The Monk Speaks: 9ice …Why The Music Should Go Silent

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The Nigerian music scene in the last 1 year has experienced a massive upsurge in the players and the wares they have chosen to showcase. It is very much like Nollywood now, everybody and their mama (and Afrocandy) is strangling a microphone or molesting a musical instrument (and our ears sometimes) I will not be surprised if Rita Igbinedion of Koko Mansion fame is already in the studio putting together a 25 tracker!!

This has in tow led to improvements in the quality of what these artistes churn out for the benefit of our airwaves and stereos. We actually now have quality videos that compete with the best on the African continent, with many more springing up and filling the “up and coming” part of the musical food chain.

We can’t but pay due homage to the harbingers of this upsurge, like MI, Eldee, Banky W, and 9ice.

Uhm….9ice. This is the crux of this article.

In the last 18 months, the “Gongo Aso” crooner has released 2 albums. Both albums have crashed and burned to ashes. Rumours have it that he is planning to release another one before the end of the year.

HALT 9ICE!!!! STOP!!! And lizin!

What on God’s green earth has led to the sudden and progressive decline in the quality of the songs this guy has released of recent? Many reasons come to mind, the sudden collapse of his young marriage, the attendant bust-ups with his erstwhile friend, Ruggedman.

Let us take a closer look. I shall leave out his marital issues, because I feel that is a private matter that neither us, nor him, nor his former wife should tackle within the public domain.

It beats me why a man who is supposed to put his back into improving the quality of what pays his bills has suddenly lost focus, lost the drive, and lost direction. He has gone from playing for the Madiba, Mr. Nelson Mandela, one of the greatest humans alive, in front of a multinational crowd in London, to being the guy who nobody will attend his shows because they know there is nothing there he has to offer, but a shaggy afro and beards and rehashes of old hits.

Wouldn’t it have served a better purpose if he remained on the straight and narrow, focused, did more research, and churn out songs that will keep him on the same pedestal with the likes of Tuface Idibia and of recent MI, instead of getting involved in a juvenile war of mudslinging, brick-batting, and diss-track merchandizing which he has embarked upon with a spent artist like Ruggedman (who has not hidden the fact that he still needs to grow up – see leaked phone conversation), who seems to have no regards for whatever friendship they had and who anyways rose to stardom on the back of rancor and who obviously has got nothing to lose.

With all due respect, 9ice has become something akin to an ordinary crooner, who does nothing but get together a band of drummers and just allow air out of his throat.  2 Albums in quick succession down the road and all we have listened to has been utter mediocrity.  It is strange.

9ice, I think it’s time you took a break. Do away with all of this distractions, go back to the drawing board, go back and study the Nigerian music scene and find out where you fit in. We have grown beyond Gongo Aso or Street Credibility. Those are so 1960 to our ears now. Better believe Sir! Maybe you should listen to the magic that Brymo performed on Ice Prince’s “Oleku” and maybe that might inspire you and give you a reason to get back on your grind.

Take this article as an ordinary man, not as a celeb who sees nothing but haters who are trying to strangle him. If it will also help, I am one of your biggest fans, I almost shed a man-tear when I watched the street credibility video when it came out, the song made the video look heavenly. But you don’t sing like that anymore. Mr. Abolore, please stop singing for now, let it rest and come back with a big bang. The Monk has spoken, solemnly.

The Monk Speaks

The Monk Speaks

Blunt as a bludgeon, with wit the sharpness of a mesuya's knife, this Ibadan born native of the Delta comes at you with critical, incisive, and graphic dissection of random issues from Politics, Entertainment, Lifestyle, and Relationship - spiced with the correct measure of lightheartedness. Geek and Monk met on paper, welcome to this my world.


  1. Read this article and with sincerity of mind I see it as wack .. This shouldnt have come up on a blog like 360nobs . Firstly, let me attend to the statement you made that 9ice is now an Artiste which people dont attend his shows cos they knew he has nothing offer. It shows you are nothing but a critic and an attention seeker .. I think you should ask the RMG crew and the people of London how 9ice killed the recent shows he did there, better than any other Artiste.. Go to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and ask the Nigerians and other africans there how his stage performance was on the 1st of OCT . Secondly, you said the 2 albums he released recently has trashed out..point of correct he has only released 1 which was TRADITION others where promo copies. You make me laugh.. the tradition album was what worn him a sony International deal . If anyone would listen to tracks like Pete Pete ft. ASA , I DONT CARE, ENERGY and so on from the Tradition Album and can still say the the Album is wack or is meaningless then the person should be left alone.. I guess your kind of person will tell the world Mr. Endowed , I DO THIS and the likes are the cool Music Nigerians should listen to.. Well we are all entitled to different opinions and I wouldnt slaughter you for your opinion but I just feel crossed cos Your opinion isnt what should just come on a blog of this standard . Lets wait and see people’s response .. This is the weirdest story have ever read on this blog ..

  2. the tradition album was actually good, Ruggedman’s not spent. u didnt hit the nail on head with one monk ,,leave the music writing to Lucy & oyeakd

    It’s his personal life that’s really affecting him and he seems to have lost his voice and probably needs vocal training. He also needs to grow up cos people are disappointed on how he handled the whole rugged affair even b4 d infamous leak

  3. Obviously, I’m an avid reader of ur memoirs, so I knw 4 a fact tht the likes of chocolatecity n mohits r indeed ur faves. 9ice is a very classical artiste evn my granma knws him. Dbanj is commercial I heard scapegoat n I’m like ermm, ok.. And u fink 9ice shld go bk to the drawn board n fink. Pls tell tht to dbanj n MI who hs bin livin off his 08 album n features. Its the same wif 9ice. Dnt crucify him cuz his not ur persnal persn. And yh, I agree tht this kind of thing shldnt come frm ths blog. Its like writers of mills n boons criticizin sidney sheldon. RUGGEDMAN is a FOOL! Pls quote me. If 9ice releases 10songs, its a fact tht at least 3 will b hit tracks n he’s goin thru major upsurges in life. In my opinion, if u hv nuffin nice or productive to say bout sumone, u shld b quiet! Plus ofcourse 9ice is still makin more money than u, so…

  4. I am disappointed with this article,no doubt he hasn’t been able
    to give us another gongo aso,but we stil love his music

  5. I expect an article criticising D’banj also for his recent mediocre releases. I expect the writer to do such an article with equal venom as he has done above if he dares. 9ice seems to be easy pickings these days for any self-acclaimed critic. The writer’s factual goofs were evident throughout the article. It was a poor piece. Don’t attack the man. Attack his art.

  6. 9ice art is intact kindly go and get your facts right.. Tradition ws the only album and you can call for the figures if you want. MI is nt in 9ice league so no basis of comparisim..Ruggedmans art died years back he ws only in d scene tanks to Star and he did a wack job…why don’t you ask ruggedy how his album did? I really dnt wanna say much so it wnt seem lk a personal attack bt dude gt ur facts right next time

  7. This stuff is not abt beef, there’s no reason 2 insult anybdy. Yes, this article feels 1sided, but d man has a point. Where other artistes and singers are gettin bigger and increasin their fanbase, 9ice is stil relyin on d Gongo Aso fans. Truth is apart 4rm fame-seekers and pple who just happen 2 b close 2 him, no 1 else is goin 2 cal up 9ice 2 jump on a song dat means sumthin 2 them. And that’s bcos even tho 9ice is shining thru difficult times, its more of a halogen bulb compared 2 d ‘blazing sun’ dat he’s sposd 2 b. And Monk is only sayin dis cos its obvious he’s a huge 9ice fan. As 4 Ruggedman, its easy 2 judge sum1 wen ur not in in their situation and it wud be a huge mistake 2 write him off. Just my opinion.

