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First, it was Darling yaki, next came Noble hair, then Expressions, before we knew it,  came Super mirrelle with it’s thick curls and  bounce, then we moved to Sensationel’s Premium too. At this point, I had come to the conclusion that we have found the best hair extension for that sexy feminine, to- die- for- look at least it worked for all the hit hairstyles like the Rihannas, and the short Aaliyahs and what have you.

But then suddenly! suddenly!! suddenly!!!( In D’banj’s voice) like an A-listed super diva, she became the desire of every woman, a status symbol, a priced possession, an extension that seemed different from all the others!!

It stands in a class of it’s own. No hair brand can be compared to its texture, bounce, colour, durability. It is referred to as the GUCCI of hair, and she has commanded our unwavering attention, and not to mention the price of the hair; this is where u will know that even hair has levels oh!

THIS is what all the girls are clamouring for, and are thinking of a master plan of how to get the cash to buy.  With a bang came in the extension  called “Real Human Hair”.

These are just some pictures of different hair weaves and the reason why we have ladies been crazy about the different looks it offers. People want the Beyonce look and tings…….

In all honesty, I don’t get the craze ’bout this hair type, that makes every lady go gaga , I hear it’s the latest and hottest fashion trend,it’s more expensive than the shoes and purses we carry, if not even equal to d price of a pair of Louboutins.

I have loads of questions as to where this hair trend came from?  Why human hair?

At 1st, it was Indian hair, and then Malaysian hair, then I heard Monrovia hair and Peruvian hair. Then came the famous lace wigs, that already has been bastardised by d 9ja woman who wants to be seen as ‘D bigz gals’ who can’t afford this hair piece that costs from 40k upwards, even then d whole world will still see the glue sticking out of the hair because it’s been badly done.

The part I don’t get at all is where some ladies go to the extent of purchasing other synthetic hair pieces and attach it to the front of their hair, all because they cannot afford the real lace front wigs,and then it looks cheap, tacky and very bad. Com’on ladies!!,  it’s not a must to have lace wig on, we can’t be fooled we know it ain’t your real hair.. no be by force oh!!!!

The other day I was chatting with a friend who says she wants to start bringing in ‘Brazilian Hair’ to sell, and I was like u got to be joking,”BRAZILIAN  HAIR”???  What for I asked? And her reply was that I was ‘jonzin’ oh, that that’s what is hot for sales now oh, she explained futher that she can sell a pack @ 50k and one might need 2packs, that’s already 100k just for one person oh, I started to see reasons that this might just be the hottest trade now and the fastest way to make some quick change as she called it, moreover the average 9ja babe is not ready to hit any event or club without rocking her Brazilian human hair, asin it’s either u have Brazilian hair on or you are not instyle at all.

Your outfit cannot be complete without it. This Brazilian hair has become a do or die affair and it will leave your bottom jaw dangling to know what girls do just to get the cash for this hair.

It’s scary to know how an hair piece can make you so desperate for money, and I ask “after you  have this hair done what next”??? Do you win a trophy or get a gold medal?  Will it make you a celebrity?  Will your paycheck increase?Will you get more than the usual compliment of ‘oh your hair looks nice,where n how much did you get it?’ Or maybe it will bring husbands faster? lol

Oh well……I guess we will never know!



Maryanne Alabi, popularly known as Mayreejay is a wardrobe consultant, CEO of her self named company "Maryanne Alabi". Deputy editor for Bloke mag, contributing Fashion editor for Y!Mag. Fierce lover of and everything Glamorous!! Follow me on twitter @mayreejay for fab fashion updates.


  1. Lol! It indeed is a crazy trend. Its sad cos it shows just how superficial a lot of us av become. Rock d weave if u can afford to but don’t become d gal who is defined by her hair,shoes or wateva!

  2. Can’t knock anyone’s hustle o. If u can afford it, then buy it. If a girl decides to sex someone in her daddy’s age grade meeting just to buy hair…then, to each his own. Real human hair is very light which makes it look and feel a lot more natural than other options in the market. I am NOT a fan of the lace wigs though, specifically because it has been bastardized by all the fake hair stylists that do not know how to get it done PROPERLY. Its even worse when they use all those fake hair pieces *cringe*. Not everyone has good hair or nice dreadlocks like yours, Mayreejay. So i say again, to each his own 🙂

  3. Love this piece..its amazing how crazy girls have gone with this…….May God help us to be our selves….and not do stupid things to be accepted in the society

  4. Def agree with claire. To each man,his own. If any lady can afford it,then go for it because it is her hard earned money so she can do whateva she likes with it.

  5. Mayreejay…not everyone has ur lovely dreadlocks…besides,d human hair saves money and time,cos it’s lighter and made out of real human hair,it doesn’t tangle which is a plus because dat means u don’t have to visit d saloon every week like u do wen u use synthetic so I think apart from being a trend,it also saves cost and time. The lace wig sha… Me I doona understand dat one…it’s sooo eeeeew dese days.

  6. Like that song goes, ‘I am not my hair…I am not your expectation, NO’!! the way i wear my hair is the way i am. I wear the hair, it doesn’t wear me!! Nigerian women need to be strong and confident of themselves and not to dance to every tune played by the society. Be yourself with or without hair extension. Be confident in your skin. Deal with poor self image and complexes. Rock whatever hair you want. Be you.

  7. Abegi,if u can afford it buy jare,the hair is d glory of d woman and is very much a part of our ensemble! If we can spend that much on designer outfits and shoes,then what’s d ish about hair, which is one of d most important aspect of our total look! If u see it as part of ur dressing, then u will understand better why u need to upgrade just like anything else!

  8. It would be better if we rocked it well. We are known to have the worst weaves (how can our weaves be worse than a chick in the hood). We need people that can fix it properly and for all the lace wig aficionados, that glue will chop your off so apply carefully o.
    Our hair is our glory and what not but the way Naija women fix weaves and wigs, it takes away from your glory. Tracks all visible, glue and lace net showing.

  9. **yawn**…I aint got no lace wig and i aint clamoring for one. maryjay, i see u following the trends of other ppl’s thots here too. americans r clamoring for black women to wear their real hair and i see dat u r just following that trend too. I dont care wat any woman does wit her hair. if she thinks it works for her, then fine!the fact that u’ve got dreads or u prefer to wear ur natural hair,dont mean the whole world should do so too. if ‘tamina’ wants to wear her skull backwards, free her cos its her life and she knows wat works for her best.

  10. Yes, in the craze for this vogue, alot of people have only brought out their worst, but i must tell you that wearing a darling yaki , expression or the ‘real deal’ is the same as still attaching something to our own natural hair.
    Truth be told, no one ever openly condemned girls back then for wearing weaves, but now people come out to condemn, out of spite that they think they cannot afford this real hair.
    Anyway, for your information, to get this real hair, at the most affordable prices, you could check this out :

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