360Recommends: Sound Sultan ft Banky W – Very Good Bad Guy

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Peep this very hot joint “Very Good Bad Guy (VGBG)” by Sound Sultan featuring Banky W off his latest album “Mission 2010“. It comes 360recommended. It has got that mid-tempo RnB vibe going on.

Sound Sultan’s album is out now and I must confess the album is bad a$$. U know i’ll be doing a review on it pretty soon. Lyrics after the mp3.

In other related news: vote for Sound Sultan & Banky W in the ongoing NMVA 2010 polls.

Yup! Get familiar!

Sound Sultan ft Banky W – Very Good Bad Guy

(Verse 1)
vgbg met monica on a sunday/ took her to my place turn her sunday to monday.
busy bisi forming busy what do u say/ hmmm.she wasnt busy on tuesday ..
wendy wining her waist on a wednesday/i wonder wether wendy would wine when i whind eh..
thursday titi thought it was her birthday/ bad man pop champaigne when she thirsty..
friday was my date with Laide /she made my nyt so i guess she made my day ,hey…
i am off to abuja ,….awa ,awa awa again
shebi u know me ,abi u know see ,when dem show me ,on top your tv .
i am so amazing ,keep the girls waiting one in the nation ,very good bad guy

me i like the way she dey whine her waist and she like the way i enter the place ,
very good bad guys (Repeat 4ce)
and i like d way she dey wine am slow
badman she go follow me go
very good bad guys (Repeat 4ce)

Verse 2 (bankyW)
so many keles asking “whose that guy ?
stepup in the club looking super fly
guaranteed to make you tell your boo bye bye
ohh i owey o
boss bad man general ,pharao
i am all the above baby no Maino
i am hot from Lagos to soweto( we dont play o )
yes i flow heavy beat 99 rhyme ready
sipping on white wine or henny or rose o
mami i can be your rock steady if you be my sweet poraroe oowey o !
move to the base line now
do the capable waist whine
so fresh so clean ,so bless so mean
dont test we the best ooo cant you see it ?


omoge me i be VGBG
in other words o.p.p
omoge you dey notice ,if you want me na for low key
omo join the line ,no waste time ,
i be bad boy wey make sense ,guilty innocent Agarach boy friend ….very good bad guy

chorus till fade



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  1. Nice Oyeakd. It’s great to be able to read the lyrics.

    But i believe it’s: “I am all the above baby no Maino”.

  2. Nice work but I magine a softer and more sensual blend like Sultan’s ‘area’ with Banky’s ‘thief my kele’…that would be explosive…just imagine.

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