  8. This is the last time I will visit this site.I am nt a 9ice fan but he sings better than Mr Dbanj who dishes out mediocre is scapegoat or I do this? May God punnish the writer bcuz u didn’t get ur facts right. Fucking bastard. Did u see 9ice concert in Malaysia dis year? He was in holland too..:::He has performed three times in london this year and gave mind blowing performances…u r a RETARD, mr writer. He has featured by sauce kid, whizboy, renmininsce,durella, e.t.c jst dis year alone..Tradition is one of the best lyrical album out of naija yet and listen n listen to it does not need one listen…needs more than one. Tradition is an album targeted at the yorubas(the older generation) full of wonderful lyrics and at a point u’ll think who write songs for this guy, even tho production was below par..and u are also stupid for saying he has released 2 albums in 18 months. He released jst Tradition in Dec 7, 2009 and released singles since then. If an ordinary person ike me could know more than u then I think u shud pull down ur website! 9ice is versatile and get it right!I commend the brother for sticking to what we know him for( singin in yoruba) not easy!he sings ‘sense’ or sey na everything make hin b gbona feli feli..? And did u attend any of his concerts n didn’t sell? U r Dumb and a n big FOOL..ur opinion anyway but doesn’t meant u r jst makes ur website lose CREDIBILITY! Note- I am not a 9ice fan, jst a fan of good music!BYE FOREVER

  9. Come are you people visually impaired or you just do not possess the ability to read and process… Who said anything about beef here? If anything at all this is the cry of a disappointed fan…a personal point of view. You now come here and be throwing insults without understanding…KMDT!
    Im a 9ice fan as well but i cant lie since the album that had Gongo Aso…i have not been impressed! I do feel what the Monk is saying but if you feel 9ice is still up to par then so be it.
    And dont be comparing him to D’banj /M.I or whoever for they are not of the same category in my opinion…
    Please read and understand before commenting on stuff online….

  10. Imagine this fool , addressing we the ‘customers’ as bin visualy impaired…u r mad and silly! Dis is beginning of ur downfall! Imagine the management coming out to throw tantrums? Is dat any reasonable? U r an idiot!

  11. Fuck it..what does dbanj sing? Definitely u r a BaBY- endowed? What sensible lyrics is there in dat song, I do this- anything sensible ? Hell NO…and people like u claim u wanna move nigerian music to the next level? Or simply u don’t know fucking good music?

  12. honestly, i am dumbfounded at the apparent stupidity displayed by reader comments. The ability to ingest information and deduce accurately the point that the writer is trying to make is sorely lacking. People, i suggest that you think before you type instead of announcing your stupidity to the world. That being said, I agree with the writer.

  13. Please guyz lets take it cool in here … The only error I see in this post is that its written based on the writer’s opinion like its done on private blogs.. but please 360nobs has created a brand for itself…Its not just a personal blog where personal opinions are meant to be posted as an article. I feel the posts on this blog should be centralized on general opinions , polls and researches carried out but not just one man’s view… Just my observation , posts like this might put off visitors .. I might be wrong but thats my opinion … so I feel The Monk’s article should have been a personal comment just like mine instead of being an article on this blog cos we all know this Article must have gone through the admin and it must have been screened. So, to them (The Crew) the facts put up in the article are definitely correct whereas, it has quite alot of wrong facts and baseless points.. Conclusively in my opinion, this article is just too low for the standard of 360NOBS… God bless your hustle …
    @The Monk … keep up the good work… we cant always get it right …

  14. @Jonny i thot u said in ur 1st comment dat it was d last time u would visit …lol still u dropped another comment

    u know that dis is just d monks personal opinion and does not reflect nobs, tari or oyeakd’s …when Rueben Abati wrote rubbish …did we stop reading newspaper …heck no

    i respect the blog and the writers esp oyeakd and i respect them even more for allowing all this comments to get published …haba for bella, na only good comments u go dey see

  15. LMAO!!!! First of all my user name on this website is management…i do not speak for the management of the website…im a reader just like you! Haha see the air of importance ‘we the customers’ abeg abeg ABEG!!! Get off here if you have nothing positive to say.. LMAO! Douche!
    And yes…i did say “visually impaired” asides the spelling do you have any other problems with it?

  16. Oh y did all this 9ice’s illiterate fans come here nw..are u guys bots or something?u all seem stupid cuz its an opinion nt what it is..M.I,dint u hear his two new singles and du u see him goin out of his way to make diss tracks no matter what it shows a taint of education helps in life it makes u stay focused and m sure u bots will say u went to school buh y’all r still stupid cuz if 9ice is ur frnd I can see y he is gettin stupid

  17. @Abimbola.. you shouldnt find people’s opinion so offensive should you ? we cant always reason same way so most def. we cant agree with same thing.. my problem isnt with the writers thought.. anyone could choose to express his/her criticism when his/her satisfaction isnt met but, my point here is in a blog of this standard its not a good thing to see the writer putting up wrong facts … 9ice released 2 Albums in the last 18months ? where and when did he put up the second album lunch ? 2ndly , the writer said people dont go to 9ice’s show cos they know he has nothing to offer.. series of shows where locked down around the globe just this year alone by this so called 9ice and the audience were overwhelmed by his energetic performance … So are you telling me its a difficult thing to go on the internet and get one’s fact right ? if as foolish and stupid as I am(lol) I could know all these facts… Why shouldn’t a so called journalist be criticized for putting up irregularities in an ARTICLE like this ?

    1. One has not said one isnt allowed to criticize…criticism s not what has happened here o! “God punish the writer?” That is someone reasoning differently? Please i beg…lets all read and process and criticize as we should….talking about beef…SMH and KMT…

  18. So @hollalaykan in ur mind nw..u too ya publishing ur comments as post nw abi..ode buruku..nt like u went for any of the shows..ya jt like 9ice u cnt spell ur name well..lekan u put whre shud they have put this post??if nt 360nobs whre?

  19. @ stamos, 9ice illiterate fans ? u mean Governor Sashola is an Illiterate as well? I have a PhD and still listen to 9ice’s music. He is one of the few artist in Nigeria that still makes good music till date.

    He shouldn’t have made the diss track though,but he won’t be the first and won’t be the last.Should I say we have a lot of dullards in Nigeria.. Eldee dissed Fresstyle, M.I dissed kelly handsome, Mode9 ( Nigeria’s best rapper… dised ruggedman..rugged,am dissed a lot of people..Tupac did, Jay Z did, so this is not an issue of being educated or not ok?…seems a lot of people do not get their facts right

    There is no doubt 9ice is going through a lot in his life due to his marriage break-up and other stuffs happening around him, but am sure he will be back stronger

    Remember- our Hip hop legend- Tuface, had a problem in regards to acceptability when he released his Unstoppable album due to the baby mama issues around him…and he came back stronger after the release of the International edition

    And to the writer- This article is full of prevarications and not so ‘healthy’ for your blog..9ice did not release 2 albums in 16 months. I was at his show in Holland and it was great.

