Nigeria at 50 and my 1-point agenda

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From the Editor: Miss K submitted this for her Wednesday post but I decided to save it for today to celebrate Naija @50.  So, don’t judge the sentences being in the past rather than reflecting the present(Today). Thank you.  Happy Independence Day.

Now to your article by Miss K from her Viva Las Gidi column.

I have been AWOL, I needed time to think and rack my brain.

Nigeria is 50 in a couple of days, and with all the independence festivities coming, I have plotting how to get some of the national cake that seems to be passing me by. Seeing as I love cake and all. I was hoping to land a “big” contract; maybe supplying serviettes for all the state dinners. Unfortunately my network tentacles could not reach that far. I have no friend that is currently the main squeeze of a senator or governor, which would have been a sure banker.

So I have had to abandon that line of thought. I have come to realise that maybe I was thinking small scale. Maybe I should step into the big league and declare my intentions to run for public office. After all, I am above 18years, legal age to vote and be voted for. It seems that is all that is required to declare for public office these days. And oh, the inherent desire to enrich people’s lives. That is a politician’s one-point agenda. Only of course, those people might just only be you and your immediate family members but that is a mere technicality. No need to sweat the small stuff.

And with the throng of surprise political aspirants popping out of the woodwork you know I’m not the only one with these kinda thoughts. If Babaginda really thinks he has a shot at the presidency, then why not Kemi Agboola? I think at this time, about the only political declarant that would be of any surprise to me would be maybe Tony Tetuila.


Enough with the satire though, I believe in the Nigeria dream. It will be long and it will be hard, but it can happen, it will happen. I believe in the Nigeria where the only time I would need candles, they would be scented and just for ambience; where buying a mini cooper, my ideal single babe car, wouldn’t be tantamount to me pouring my money into a river, after the potholes and flooding of VI roads has dealt with it.

As a friend of mine says, we have to be appreciative; at least we are still one country. We have to count our blessings, no matter how grim. And I guess when you have hit rock bottom; the only place you can go is up right?

Happy Birthday Nigeria!!!

Can’t wait for the weekend!

Miss K

Miss K

An engineer by day, writer by night. I'm a bunch of contradictions. Both the liberal and the conservative; the silly child and the prim & proper lady. Welcome to the reflections of my cynical mind and open heart as I ponder living the gidi life, my adopted city. Viva la Las Gidi!!!

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