360GIZMOS:5 Blackberry Applications + Download links

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Some of you would know about these already and some may not…either way its information that should be shared with the general cyber-public.  Here are some things or one thing to make you BB cooler.


For you twitter addicts(as some would already know), this is my most recommended twitter application for blackberry. YES, I recommend it over the official Twitter for blackberry! Shoot me! (err… pls don’t… really!)

Download: http://www.ubertwitter.com/bb/download.php


Google Maps

Whether you’re looking for a shortcut or you have no idea how to locate that babes crib, this handy little app can save you the stress and risk of getting wrong descriptions from “the know-it-alls”. Does it work in Nigeria? YES! Well, I’ve used it to great effect in loads of Lagos locations.

Download: http://www.google.com/mobile/#p=default


Official Facebook on BB

The official facebook app for blackberry.
PS… whatever happened to Hi5.

Download: www.blackberry.com/facebook


BlackBerry Messenger

To think that a large portion of people buy the device just for this app! Smh.  That said, it’s a great app to connect and stay in touch with your friends and loved ones. You can also share pictures, voice notes and other files… pretty cool!

The Federal Ministry of Health warns that devices broadcasting nonsense are liable to die young.

For you guys that constantly disturb for download link… here you go: www.blackberry.com/messenger
You will always find the latest version via this link.


Capture It

msPinkie> ah I jst installed this theme toh bahd!
msBarbz> seen… what does it look like?
msPinkie> hold on a sec id send ya a screenshot

**Menu –> Capture it**

There’s just loads of situations this app comes in handy.. see I even used it to give you guys a screen shot for Blackberry Messenger!  Download: http://m.thetechmogul.com/



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  1. @Confused chick: simply go to Media and view your pictures. The recently captured picture will be present there. Then just share/send as w/any other picture.

  2. *nice piece.
    However, ppl shd note dat for some applications (eg, uber twitter) u need to go to d network settings (from uber twitter/options) and select jst BIS and wifi so ur credit doesnt disappear.
    (Otherwise, it wil run on WAP as well, whcih will chop ur credit)

  3. I mistakenly deleted the email setup icon on my blackberry bold 5 and as such I cannot set up email.pleas kindly direct me on hw I can get it back

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