  20. I am disappointed at dis article,it is obvious d person who wrote dis is a loser n wld continue 2 go down d drain.9ice is forever going 2 b on top n u who rote dis article will burn down 2 ashes.thot dis site was very sensible,I can’t blv dis whacked article was allowed in here.mtcheeeeew

    1. LMAO!!!! *iCant* U people will not end me! @Stay High…really?? Enough said. Just turn to God…it is He who will save you from your damn self. The writer would burn to ashes? Submit your brain to museum for there is NONE like it!
      @Kid Konnect Hey Boo *winkage* That aside….YOU ARE MAD!
      @JOHSN BANNES Eku PHD o! Pls who is lookin at degrees here *looks to the left and right* ok on 2nd thought i am…cuz i highly doubt the owners of some comments here have any tbh.

      All replies aside…this show at Holland must have been great o! Who wants to give me the gist??

    2. LMAO!!!! *iCant* U people will not end me! @Stay High…really?? Enough said. Just turn to God…it is He who will save you from your damn self. The writer would burn to ashes? Submit your brain to museum for there is NONE like it!
      @Kid Konnect Hey Boo *winkage* That aside….YOU ARE MAD!
      @JOHSN BANNES Eku PHD o! Pls who is lookin at degrees here *looks to the left and right* ok on 2nd thought i am…cuz i highly doubt the owners of some comments here have any tbh.

      All replies aside…this show at Holland must have been great o! Who wants to give me the gist??

  21. Everybody and their mamas and grandmamas who have access to a mobile phone now feel the need to comment on subjects i’m not sure they understand. I believe that the writer has a right to air his opinions, besides what he said is the effing truth. If nice had put much more effort in churning out an album like he did in releasing a beef track that i consider the wackest beef track ever made. At least many a people will still talk about his music with enthusiasm. Please no one should ever compare 9ice to Dbanj (its like comparing mode9 and ruggedman.” mode 9 is far more talented and so is dbanj”). The problem with 9ice is that he does not want to broaden his horizon, there are so many things to talk about, so many topics to shed light on but if he feels he can’t do it he should get himself a couple of talented writers and do some good music. He has a lot of talent but he should not limit himself to talking about tradition, respect is reciprocal (which every 4 year old knows in nigeria because it is beaten into their skulls). In as much as this has been said 9ice is still a good artist but he just lacks direction.








      PEACE 😐

      1. @HexyDre and Kiddkonnect… I think Alibaba needs to recruit both of you.. am just reading this.. kai… you got me laughing like a cow … lmafao …

      2. Lmao @Hexydre…..
        i was going to leave a long emotionally charge comment about this 9ice issue but i only know one of his songs soooo yea….i figured i’d read the stupid comments instead
        btw @hexydre we should totally get married… i’ll drive 🙂

  23. @Management and sTAMOS … nuffsaid .. cant keep doing this .. I see where you coming from .. especially you STAMOS .. for u to have said I cant spell my name cos I put up Hollalaykan and that am publishing my comment as post ? lol.. it shows you cant comprehend simple statement,Therefore, am sure I cant be conversing with you… all the same God bless your hustle .. we’re only interacting here.. dont know why people always take things personal over the internet… correct the mistakes of the writer .. simple…

  24. @johns bannes Pls M.I dint go out to shoot videos for diss tracks..its a pity uve a phd and ya here writing essays on ds page..pls dnt uve work to do presently..what exactly r u finding here..pls let ur next comment be ur last and get to work so u cn buy more of dat looser’s album..its Fashola nt sashola btw.

  25. @ firetrap hahahaha…

    A talent sings ‘endowed’, empty song with not lyrics? put up the lyrics for the song..I do this? Gbona fe li feli…if not for the wizardry production of Don Jazzy…

    U talk about good music and u don’t talk abt 9ice? then u kidding for real..u heard pete pete ft Asa, Anytime, pls get d lyrics of his songs and u’ll appreciate him more..My 2 cents

  26. wow!! i think the article is a little “one sided” Easy on the harsh words. obviously these are not the best of times for 9ice so u should not just bash the guy like that. The article almost seems like its more than personal opinion and there is an underlying hatred for the Guy. Too much venom! There are a million and one nicer ways to put out ur personal opinion and still drive home ur point.

  27. Dear readers,stop letting sentiments cloud ur reasoning!!
    The writer has a very valid point,9ice has lost track! When u think 9ice,all that comes to mind is Gongo aso and street credibility. He needs to do something fast or he’ll soon be gone and forgotten….ask Tony Tetuila

  28. @hollalaykan…well dats hw 9ice wud pronounce d olalekan literally so I see..yu need to leave d writer to his opinion jt as ure entitled to urs..take I lend u my brain for 5mins..pls read article again..

  29. I agree that this is a poor article. Poor research and even worse poor writting. The only props is that the site is allowing people’s comment

  30. I have heard Shakashiki and some of his other new singles. 9ice himself is still talented but what he lacks is good management and good PR team. I don’t want to bring his marriage into this but when his wife was promoting him he looked and sounded good to the general public. Maybe he should get back with her because they made a great team talented artist + talented publicist = good packaging in our eyes. Case in point, why did his management allow him to release a press statement about his private affairs and why did they allow him release a diss track. It seems they do not have his interest in mind or care or maybe they are just clueless because I feel that was the begining of 9ices public perils. Before the press release we all saw him as a good responsible young talent, after the press release everyone is too focused on his personal life to see the beauty in his songs ie: Pete Pete, Show some love, Loni ni and many more. If you are close to 9ice pls do tell him we his fans care but his career needs to be pput under new management because a great artist with bad handlers can make a mistake that will ruin it all.
    To the writer, you seemed biased and harsh. Iv been to a recent show and the response to him was great.
    To his wife. If anyone knows her tell her this Please find it in your heart to forgive and forget and reconcille with your husband. Don’t be selfish, the father of your child needs you. There is a clear difference in how he is being managed now compared to when you were together. We need that image of him back so the world can see that our favourite talent is still great and people like Monk can be shamed.

  31. @ Mr kidkonnect, I have always known u to be a 9ice antagonist jare…if u don’t knw that 80 percent of what the writer wrote na fabrications then u don’t know a lot about Nigerian music…not until u @ least produce a hit jare..oshe

  32. @hollalaykan you would do well not to address my comments directly if you have still not learnt how to read and understand. Even after I have advised you to do so, you have failed that simple task. In a generation where we promote free will, it appears to me that you still tow the line of “crowd following”. Or how else would you read my comment and the only thing you could take away was “we should not all agree with the same thing” . How on God’s green earth? Let me reiterate my point (find a dictionary if need be). People. Need. To. Read. And. Understand. Before. Exposing. Their. Stupidity. To. The. World.

    What I have seen so far are not opinions on the writer’s opinion, but mere preconceived notions on what 9ice has achieved and who 9ice is better than. My point? you are a fool.

  33. @johsn bannes, yes these artist u mentioned above did make diss records but should it be allowed to become a part of our music culture, yes beef makes an artist want to make better music than his/her so called foe, but it is pervasive and should not be allowed to become a part of our musical identity. We sat idly and allowed money music (where artist only talk about how much money the have, how the intend to make the money and how they spend it recklessly) creep in and take hold of our music and now everybody is talking about how to pop champagne and smoke cigars and change women like they change cloths, we should not until someone dies (R.I.P to Pac and Big) to start to make changes. The only Nigerian hip hop artist that talks about the happenings in this country and still makes good music while diong it is MODE9. E PLURIBUS UNUM is arguably the best hip hop album to ever come out of Nigeria. Beef music is not healthy music yes it might sound entertaining to hear what is said about the other artist but there is always an underlying message/theme which is ”Hatred”.

