360Trend Spot: SOCKS AND HEELS??

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Well, like every other trends i’ve suggested to the world, i’m so sure i’m going to get insulted for this but i kinda like it.

SOCK WITH HEELS…yes, you heard right especially ladies.

With men, wearing scoks is a regular thing but the trend is to make your COLOURED or WHITE socks more visible.

People assume that socks are a very insignificant item in ones closet, thus is why we have Nigerians’ who practice recycling consistently with socks or why they wear socks that have been accessorized with cockroach drilled holes in them.  Well now that this trend has arrived, you’d probably have to reconsider that and get some well suited socks and try taking a dive into your childhood memories in one of these many looks.

Whether for women or men, this trend can definitely be rocked and rocked to the fullest.

The OrangeNerd

The OrangeNerd

I'm just a boy with a colourful disposition about life in its entirety, i'm an absolute fashion heretic and so i am involved in the works of industry, from design to styling to writing, as long as it involves fashion i have or might still be meddling in it.


  1. Some celebrity wit smelly rotten feet prolly thot up dis fashion n we all hv to follow suit? Abeg abeg abeg abeg my feet r sexy n ima show them off b4 I die of heat stroke!!!

  2. bad trend, should be left for fashion victims.

    The picture of the man in pink socks is from thesartorialist.com isn’t it? The quality of his clothes doesn’t come through in this copy.

  3. all of u saying its not for naija weather are stupid. dont guys wear socks EVERYDAY? didnt we freaking wear socks in primary and secondary school.You are all ”sillislystupid” for those comments. Lmao!

  4. na wah oh Nae nae abeg who vex u? abi where dem from realease u? make u comment and stop attacking odas plsssssssssssss. everyone is entitled to dier own opinion

  5. I think I like the trend but it ain all that new so to say! BOut wearing that in naija, not sure that’s gonna happen. Well let’s see.

  6. @nae nae, u’re just as daft as ur name! Our system of education and dressing were all borrowed from d west(temperate region). The fact dat we wore it in sch doesn’t make it comfy or right, u for no stop now as e be say e no worry u. Pls get some stockings and hose to wear everyday, cos u’re not ‘stupid’ like d rest of us are, ode!

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