360Fresh: Everyone Wears A Mask …Even D.I.S. Guise

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D.I.S Guise is a true definition of being uber talented – a young film maker, experienced in music production and graphic design; he got committed to this beautiful art called music at a young age after watching dem hip hop teenage acts such as Kris Kross. D.I.S was born in West Africa, hence the African tropical sounds influence his songs, he was inspired to make music in the likes of “Abami EdaFela Anikulapo kuti, Yvonne Shaka Shaka, Brenda Fasse and others mixed with hip hop and contemporary music.

As an adolescent, D.I.S Guise was fascinated with the idea of disguises and how they could transform a person from one to another, he believed that everybody had at least 2 disguises to their everyday life, one worn for social acceptance and the other worn when we are being our true natural selves, he has chosen to wear both disguises and talk about issue that would not be brought up in the modern music society.

D.I.S’ mask represents the faceless-ness of the everyday person he has chosen to stand for. “There are millions of people out there that have stories to tell but don’t have that pitchman, or voice to tell it to the world” these are his words when asked what he does music for.

Guise knows that music is suppose to be a medium to express feelings about life, and since our new modern artists only seem to see the “bling bling” side of life, he has made it mandatory to address the young girl who wrongfully got rape, the government’s plot to control citizens, the single mother struggling to raise 4 kids, the immigrant fighting for his rights as a human being, the lover boy who got betrayed by his partner and…well y’all know how it is with human nature,the list is endless.

In Collaboration with DeeJay Lee you might just wanna enjoy D.I.S masterpiece.

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DIS Guise – Fimile(Freestyle)

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