  34. @ Firetrap . I concur…infact beef no dey good..I don’t support!
    “Shakashiky” is a smooth mellow RnB jam. Liking it so much. It simply adds to my impatient wait for his 2 forthcoming albums “Bashorun Gaa” & “Versus” that have been pushed back to December, 2010.
    Dance for me omoge!

    This same site that made the above comment about 9ice’s latest single, here again chatting bunkum?confused?
    I can only advise 9ice to keep working hard no matter what and he’ll be around for a long time.So sad recent happenings around him have overshadowed his good music.He has unimagiable talent and God be with him.

  35. @Abimbola .. the last thing I will do is, use abusive words on people over the internet .. so dont expect it from me… am glad am a fool like you said … lol… and am stupid as well.. You can as well start a blog and put up articles with wrong facts and when your readers put out your faults you can claim they cant comprehend the Article … lol.. Naija people wont stop to amuse me .. so full of themselves….. .. am done with you… on to the next abeg …

      1. @LALABOIY .. thanks for your comment ..
        If The Monk is superior enough to tarnish the image of 360NOBS then so be it … My God.. wrong facts on a blog like 360… its the last thing anyone could ever thought of ..Let him write something like this on Dbanj too and tell the world Dbanj already released an album this year am sure Dbank fans are gonna skin him life

        1. @Observer .. its a virtual world.. I dont take things personal jare … some people go come on here and form they have been around the world and they know it all am off this issh..

  36. Totally disagree with the writer on some ponts! I think what we witnessed is a change of style from 9ice. He didnt just want to be known amongst the young gens, he’s got the old school gens buying his albums and attending his shows. how many old gens feel some naijapop music the way the new gens do? or how many of them will go buy an M.i or Naeto C or banky album? If possible, NONE.. But play a “No be mistake” or “Gbamu Gbamu” and you will see them sing along.
    Music is not only for the young gens bro, Old gens also contribute to the incomes of ppl like 9ice.
    To me 9ice’s style is just balanced between the old and new gens! and he suits him well! And pls biko, Tradition album wasnt Mediocre! You shoulda just continued the way u started about quality of music from “Up and coming artists” .. THAT! needs addressing!

    1. @LALABOIY
      is this the LALABOIY of notjustok…? God bless you so much..These are the points i have ben trying to articulate but….lol…A sensible person should know an album titled ‘Tradition’ depicts something! Strictly Traditional which you don’t expect to appeal to all…I have seen old men listen to 9ice’s songs, how many would listen to dbanj, or M.I…or u think when I am 50, I will listen to those dbanj stuffs? hell No! Once again…Lalaboiy, God bless

  37. This article was written out of love, let’s react to it in love. I have been sorely disappointed this year by 9ice and D’banj.I don’t sing but when an artist you respect performs below average it hurts a true music lover.@kanayo kidkonnect is a certified hitmaker #Nuffsaid

  38. Patiently waiting for a 9ice and Desmond Elliot collabo..@johsn Bannes dis ur phd has a bad effect on ur brain..was it monk that publised the songs or wa oh m sure u got ur phd from a polytechnic lmaoo olodo

    1. @ stamos, walahi…U be mad…so u mean there shouldn’t be a coherent and consistent message? 360nobs na two sites? na one now…so u r saying it is good for monk to tarnish the image of the site while oyeakd dey do am well? use ur brain i beg

    1. GET A LIFE and Suck A DI*CK..hating on someone won’t do u no good..If u see a good thing, appreciate it even if u don’t like…Your comments are illogical and full of prejudice…

  39. I’m kinda disappointed @ d writer 4..
    1. 9ce released jst 1 album recently en tho it myt nt be as good as d former 1 it ws okay en it ws well received I actually liked it en thr were also sm hit songs thr.
    En to d morons dat r feeling like people dat can insult esp @management and @stamos…u ppl sound like narrow minded bunch of snobs..its a blog en ppl wld comment good or bad. Wat business of urs is it 2 fight 4 d writer…yes 9ce myt ave yoruba accent en all buh @ least he’s himslef en look whr it has gotten him…places I daresay wit ur silly attitude u can nevr reach…
    Ave bin a fan of 9ce since d times of little money en I knw he’s good…we can only pray he gets va wateva issues he hs cos I sincerly dint like d diss song..
    God bless!

  40. @observer thanks for the advertisement. lemme know where to send the cheque to. i am not being abusive darling. only saying it as I see it. People need to read and understand before airing their stupidity. simple.

  41. @fabuloussbee nw say to urself ‘m stupid for waking up from sleep and commenting on wat I dunno hw to comprehend’..good

    @johsnbannes I thot u went bak to work buh let’s du dis..I will break it down to u.
    1,Oyeakd has his opinion as well as the monk.

    2.Oye posts his opinions as well as monk posting his

    3.If I disagree wif oye ill comment and if I agree wif monk ill comment

    4. I guess this site can post anything they like be it good or bad

    5.Pls go bak to ur school and return this PHD degree they gave u,tell them

    6 Ya a monkey(in Rick Ross’s Voice)mankey

  42. Abeg Noble should put up another article so we can go on another debate jor.. its been a nice one so far … lol.. atleast we have over 30comments now …lol.. 9ice stunt from The Monk on 9ice… You did get us talking… badt guyz

  43. Firstly 9ice only released an album in the past year and the writer of this article is either non yoruba or someone who cant figure out what music is all about…..What 9ice did was for longevity,he moved away from your everyday commercial song and laid more emphasis on the use of yoruba proverbs….which has made pple like my grandma and my mother inlaw fell in love with him….Go to 9ice concerts in london and you will see how much love they have for this guy….and for your information 9ice last album sold 750,000 in a week,so what is the point of this pointless article….I just think the writer has a personal beef with either 9ice or his management.

  44. Hmmmmmm… well.. so many funny comments … i feel you peeps here should write a comedy story out of it or better still start a real life debate… i’m sure some people here are ready to use cutlass and matchet on the writer … well… the writer made his point though he was side-lined in the course of the write up… One point remains that 9ice has not been performing up to expectations lately …. Tradition album was OKAY…He was really on point in some of the songs…and in terms of the album sales, I’m sure it was a success for him even though the singles he has released after the traditional album have been notjustok… whatever the case maybe…. all i know is the writer has given me a good reason to laugh today, and I really implore the people who comment on this site… You guys will do great if you started a career in comedy…. Enough said… OkBye

  45. Hmmmmmm… well.. so many funny comments … i feel you peeps here should write a comedy story out of it or better still start a real life debate… i’m sure some people here are ready to use cutlass and matchet on the writer … well… the writer made his point though he was side-lined in the course of the write up… One point remains that 9ice has not been performing up to expectations lately …. Tradition album was OKAY…He was really on point in some of the songs…and in terms of the album sales, I’m sure it was a success for him even though the singles he has released after the traditional album have been notjustok… whatever the case may be…. all i know is the writer has given me a good reason to laugh today, and I really implore the people who comment on this site… You guys will do great if you started a career in comedy…. Enough said… OkBye

  46. @abimbola….. fyi i didnt miss the point on the blog.. actually liked it even tho he made wrong statements…. and yes i read ur blog and my brain never catch fire….lmao

  47. @ stamos fyi last time I checked d article wasn’t written in portuguese en I’m a law student so I daresay I speak en understand english betr dan u.. I’m unlike you who is quick 2 insult people en is so narrow minded u refuse 2 accept oda people’s view…u shld really go get a life..I mean u take al dis time 2 reply en insult people…r u gettn paid 4 it?… Typical naija ppl…cos u knw a few abusive words u thnk u can talk 2 ppl anyhow…stuck up son of a whoring bitch! I’m out!

