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This season’s beauty trends are all about using our faces as a canvas on which to  make a strong statement, forget subtle tones and barely there highlighted features its all about making a statement.


Chanel Iman: Strong Eyebrows/Matte Lips

This look is probably the easiest of the trends, no matter how thin or non-existent your eyebrows are its simple to create a powerful look. Rub two drops of serum on your brows and comb through with a clean mascara brush that can be found in make-up brush sets. Next use a dark brown eyebrow pencil on your brows, filling up spaces with very light irregular strokes until your brows are as bold as desired.


Dramatic Lashes  (Note:for this look get Sacred Lashes by Lola Maja)

Originating from the sixties, eyelash extensions are back again with full force. Your best bet is to use a pair of tweezers to handle your fake lashes, once you grip the lashes with your tweezers run them through some eyelash glue, wait a second for the glue to set then carefully apply the lashes closest to your natural lash line. To add some oomph, apply coats of mascara!


Different shades, choose one.

If  you’re desperately looking for a way to revamp your lips this season, then matte lips is the answer to your prayers. Be a trend setter by using bright coloured lipsticks like baby pink or berry purple. And of course no clear gloss over your lip colour is needed.


Metallic Eyes

Key words: “Silver eye shadow”.  You can wear it alone, with some coats of mascara and layers of eyeliner or for a fool proof night out look, apply the silver shade onto your eyelids and use some black eye shadow as a contour shade to give your eyes an edgier look.

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  1. On what part of the planet are those trends current? In fashion circles, it’s generally lips or eyes each season and while spring is filled with strong colors and echos of the 30s, the makeup is nothing if fresh, young, clean borderline virginal

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