS(off Awolowo Road, Ikoyi) on the 30th of December @10pm.  The dress code….yup you probably guessed it …LITERATI tees.  So, get shopping on the online LITERATI STORE!!!!



The OrangeNerd

The OrangeNerd

I'm just a boy with a colourful disposition about life in its entirety, i'm an absolute fashion heretic and so i am involved in the works of industry, from design to styling to writing, as long as it involves fashion i have or might still be meddling in it.


  1. Well, you put the wrong link up there. I think you typed .

    If we’re doing a promo piece for a brand then maybe we should be getting the link right eh? 🙂

    1. I think you should make that 3 editors. The third one will edit the other two, just in case Nobs and N-Six (that’s his name right?) decide to take the first two jobs. 🙂

    1. That’s because he fixed it without acknowledging the error. Why would I be hating on a person I don’t even know? Nigerians and paranoia….

  2. Hey Hakim,
    If you’re in Naija, we’ll be having sales events this month of December at: Serendipity (Dec 4th @ Victoria Crown Plaza Hotel, Ajose Adeogun St.);
    Lost in Lagos (Dec 5th @ Federal Palace Hotel, Ajose Adeogun St.);,
    Le Petit Marche.

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