  48. Damn…the comments on this post read like a re-enactment of the bombing of Pearl Harbour…brutal!
    I don’t like 9ice. I don’t like his music, and based on what I’ve heard and seen I don’t like him much either! The “Talk…I Am Listening” debacle and his handling of his matrimonial issue only further succeeded in sending my estimate of him as a role-model for my kids to sub-zero degree levels, but that is MY opinion. If I were to be writing an article for a blog-zine on his music I would use my “church mind” and stick to the facts, and keep my “shrine-mind” opinion for my personal blog. Monk here, relied more on personal angst than documented facts, opening himself up for the shit storm witnessed above, quite sad as he is a very talented writer. I would advice the Monk to be more analytic and accurate in his write-ups next time. Yes 9ice may be still riding on the coat-tails of his “Street Credibility” *IMO it only made sense cos of 2Face’s presence* but unless you have comparative analysis from his attendance ratings over the years, don’t make so bold as to take creative license on a non-fictional topic. The difference between a critic and a hater is a very thin line, and the line is blurred by perception.
    As to those calling for Monk’s head on pole…kindly desist. Your inability to tolerate contrary opinion is made quite clear through your “at best” ill-thought out commentary. Please speak from a position of fact and not emotion when trying to buttress your points and change the mind of another, else you appear to be slightly “special” (and “special” in this case isn’t a compliment). Contrary opinions should be tolerated if not necessarily heeded. This is my 2 cents.

    1. All that Jay said……..

      Also, can everyone just focus on the article and quit the personal attacks on the writer, the website management and the readers leaving comments. If you have any personal vendetta with anyone, take it up privately and stop clogging the comments section with so much negativity, like 9ice said, respect is reciprocal so can most of us please respect each other in our choice of words….

  49. @fabuloussbee,pele student..inferior complex is duin u..join that gentleman over dre wif d phd,u guys shud form a ‘we r stupid club’..
    Ill send some tees ur way for ur club..m nice like dat

  50. I will write an article about one of the owners of this website,I have facts about him,the night he was caught and wot he was doing dat night,his celebrity friends will be very shocked,I think it is high time u told them by yourself,you think you are untouchable and u have the right to write about others or allow ur friends to use this platform in bringing others down,I even have a picture too,am just waiting for the right time to expose you…
    Mr noble igwe,you gotta be careful,don’t abuse this platform cuz God knows I have serious facts about you which I will publish when the time comes for the whole world to remember,its few years now and you think we have forgotten,am sure u will remind us that it is not a taboo because it is praticed everywhere in the world just like you said that night….

    Be warned!!!!!
    Warn ur friends to stop writing rubbish about 9ice,am waiting for you to write about dbanj,choc boys,banky w ..mam sure u won’t write about them..
    Be careful mr noble because I will expose you very soon…I don’t really wann do that cuz I think it is ur life but plz don’t let people use this platform to abuse other people’s life and career..

    1. u r nothing but a low-life. where do u get off trying to blackmail people. Noble has a life, u on the other hand, are looking for people to join your lifeless self. u know what, bring out whatever you claim to have, let’s see you look stupid. btw, u r d true definition of a hater, this article was about 9ice, u just had to stupidly say stuff about Noble, u retarded opportunist. try City people or encomium, they might be interested in your trash talking.

      1. blackmail is Extortion of money or something else of value from a person by the threat of exposing a criminal act or discreditable information.

        i am sure i dont want any money from mr noble igwe,for your info,i might not have a life but am sure noble is lifeless,his life depends on few artists that doesnt know his history,city people and co aint intrested in people like noble because he is nobody.
        my point is that people like noble should not play a part in attacking others because people like me have real facts about him and i know others will love to hear it although many people got this facts aswell..God knows i got nothing to gain or loose but noble need to be checked and balanced….he that lives in a glass house should stay away from stones talkless of throwing them…..i only warned noble and am sure he knows what am talking about….when the time comes the whole internet world will know more about mr ‘go fiqure’

        the difference between me and shaddy magazines like city people is that i can supply facts with proofs with names with witnesses… the end am sure you will curse me and call me many bad names but am deeply sure you wont call me a liar.. noble is really our dude and when the times comes many that have professed that noble is their dude will deny that fact because of their career….’noble is my dude’ comes with different packages

        1. someone has an identity problem. thanks for revealing to the world that you come on this website and leave comments with different accounts…shame on u. first u r Tola Bello, now u r replying me as Sheyi.
          and if you are talking about 2004 and NYSC camp in Gombe (drawing info from your reference to what you said he said that night), then i’m sure u can’t help but feel stupid now. alot of us actually do know him from way back and know where he’s coming from and what he has become over the years.
          so really, is sex a taboo? or is it cos it happened in Mallam Sidi camp? like my name says, Oh shattap!

          1. oh yes call me mr multi identity,i am aware that your real name is mr ‘ohshattap’ i can see that mr noble igwe has employed a crisis manager to manage his own past,well,i wont give you the chance to spoil the the tales cuz it aint moonlight yet,am not gonna give out more untill when i feel is time to reveal the noble one,i remind you that i am mr multi identity and i have multi facts to reveal about mr noble and am sure he will not take it hard as a celebrity but as a normal person just like 9ice was warned not take this article..i suppose call your mr abacha,you choose the name ‘shattap’ cuz u want me to shut up about noble abi, if you know me atall then you will know dat am the bully when i want and cant be bullied by a sisi nor a tranny lol,why didnt you give the whole info about the night,you re waiting for me abi,sorry i will need to apply the word plays and metaphors in my own article about the noble…hmm,afterall noblegot nothing to loose so i dont know why u re bothered,he is loved by many but we shall see how strng the love is….noble is still our dude,though some people present that night will beat me for saying that noble is our dude….i am a professional so please dont try and be shaddy with me,i know all those tricks…i am only warning noble,this same internet that he is using to attack others will be used to expose him with real facts,may God punish me if i lie against him in my article whenever he makes me write one….

        2. Sheyi/TolaBello/Retardus

          Please go and suck a huge dick. We are talking about 9ice and u are talking about Noble. U go school so? U don’t even need to have gone to school to be able to differentiate topics na. Park well jo

  51. Ok, we get it everybody has an opinion about 9ice and we are all entitled to share them. But really, the comments have lost focus and become more than a little ridiculous.
    Now pls return to your day jobs, unless of course you are unemployed or on 9ice’s PR team, in which case, carry on…

  52. @ now I ave a complex…well @ least I don’t come online 2 insult people 2 make maself feel superior…I cldnt help buh notice dat I touched a nerve…lmao..en instead of hating on educated peeps…y dnt u return ur frnds  en go get and education urselves as well as manners too…

  53. @ now I ave a complex…well @ least I don’t come online 2 insult people 2 make maself feel superior…I cldnt help buh notice dat I touched a nerve…lmao..en instead of hating on educated peeps…y dnt u return ur frnds  en go get an education urself as well as manners too…

  54. @ now I ave a complex…well @ least I don’t come online 2 insult people 2 make maself feel superior…I cldnt help buh noticing dat I touched a nerve…lmao..en instead of hating on educated peeps…y dnt u return ur frnds  en go get an education urself as well as manners too…

  55. P.s. The grammar in some of these posts, including the original article itself is just appalling. Even our PhD holder left a lot to be desired. I weep for Nigeria.

