Random thoughts from a troubled mind…

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I woke up this morning with too many questions in my head. It’s been a while I contributed here, so instead of writing long articles for each of them, I have decided to summarize some key issues in my head and hope that this time around, you provide some answers if you have them.

Let’s go!

So, with all Jay-Z’s noise he isn’t even close to half what the government is getting back from Cecilia Ibru. Mind you, “getting back” alone oh. We no dey carry last for Naija!

Does Arsene Wenger really realize it’s been 5 years? I mean, in that space of time, I could have gotten engaged, married and made two kids who now speak English without them ever having a memory of Arsenal winning something! C’mon Mr. “Vengar”, bring back the Invincibles!

Is IBB really not a genius (even if – EVIL) for the entire 160 million populace to believe he is the worst that can and has ever happened to us but for ONLY him to believe otherwise?

When will Nigerians realize that the change we seek is not something that happens only every four years?  Of all the candidates currently bandied around, can we take any of them seriously? Any?

What happens to musicians like Eddy remedy, Black face, Tony Tetuila and the likes and even foreign acts like Sisqo who just take over our airwaves over a short period and disappear into thin space? Are they really entertainers?  Guess they just took our monies and setup fisheries somewhere? SMH…

Do Atheists and Scientists ever realize that they have spent thousands of years trying to unravel something that took God only 6 days to create? He actually spent the 7th day appreciating his work and resting! They (Scientists) haven’t rested ever since! Very funny, smart people!

Does anybody really understand the funky ending to almost all special numbers sung by the Days star (Christian Center) choir, the Healing Streams? These start/stop sounds at the end of every rendition. They are becoming too frequent now, I keep asking if that’s also part of music?

While the whole world stood still to witness history on Tuesday 12th October (India winning its first medals in donkey years on the track at the CWG) and Wednesday 13th October (33 Chilean miners trapped for 69 days being rescued), Nigeria also decided to hold the world spell-bound.  It wasn’t enough that we had our Gold medal withdrawn when Osayemi Oludamola tested positive for doping in the 100m sprint at the ongoing Common wealth games, Samuel Okon also tested positive after his win in the hurdles. He waived his right to have a B sample tested, meaning he knew it would also turn out positive (in Law, it means he has pleaded guilty). These are the only two cases of doping so far at the CWG. Does the cycle ever end? We always make history for the wrong reasons. In less than two weeks, we have had a bomb gift for our bicentenary celebrations, had our Football FA banned and then freed again to participate in international football (only to lose 3 vital points the day after) and we have led the medals list for doping at the CWG. Something in my head is asking if Government is also responsible for all this? When would we ever wake up to the realization that the change we so vigorously seek would never come from JUST a change in government or President? We need a total re-examination and redemption as a NATION!

Is it any surprising that all of a sudden, PHCN, INEC, every agency there is around is getting billions in allocation from the government? Elections are near and we see this kind of activity only every 4 years. We have had less than 40% implementation of budgets in the last 3 years but I bet you they have released more than 80% of 2010 funds already by now. Someone needs to be re-elected. Change has come, believe it!

Someone help this troubled mind…



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