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According to the dictionary here is what GLAMOUR means:

glamour |ˈglamər| (also glamor)noun the attractive or exciting quality that makes certain people or things seem appealing or special.  Also meaning beauty or charm that is sexually attractive.

According to Wikipedia:

Glamour originally was a magical-occult spell cast on somebody to make them believe that something or somebody was attractive. In the late 19th century terminology a non magical item used to help create a more attractive appearance gradually became ‘a glamour’.[1] Today, glamour is the impression of attraction or fascination that a particularly luxurious or elegantappearance creates, an impression which is better than the reality. Typically, a person, event, location, technology, or product such as a piece of clothing can be glamorous or add glamour.

Why all this long ass story…..well on the 2nd of October at De Marquee from 10pm SLU…shh invaded Mega Plaza where De Marquee is located on the Rooftop.  I mean which venue could have been more GLAMOUROUS than a place which ensures you are partying close to the dark skies of Lagos and overlooking VI(Victoria Island) from a panoramic view. From the the pictures, you would find that glamour is interpereted by people in different ways(and thats all i have to say about that). Nonetheless, the most important thing about SLU…shh is that you must have so much FUN that you leave the party wanting more. So, No Persecution on who represented correctly or wrongly according to the theme of the party.

Moving on…

Present at this SLU..shh to add more GLAM was International Killz (Ikechukwu), MI, Waje as a guest, Pope, Brymo (a confirmed Choc Boy).  It was a good SLU…shh PARTY. Special invites were given, guestlist was ticked, Black carpet arrival photocall, Drinks flowed – Henny unscrewed and dripped, Grey Goose uncorked, Champagne popped, Chapman sipped; Redbull, Fanta, coke and sprite drank as well as Water.  Good Fun, it was…so note...SLU..shh is never a party you want to hear about its a party you want to be part of to define what it means to you.

This particular SLU..shh was supported by QBOX a Costume, Props and Party Shop located at 3 Abiola Ajayi Street, Off Muri Okunola Road, VI, Lagos.  Tel: 08053303400, 017379479; BBPIN:25707C19; Email:; Website:

Here are the pictures of what happened on that very day…get viewing. All pictures were taken by Nnamdi Patrick one of our resident photographers.

**Love this particular picture** 🙂



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  1. Slush has done it again!!! I definitely missed it. Once again names are important cos the gist aren’t complete without names. There were definitely a lot of dudes at the event thou, where are the babes??? Plus who is that dude that wore sweats t-shirt, shorts n slippers com’on people!!! GOSH!!!

  2. Sorry to say but a lot of people didn’t try at allllllll. I know lagos babes can come harder than this, where’s the glam??? Half of them were dressed like they were going to shoprite!!!! What a shame!!

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