    1. My dear blame it on social networking, especially twitter and BBM *shrug*, 140 characters has dulled our brain cells and corrupted our very good grammar. SMHV n RME (Lol)

  56. @ tolabello. please stop saying ur going to do something and just do it (NIKE). If u have something on anyone and u feel like people ought to know about it then say it and stop trying to blackmail the person.

  57. Blood has been shed on this hallowed ground today! Monk una well done o! Nor allow people do the 9 to 5 wey give dem money buy bb! My opinion: every story or post on such blogs should have an intro, a case for the pros, a case for the cons and a compromise or a proposal on a resolution to move forward. This article seemed to kick the bejesus out of a man that’s clearly down! Fair and balanced! Fair and balanced! I bet nobs is smacking his lips now! Salut monk, salut 360! U have make it like makeba!

  58. @hollalaykan- smh 4 u. Why can’t you leave the man to his own opinion about this artiste? You are attacking the article obviously from a myopic point of view. Have you listened to that tradition album? Did you feel contented with its content?! I personally think nice is going down the road and this article might sound a little bit harsh but sadly, he speaks the truth. The road to a lasting success is not a 100m dash but a marathon in which you have to be strong, energetic and calculating in every calorie you burn! If this article is what will brush the young man to up his game then it should stay. Be open to criticism and take advice. That will also make you a better person.

  59. I’ll Rather think this article was written to get some publicity…but sorry u failed…U can never be better than….

    1. @ Stamos do u wanna die before the end of the year? I can see you have been running your mouth on here, attacking everyone,thinking you know it all.Listen, do not try that SHIT with me.I talk, you talk!

  60. I was, am and will always be a 9ice fan. Having said that my opinion on the write-up is that it lacks the balance necessary for a journalistic piece. I agree that 9ice’s offerings of recent have not lived up to the quality that “gongo aso” and “street credibility” have programmed us to expect. but then honestly how many artistes have been able to achieve that consistency? not even “Tu Baba”.

    My two cents though is that i am sure that 9ice’s new album will take us back to the 9ice that we all know…i have heard some of the songs and i think they are really 9ice (lets forget about the more controversial ones that i feel are a step in the wrong direction).

    It would be sad if 9ice creates a whole sub-genre and lets young gun’s like Brymo (oleku), Isolate (Party Avenue) and JSkillz (I resemble Aristo?) take the glory.

    Bashorun Gaa…may you live and prosper

  61. @ stamos. men u’ve done it again lol at ”we are stupid club”. i’m in the toilet and all the shit in my bowels just came out when i read that line.

  62. I agree so much with “thecritic” this article is not a journalistic piece but instead a very very poor attempt.

    Its obvious your not a fan and have not listened to much of his music which is a SHAME!
    The facts Gongo Aso was 9ICE’s biggest song and so was the Album! Certificate his first album is a classic, songs from the Album are still being played 2day. His Tradition album may have not done so well statistically but is critically aclaimed! And features some classic songs!

    9ICE has acheived a lot, not many artist have the oppurtunity to put out albums after albums. Due to inconsitency of hits and lack of fans. Not alot of artist can perform in sold out concerts all around the world. For instance: 9ice alone has performed in London 3 times this year, all three of these shows were sell outs!

    I guess what im trying to say is WHY SHOULD 9ICE BE SILENT????????


  63. The writer of this article sounds like 9ice fuc!ed his mom…pretty pathetic….And all chiming in….What have you done lately? losers ….. “Respect is Reciprocal”

    Follow me on twitter @effwhatyouheard

  64. Every show Mi goes,he keeps performing anoti,we don tire,mi will never sell out tours in anywhere in europe,unlike 9ice,if mI or banky no dey fear make dem do concert,anyway no promoter will get any of dem cuz they will loose out,
    9ice does rubbish songs abu but still he got more fans that pay money to see him…they love his music and wot he does,

    @kidkonnet, u re such an attention seeking bastard,na so u wan take get ur own fame abi,na God go punish,licking ass of artists and bloggers won’t make you a swizz beats,if comedy is ur life then face it,u don’t like 9ice and it doesn’t matter to him,he does not know you and he will never care about an attention seeking bastard like you..

    I see this blog is doing anything they can to get more traffic but it is a shame cuz u only attack people that didn’t give you ass licking opportunity…sorry

  65. Dunno bout the second album (is versus out?) Regarding Tradition, i do not understand cuz i keep getting conflicting facts. Some people would say the album flopped, while others will say that the album did quite well. One thing which i believe is that it did not do as well as Gongo Aso. But come on, this won’t be the first time an Artist’s second album will not do as good as their first. Both in Nigeria and ALL other countries. TuFace (whom the writer mentioned) is an example. However I bought the album, and liked it. Not as much as Gongo Aso, but i still think it is a very good album.

    Another thing, I had the fortune of being at Notting Hill carnival, where 9ice, JJC, Banky W (whom the writer also mentioned) performed. Any1 would tell you that 9ice stole the show. No disrespect to the other artists, but in terms of crowd appreciation, 9ice took the crown that day. The crowd went wild when he performed Gbamu Gbamu, they were still with anticipation when he performed Loni ni, and they went berserk when he performed No Be Mistake. But i guess these are not the songs the writer is referring to when he says “… air out of his throat”. Saying that I do not know about his other shows as i was not in attendance.

    My question to the writer is this: Why 9ice? From what I know he is not the only one bringing out “diss songs”. That is drama, and it is part of the music industry (like the writer said … Nollywood?). I know your intention in writing this article was “constructive criticism”, but there is a thin line between criticism and the other thing, and i think you might have crossed it.

  66. Rotflmao! I came here 4 d laffs mehn! Big ups 2 hexy, kidconnect nd stamos! LWBMB. Sheeett mehn! Nd dare I say, I dnt lyk 9ce. Period. X_X. Try nt 2 crucify me. It’s my opinion. Nd monk’s a gr8 person no matta wat u say. xx

  67. The fact still remains that since the album that had Gongo Aso, 9ice has been BELOW PAR!!! Greatly!!! That Tradition album was crappy. ACCEPT IT. I remember rocking to Pamurogo, Kasa Final, Ade Ori, Jule, Kinda life, wedding day etc, non stop. 9ice should take a backseat and study the industry before churning out bleh music. – A concerned fan, just like the writer of this post.
    P.s. I luv Kid Konnect and Hexy btw. LOLZ

  68. Writer please grab a copy of tradition album and listen well.
    Anytime- A song that teaches you abt d realities of life..No b mistake..gbamu gbamu, Pete pete ft Asa no other artist in Nigeria has written a better song except tuface, Asa..In fact Tradition was 9ice’s best album!

    Do u know what you are talking about at all?
    9ice is not your TYPICAL HOP HOP ARTIST, He is versatile and could fit into any genre really. The fact that he is experimenting with his music does not make him less talented or good

    Tuface had problems in the past, his unstoppable album didn’t do well… Criticize constructively next time,quite evident you are shallow-minded




  70. It obvious the writer is a fucking anti9ice bastard but it doesn’t matter cus 9ice still remains our No can any sane person write dis kind of piece abt such a talented artise like 9ice? It so clear you dnt knw wat good music is all about n u r one of dos who r blind folded by d meaningless songs wit great beat.I’m begining to wonder if being a typical yoruba man is a crime? 9ice came out wit his own unique style n he’s doing well with all shouls get a life!

  71. so is d writer talking about d 9ice that did 3 successive sold out UK shows in a year?? how many Naija artistes ve done dat… much as i think its d writer’s opinion, i also fink ppl shld get their facts right b4 attacking 9ice..d writer sed:”In the last 18 months, the “Gongo Aso” crooner has released 2 albums. Both albums have crashed and burned to ashes”….he only has 1 album and he performs the songs in shows!!! i applaud u as a writer but thumbs down 4 d facts u fink uve stated….come on!

    1. Quote me…9ice can only sell out concerts outside Nigeria. Reason being, the people who attend are nostalgic and will try to hold on to anything that reminds them of home. 9ice’s use of Yoruba proverbs and language gives them that. 9ice, until he improves his quality of music and goes back to the kind of quality he gave us on Gongo Aso and also the wonderful partnership he had with ID Cabasa, will not sell out any shows, concerts or even campus storms in Nigeria. But I’m sure one of you’ll tell me that all that matters is the money he gets from his overseas shows *yawn in advance*

  72. @imgtee, u speak 4 urslf wn u say 9ce remains “our” numbr 1. He aint evn on my top 50. He mayb smewhr bhind sky b 4 me! Lmao. Btw, wn wz d last tym there were ds many commnts on 360? Prolly 1 ov nobs memoirs! Lol. Goodjob Monk!

  73. Crucify me as you have crucified the monk, but I believe he hit the nail on the head on this one. Truth be told, 9ice has an enormous followership who are too addicted to his music and style that they fail to see the decline he has suffered. The voice on street credibility was unique, the one on shakashiky was damaged and no amount of autotune could hide that. I listened to Gongo Aso album without skipping a track, Tradition had to grow on me, I skipped both of his diss tracks and the one with modenine. That is decline! It’s no doubt he spits words of wisdom on Yoruba on a beat like a few have achieved, he should take his time to do some research, give people time to miss him, make them long for more, and then come back with a bang. M.I did that with M.I2, and the demand is mad! Once again monk, 3 gbosas for this one! Now wear me my crown of thorns and nail me to the cross!

  74. “You can talk about me I don’t care but you know you still come after me, e ma wo olote. Cos I get God behind me I can’t fear, bring it on I ll be right here. Over here I get it lock down” – 9ice in Tradition. He knows dis kind pple ll write sometin like this, he even said in one of his singles that make hem fans no worry dem just wan distract him. Make I borrow Tuface word – “who God has bless, no man can curse”. E ye SAFARAWE 9ice cos he is ATAMATASE. The writer is saying his view but this shld have bin general not directed to only 9ice cos I ve listen to a lot of wack songs lately, starting 4m Dbanj to others.. 9ice work sha but be more accurate wit ur facts. Know dat 9ice is the chosen 1. Abinibi is quite different 4m Ability…

  75. well in my opinion the 9ice fans maybe angry and i understand that.but seriously when was the last time we rushed to our radios/cd stores to hear/buy a 9ice song..please go back and listen to “Photocopy, wedding day,pamurogo” and we can see that those songs are incomparable to “women,wine and weed; energy, and Bokiniyen”..even d title in the songs show that 9ice has moved from just delivering classic yoruba adage hits to area boy sexual innuendo (the fact that id cabasa,2phat and even jahbless who were obviously 9ice’s crew and backbone av all cut u think d banj can be a great musician without Don Jazzy) .highlighting the fact that the pressure in his personal life maybe creeping into his music.No one is above a mental breakdown or as i call it ‘Lindsey Lohan’ syndrome.No matter what anyone says (ice is a star and a talent but hearing the likes of Brymo, Brace and even Isolate try and take 9ice’s place in my heart and obviously that of the writer of this article has prompted him to write this piece to advice 9ice to take a lil and come back bigger and better.Adigun Alapomeji needs your support and Prayers..God Bless

  76. when will the gay monk write about wizkid,he stole that song ‘holla at ur boy’ when will you write about it??? am sure u have a gay crush on him so that will never happen,mr monk,we know everything behind the scene of 360nobs.. this is the song where wizkid copied almost everything and the blogs kept quiet

  77. every single point on the article is false–100% false and we have facts to back dat up,,,
    1-whoever sed tradition is not a good album must be very stupid,,tracks like gbamu gbamu, energy, once bitten twice shy, pete pete , respect is reciporocal, no be mistake like u must be crazyy to say dat

    2- u sed he released 2 albums –yes one was an official album and d other (versus) wasnt,,that was given for free and not sold even stil it still had good songs on there.

    3-clearly u dont understand music cos if u do u will realise the growth in 9ice songs,, u dont expect him to make gongo aso part 2 or street credibility remix–typical naija pple , if he should try making gongo aso again , u’ll accuse him of copying–u are nuthin but hypocrites.

    4– whoever sed hes fallin is a big fool, i live in the uk and 9ice performed several times to sold out crowds dis past summer, also amsterdam,cyprus, malaysia etc

    5– on the issue of dissin ruggedman,,i mite not personally like it but its not a strange tin to voice ur opinion on ur song,

    6– in terms of awards, record sales and live performances–there are only two artiste who can compete wit 9ice, tuface and psquare and 9ice being d only one out of dem all singin in his native language

    i wont be suprised if u were paid to write this article by someone who hates 9ice after all its naija –anythin is possible,,i wld ave appreciated ur article a bit if it contained a lil truth but ders not even one so on that note F*** U

  78. Naija and personal attacks sha. Everyone accusing the commenters of making personal attacks on monk, should talk to monk himself. That wasn’t an article, it was a hatchet job!

  79. Naija ppl,damn you ppl r something else…how can you talk about someone like that?thts not good..9ice still the best in naija..lemme do this way…p-square,2face,9ice…M.I is ok…choc boyz not bad..d’banj is not a singer just entertaner,if he can sing post his lyrics…whn we talk sometime we should have fear of God…someone like you should support naija thing not do it like this…

  80. U pple re funny sha. U want pple to respect the writers opinion but u re not ready to accept watever 9ice fans says, I guess its just their own opinion 2. Anyway sha make una stop all this una comment fight. Cos u can stop 9ice… Star Mega-Jam 2010 R.Kelly, Wande Coal, D’Prince, Dr. Sid, D’banj, M.I, Psquare, 9ice, KC Presh. Una see the list, I bet half of u ll go and still dance 2 9ice music… Peace.

  81. It is not news that 9ice’s songs appeal more to people from the western part of the country. I think this article was rather harsh on 9ice. Maybe the public’s view of him has changed but i do not think the standard of his music has dropped. Though, i do not think his ‘talk i am listening’ song was a great idea, however, the young man has gone through alot. I wonder how the writer of this article would react to this situation if he were in 9ice’s shoes. We are all human after all said and done. Give the guy a break. By the way, 9ice, you energy video is really 9ice.

  82. tradition is one of the best albums to EVER come out of Nigeria . I’ll still be listening to it even when compact discs have become outmoded.. like those old sunny and obey classics. I’m sure 80%of u here would too.

  83. I think the person that wrote this article should go seek for better things to do…..9ice is one of d few talents we have n for me I love the Tradition album…U don’t ve to write Mr 360 Nobs or do ur people ve to.. en for saying 9ice should go and listen to Brymo u guys re obviously paid n I dnt think NotJustOK will put up somtin dis stupid…Brymo needs to go n get a degree from 9ice…One Oleku hook in comparison to 9ice over ow many nice songs…Brymo will def neva achieve as much as 9ice…I think Noble u ve gone to far dis time en whoeva paid u to do this is quite as dum n won’t get d desired effect…The Sky is big enough for everyone…Leave 9ice alone en go get a life..To think MI is in d class of Tuface en bigger than 9ice is anotha Fallacy…we all waiting for M.I 2 n he beta b good…9ice Yes can do better but still weigh ahead of a lot of people..This Article shld be directed towards Dbanj…d King of empty Music bringing shame to Fela’s artistry cos of his style copy..

  84. @sheyi or @tolabello! Whichever u choose, just SHUT THE FUCK UP! Drawing Wizkid into this is a big mistake for u fool! Why r u so shallow minded? So if Holla @ ur boy was a remake of anmother song! Big deal? Its done EVERYWHERE! U need to get ur identity ryt!

    And damn u haters on here! If u av a problem, create ur own blog, this’s a well written piece! I am a fan of 9ice, and I do agree wt Monks thot pattern here! 9ice shld go back to the drawing board and remind us once again why we r gaga about him! We do not wanna see him keep living on past glories alone! There’s money to be made in ds country! And we need 9ice to tap into it successfully! Guy, my friend Jonah (in dbanjs voice) jst talked about $200 million for the entertainment industry! Only Gbamu Gbamu won’t get u a large share of it oh! Ben Bruce go jst take am go build Silvervird Stratosphere, wen he hasn’t even completed Silverbird Entertainment Center Abuja.u’

  85. *still yawning* 9ice’s management team, instead of coming here to attack and insult, go and restrategize. Get 9ice, who i luv btw, to produce better music, the stuff that Photocopy, Kasa final and Pamurogo were made of and we will luv him even more. In the meantime, uou will ALL be ok. LMAO

  86. Everyone is asking why 9ice i say why not? Bad news is big news and He’s is the bigest of d year or is it our fault dat he invited us into his life. The fact remains dat d tradition albun is not as good as gongo aso. I watched an interview of 9ice earlier dis year and every atom of respect i had for him flew out the window. Or do we want to pick up d dis track, i think its best we dont go there. And u are talking about sold out shows in london, he should come and try selling out shows in Nigeria. The fact is dat d tradition album is not d best thing to come out of Nigeria unless ure an older yoruba person, so what happens to the rest of us dat helped make him? I hope those older ones know how to use ipods download songs and attend his shows. The writer is so on point and if ur love for nice doesnt let u see dis den notin else will.

  87. Like seriously no need for personal hate on here, its either u agree or not… Not need for name calling n curse words, @sheyisheyi/tolabello seriously y dnt u call out nobs personally n actually comment on what d post is about, am sure whatever u claim to have on him has been done b4 n prolly wld still b done by others so pls park well….

  88. 9ice released 2 albums in the last year? (Is versus out?). Aneways I keep getting mixed reports about tradition. Some ppl say it did quite well, some ppl say it tanked. However, whether it did well or not, im sure it did not do as well as Gongo Aso, but COME ON!!! It won’t be the first time when an Artist’s 2nd album doesn’t do as well as their first. Especially when the first was a huge success like Gongo Aso was. I bought the Tradition album, and i quite like it. Obviously it wasn’t as good as Gongo Aso. It happens to the best. A good example is 2face (Whom the writer mentioned).

    Also i recently saw 9ice perform at d Notting Hill Carnival. Here he performed along side Banky W (Whom d writer also mentioned) and JJC. 9ice was d star attraction. He stole the show. In terms of crowd appreciation, he won hands down. The crowd went wild when he performed Gbamu Gbamu, They were quiet with anticipation when he did an accapella of Loni Ni, and they went berserk when No Be Mistake was performed. I guess these aint the songs the writer is referring to when he says “… air out of his throat.”

    With regards to the Beefs and diss songs, that’s d music industry for you (Like the writer said … Nollywood?). Naij seems to follow a music template similar to America, and as long as that is d case, the beefs will continue. I just ignore it, and listen 2 d actual music. My question to the writer is … why 9ice? I hope ur reason for writing this article was “constructive criticism”, but there’s a thin line between constructive criticism and d other thing, and i think u’ve crossed it mate. This just sounds like u despise 9ice and he makes u want to stab your ears with a sharp pencil. If that’s the case, don’t listen to him. I mean Naij has enuff artists that you can get away with ignoring one, and Naij definitely has alot of artists that are worse than 9ice.

  89. This article is from the writer’s view point. In websites such as etc, columnists write based on their opinions, so i don’t see why 360nobs should be any different. Its up to you to agree or disagree. Throwing insults here and there won’t change what has been written.

  90. I dont blame most pple. In d gathering of d wise dere most be some fools. But i wonder why d fools ought to contradict wat is glaring. Every body knows d guy has nt be performing up to expectations. . .

  91. u all are saying rubbish , mic-heal Jackson released thriller and sold millions of copy, his next album never sold up to that, cant u get it into ur thick skull that the guy is doing his best, he is one of the top 4 Nigerian artist believe it or not, his collaborates make sense so what the fuck are u all talking about keep it up my home boy 9ice,Tradition may not sell up to Gongo aso that i cant tell , but for everywhere i go am always hearing 9ice song one way or the other, so cut the crap

  92. See some people writing one million words as comment. Won’t u jejely beg 360nobs to allow u write ur own? Kmt

  93. Who says 9ice is nt a talented singe,guys 9ice is d best singer afta just dat d kind of music he sings is nt 4 kids but 4 d maured one dat wil seat and listen very wel.he is nt like other musician dat sings hit song just 2 make money.i just wish he doesnt change 4rm dat pattern of music.9ice is my bst musician.i luv his song and i wil continue to luv it.kip it abolore

  94. ordinarily, one doesnt respond to every writeup or “beer parlour talks”. however, this writer has to be put in his place fro the sake of posterity.
    you wrote this article in 2010 and claimed that 9ice rleased two albums in 2010 that got burnt: really? i hope you know thtat he just released those two albums on Dec 7, 2011.
    learn not to allow hatred overshadow your sense of reasoning.

  95. I’m interested in knowing what this writer has to say about 9ice’s “Bashorun GAA and Versus” thats sold all out its 100,000,000 copies in just 24 hours. This writer needs to go and do something worthy with his life. The keyboard or pen is not your way bro.

  96. Now the Albums are out and they made mad sense; they also sold out. The day the album came out, I couldn’t get a copy as every vendor I saw on d island said people rushed the albums and they had to restock.
    I now wonder what The Monk and other nay sayers have to say now that 9ice has defied them. This is a classic example of the fact that only God can make or mar a person. Not a billion MONKS or can finish a person’s career when God hasn’t decreed it.
    Many people complain that 9ice didn’t give us another Gongo Aso. Did 2face give us anoda African Queen? Or did Michael Jackson give us another Thriller? No! They only built on the success of their first albums.
    And by the way, Bashorun Gaa album is a classic; Mature lyrics and madt beats. 9ice has come to stay whether MONK, 360nobs or all you haters like it.

  97. D writer is trying to be a wise fool.he’s got no one with d popular figure to promot his site he con dey use 9ice take generate traffic.I don’t tink 9ice house boy or girl can write about u cos u don’t exist,u ar a joke.9ice and 2face are the only true complete music stars we have in niger so go to he after your entire family cos dey should have thought you well

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